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yeah... me again
yeah... me again

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St Croix Trip!
35 Photos - View album

Post has attachment - another link for those who are looking for something new...

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There's nothing like plus-1ing a post on your own site, run on your home Linux box, on Drupal, about your Windows Phone 7 device, to put it on google plus. #winning

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At the Going Native conference... watch it live. Who knew C++ standup comedy could be so awesome. Ok, the music is stuck in the 70s, but otherwise pretty amazing.

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The kickstarter project for my brother's book. Pledge now. Operators are standing by.

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Re-tweeting (er, wait... no, checking in... no, that's not it... sharing) this for my three followers :)

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Now THIS is a refreshing take on the future.

My Kindle arrived. It's the precious. We loves it. Loaded with technical books from the Microsoft library, some books I've meant to read checked out from our local library (yay, 21st century!) and my existing library of 100 or so books already in the Kindle system.

The thing is unbelievably light, and e-ink is wonderful for reading. I'm glad I waited until this rev, it's really slick.

Speaking of eating dog food... #onenote 2010... yeah, actually pretty amazingly useful. Can access stuff from iPhone, too. Needs #hashtags though.
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