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Starting to mess around with recording ideas at home. This is just a drum track with guitar, mostly one take for each track

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Painted my Charvel model 1 after removing several layers of old paint. Maybe this is its final reincarnation. Except the pickup (a DiMarzio ToneZone) and the rest of the electronics it's stock. 

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Damn, what I suspected now has some more proof: I'm totally 1980's. I've been messing with (mostly) bridge pickups for a while. Always liked the Di Marzio super 3 in my Fender HM Strat. The ones I like are the ToneZone, double whammy, Super 3 and the Evo2 on first place. Don't really like the Seymour Duncan JB model or screaming hot metal pickups

So I looked at the specs. All the pickups I like are mid heavy with tamed highs and lows. So maybe I should give up and start a glam rock 80's tribute band :)

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I wanted a V. I only own (super) strats and this would be a nice addition. The Dean is the most v'ish because of the headstock so I ordered a cheap VX.

Right out of the box: the three way toggle switch was broken, the neck was bolted a little bit out of alignment but it felt nice and beside these faults, which really are inexcusable even for a cheap guotar, the built quality wasn't all that bad.

So, on order:
One Graphic Tusq nut
One Metal Machine bridge pickup in white
One Steam Hammer neck pickup in zebra
One 500K logaritmic pot
One 3-way toggle switch.

It's gutted by now so I have to wait. The pickups are from the UK. Iron Gear?

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