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John Shields
Loving being back in Southern California~!
Loving being back in Southern California~!
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The sound of the Atlantic surf. Priceless.

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You heard it here first: The next Pope will be from South America.

Google + . The social network that just doesn't quit. I like that. I'm back, see you soon.

Hey there Congress, welcome back from your nearly two-week vacation for President's DAY. Now get to work, and by that I don't mean locking your mind and saying 'No.' Seriously.

Yours truly,


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Dear @Apple: Thanks for screwing up Apple email today, from everything from my iPhone to my iPad to my MacBook to using a browser.  You may be getting ready for that big launch of the iPhone 5 tomorrow, but you certainly aren't paying attention today (and, yes, I've received your 'fail' messages too many times and have sent them back to you - every single time...).  

Thanks for everything.  It's nearly enough to make me want to go out and buy an Android device.

Popcorn? Check. Beer? Check. Getting ready to watch Kentucky nail it in the Final Four and then on to win the Championship Game on Monday night. #marchmadness
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