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Hey! Hey! Hey! Me and +Wil Wheaton and Jenny Lawson and Patrick Rothfuss decided to talk on the Internets ABOUT the Internets. For an hour and a half because NONE OF US CAN EVER SHUT UP. You're gonna love it.
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Yes, I know what I am going to do instead of sleeping now. Because *the Internets" 
Just commenting to have a reminder :)
I'm thinking that someone should emphasize NSFW a little more, just to be on the safe side.
I can't be the only one who gets "SFWA" (Science-fiction and Fantasy Writers of America) confused with "NSWA" (National Science-fiction Writers Association) (Which to my knowledge doesn't exist) Mr. Scalzi is president of the one, presumably not the other.
Commenting to keep track sounded like a great idea until I remembered the "watch later" button. Now I've done both...
I just want to find out who the president of the Safe For Work Association is, so I can avoid them...
This episode was a ton of fun.  Thanks for a lot of laughs.
Watched it live was awesome fun and educational
I always feel a weird pang when I watch these sort of things, like "wow, i wish they were my friends, I think we'd get along so great" and then realize that no, I'm just some anonymous fan.
Commenting so I can find it to watch later.
Vita brevis,
ars longa,
occasio praeceps,
experimentum periculosum,
iudicium difficile.

so be careful.
Holy shit.  Scalzi and Rothfuss and Wheaton on one hangout?  These are a few of my favorite things...
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