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I'm considering starting up a Makerspace in my hometown and am working on cost estimates. I would like to have a laser cutter for the space, but have no idea where to even begin looking! (Yes, Google, I know, but the results I get back are a bit overwhelming to me)

Many thanks!
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John, I help with the Space Federation, a non-profit group of 52 like-minded maker/hackerspaces across the US. We share resources, good ideas, and mentor each other.

I'm happy to help you with the particulars. Here are some resources: is our online reference/community is a (work in progress) project plan on getting started
We host a monthly hangout where we talk about the details--here's our most recent (from last night!) Feel free to join us sometime.

We also made a startup space budget / costs / tool planning worksheet-- feel free to copy and populate.

Happy to help out--it's a bit of work but very rewarding to set up a place like this! 
+James Carlson, that. Is. Awesome! I'm definitely going to use many of those resources and contribute where I can! 
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