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I didn't want to write anything when Steve Jobs retired because everything I could think of to write sounded like a eulogy to me. But I also couldn't bring myself to write a eulogy ahead of time. And so I scrambled tonight to write this. Steve Jobs looms so large in my life that the only way I felt like I could address his passing was by making the event smaller and more personal. Here it is.
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I liked this article very much. Thanks for writing it.
Enjoyed reading your article +John Siracusa! We will always wonder what other amazing things Steve could have done. He will be missed.
Thanks John, for putting to paper thoughts and feelings many of us are sharing today. 
Elegant and personal and all the more wonderful for it. Excellent piece John
Great article. It made me smile. I love that while so many 9 year old boys have pictures of sports heroes on the wall, you chose a photo of the Mac team. I had that picture too. 
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