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How to Create a Bad Impression on Google+

Many people do things that create a really bad impression on Google+ by mistake. Below are some of the ways people make other Google+ users want to uncircle, mute, or even block them.

Steal other people's material. There is lots of great material on Google+. Resharing people's posts (providing they are not private) can be very well-received, but copying their material as if it was your own original work is plagiarism. It not only creates a bad impression on the person whose work was stolen but also on anyone who recognizes what was done. Really great material is heavily shared so the odds of it being recognized are high.

Share "link litter" posts. Posts that contain only links or links with short comments like "interesting post" or "must read" are called "link litter." Link litter posts are completely uninteresting in people's streams so they make the posters' look dull. That can be avoided by adding a summary of what is in the link or providing your views on the material.

Add circles, Your Circles, or Extended Circles to Public Posts. Depending on your audience's settings, this can cause notification the people do not want. You are very likely to get muted if you do this regularly, which means you would have no way to notify those people when it is appropriate. 

+1 lots of someone's posts at one time. When people discover someone interesting, they often read through their posts and +1 lots of them believing it to be a nice gesture and possibly a way of getting recognized. The impact on the person involved, however, can be very negative because it can generate a notification for each +1 (again, depending on their Google+ settings). The person therefore is likely to mute or block the individual rather than appreciate the +1s. 

Add off-topic posts in communities. Communities are generally focused around specific topics. You might have a really great post but sharing it with the wrong community makes it spam in that community, which creates a bad impression on the regular members of the community. For example, the Google+ Discuss community is for discussing Google+. Posts about anything else -- even other Google products or Google itself -- are therefore viewed as spam in that community. You can find what is appropriate in a community by reading its About this community card.

Share old news. Some people share information that was interesting at the time well after it was relevant without saying it is old information. The Internet is a fast-changing world. Studies and announcements become meaningless or obsolete very quickly. Sharing such material months, weeks, and in some cases even days after it was released makes the posts look really foolish. The only exception, of course, would be if the posts reflect on the implications of old news or discuss the outcome of predictions made. 

Use images that have nothing to do with the content of your posts. Using images tends to increase the visual appeal of the posts. If the images are not relevant to the content of a post, however, people often feel that they have been taken advantage of by the person who created the post. Alternatively, they might be turned off by the picture itself and not bother looking at the post. Either way, the off-topic picture has a negative effect.

For more of my tips like this about Google+, check:   #jmstipsGooglePlus  
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Thanks +John Skeats  
Never would have thought giving a few +1s to someone when you first find them would be annoying, but I guess if you went overboard, it would be seen that way.  
So the biggest takeaway from that is to be sure and look at it from the other person's point of view. 
I've never gone and +1 everything on someone's profile, but I have given 2 to 4  when I first find someone I like, particularly if they are giving out a bunch of valuable posts. 
+Samantha Studebaker Carl A few +1s are not a problem and, in fact, can be very welcome. I've seen cases however where people had dozens of notifications. One person commented that she received on the order of 100 from one individual all at once.
Dang! Ya, I can see how that would be a bit annoying!  I don't get what people think they are going to accomplish by doing that! 
makes no sense. 
Thank you +John Skeats for this information. I am still learning and do not want to put myself in a muted or uncircled status. Very helpful. I will share this will full credit. I have learned from +martin shervington proper reposting early on about 2 months ago and have followed that proper protocol. Loved this article.  
+John Skeats , ok I plus 1'd your comment, which I know is ok, so would the offense be if I was a plus 1 stalker? And just plus 1'd everything you posted?   
+Suzanne Robinson There is never a problem with what I would call "real-time +1ing," (+1ing something as it occurs. The problem is with people that visit someone's profile and sit there sometimes +1ing every or almost every post the person ever made. 
Anyone that wants to +1-bomb someone can do it on any of my business pages. :-)

Someone just plusbombed around 50 posts on my profile...
There really is no need to +1 all the posts you like...
Better to comment and say "I like many of your posts, thanks" or something similar.
+Suzanne Robinson There's nothing wrong with +1ing occasional old posts. I love seeing a +1 appear out of nowhere on one of my older posts. It's all in the numbers. One of my fellow Top Contributors just got +1-bombed with over 50 +1s by someone who must have done exactly what I described.
Dunno about the "link litter". If I provide a summary, I find people respond to that and do not read the article.
+Jim Typhoon My personal opinion here is that the best posts with links either provide enough information in the post to make me want to read the article or use the article effectively as backup for those who want more information. Most of the communities I moderate (but do not own, so I didn't make the rules) do not allow link-litter at all. 
You can't help the impression you make, never. Contrary to what popular language wants us to believe, it's the other people who produce the impression about you... in their experience or fantasy. We're helpless, but if we stop worrying about impressions we may start thinking about effectiveness. 
+Gerard van Reekum I do not believe for a moment that we are completely helpless. While it is true that we can't satisfy all of the people all of the time, we can affect the impression we make in general by avoiding behaviors known to irritate people. That doesn't mean we should not be ourselves, just that a little bit of sensitivity can go a long way to avoiding unnecessary and unintentional problems.
So, the reason this has shown up twice in my feed is because it was shared to Public and to Google+ Discuss? While wondering if this is what you are referring to in the point about posting publicly and to circles, I'm still grateful for the information. They say that people don't absorb information until they have seen it at least 3 times, so maybe you were making sure I got it...
+Katelyn Lord No. I would not recommend that most people have posts for communities like Google+ Discuss displayed in their Home stream. That's a fantastic community but its nature is such that the majority of posts are probably of little to no interest for most people. I recommend just visiting that community as needed. 
+Katelyn Lord I should have said that I would not recommend having notifications enabled for a community that active. In either case, resharing with a community cannot override your settings the way sharing with Public and circles can. 
+John Skeats Why I comment on your posts - I always come away knowing more relevant information than I did before. Right - I do have notifications enabled for a very active community, so it is actually my own doing (doh).  At present that is because I am hungry to learn everything I can about how things work, don't want to miss anything, and if that means a few extra views, I can handle that. When it's all old hat, probably will just check out the community posts when I've got a few extra mins. 
Q: What entitles me to deny other people the pleasure of experiencing irritation? 
Edo C.
I don't see the plus-bombing as a problem... it means someone took the time to see everything you posted and enjoyed it, kinda flattering XD, the problem itself is how the notification system deals with plus-bombing...
Thanks +John Skeats, I also consider myself a newbie on course for a steep learning curve! I have been eating up as much of what you and +martin shervington have had to say. My goal is to engage and contribute a benefit to the overall well being of any engagement I may have in this vast settlement of Google-Land! 
  Sure, I have a marketing message I want to communicate, and I see Social Media being my vessel to do this. I want to navigate it with precision and accuracy to serve my target market, those that need and want my service. Thus why I take what you all are sharing with such eagerness, so that I never offend or become unwelcomed.
  I think +Suzanne Robinson took words right out of my keypad when she shared about still learning (Not wanting to become muted or uncircled) and  how to give credit for postings. Looks like we are being impacted by the same teachings of Masters! My other thought is that I review many postings that are several days, weeks and months old that I will still post my 1+'s of agreement, if it is deserving of my agreement. It is never done out of 1+ bombing.  
  Thanks Again,
Thanks for the good words, +Eric C. Myers It is vet rewarding to hear from people who feel they have been helped.
My Honor and Pleasure +John Skeats, I also meant to credit +Katelyn Lord  in my earlier post as also identifying with her in expressing my hunger to learn, very much like she did in her comment to you.
Thank you for the orientation,I confess that i have committed some of those mistakes.
It's time to correct them!
Accurate! You haven't touched (in this post anyway) another bad impression one can create: by adding people to circles and after they have added you back, to drop them as they have never existed. You can do it openly by begging to be included in a public shared circle, in that circles comment stream, but it is not the only method.

And yet another one: Sharing only private posts with you (I figured out that they were practically shared with a circle including you), posts containing their "creations", be them links to blogposts, or pics (mostly they are pics).

Excellent post +John Skeats !
Great tips +John Skeats never would have thought about +1 multiple posts and can see how annoying that would be.
I don't mind Plusses on my photos at all - and unlike text posts, as you walk through an album you can't tell ahead, whether the next photo will be even better than a previous photo. So it leads to plus ones to photos coming in a barrage. I don't have my phone ding on this and my notification bell does show the number but it's not hard to "read all" . If it's genuine, I'm ok. If it is SEO intent or trying to get my attention, then no.
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