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Well said and I fully agree. Prepare for lensflare though. 
Before I read the post I will just say I can fully expect an improvement, regardless of what you think of JJ, it will be better than the last 3. Bank on it.
Hadn't even thought of Verhoeven. WANT. Maybe for eight or nine. (Or, let's be honest with ourselves, 10 or 20. This is Disney we're taking about here. They don't stop at nine.)
One of the main things the prequel trilogy was missing was Ralph McQuarrie design (though Lucas let hints of it seep in through Episode III, which was kind of clever). McQuarrie's dead, unfortunately, but they need someone who can do a fair pastiche. The people who designed some of the videogame levels for the Dark Forces series and The Force Unleashed might be worth talking to.
Verhoeven could be so terrible it's great or so terrible it's terrible or just right. You never can tell with him.
+John Scalzi I think when you say "oh, God, Paul Verhoeven" and when I say "oh, God, Paul Verhoeven", we're not quite thinking the same thing.

If this were just Robocop and Total Recall Verhoeven, that would be great. But it's also Showgirls, Hollow Man, and Starship Troopers Verhoeven. I could give him a pass on Showgirls (since I'm sure it was at least fun for him to make) and even Hollow Man, but I can't forgive him for turning a great Heinlein novel into a barely-recognizable parody of itself.
At least he is better the M ntte shamraron, or however you spell it.
Interesting take on things.  I will agree that a JJ Abrams Star Wars film will be fun and that is just what is needed.  Also, I think a new arc provides more latitude without stomping all over canon.

Trek 90210 was a fun movie as long as you forgot everything you ever knew about Trek.  Also, it was fun like a Burt Reynolds movie was fun.  Just leave your brain at the door and hold on tight.
Jjs star trek was a skitsofrenic (sp?) Incoherent mess of a movie that was a (bad) scene for scene remake of a new hope. Jj will destroy this too. I have never met anyone that thought Lost was good. Maybe its an american thing.
movies are meant to
1st: entertain
dispute if you must, but JJ is good at that
Just Ed
It all depends on the script.
Will it have all new characters? Is it a prequel? Sequel?
Who will write it?
Mike J.
If the original IV-VI principals are still interested with JJ being brought to helm, then I think we are going to be in for one hell of a ride.*

*of course, the script would also need to NOT be a dud.
What a load of wank. Abrams destroyed Star Trek, nothing more to be said.
We have evidently discovered the end of the internet.  It is named Kieran Cummings.
I take hat off to +Kieran Cummings . That film was a load of rubbish. It needed saying. For every great thing Abrams does, he has a few duds as well. Super 8 being one of them.
im slowly coming around. no reboots this time though carry the story onward from Jedi
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