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CITIZENS OF GOOGLE PLUS: Ghlaghghee deigns to wish you a merry Christmas! Be honored! However, DO NOT attempt to take her catnip toys. SHE WILL CUT YOU. And she would be right to do it. THAT IS ALL. You may now DISPERSE. 
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My brother-in-law's cat holds the same position regarding catnip mice, which I just found out the hard way.
Exactly the position and expression my feline overlords have, same reason.
Praise be to the Destroyer! Praise Be!
What kind of fool would tamper with the catnip toys? The poodle ruler of our home likes squeaky toys for the alarm value. Should he hear one squeak, no matter where he is in his house, he will almost instantly be there to guard the squeaky toy.
How do you pronounce your cat/overlord's name?
It's phonetic. The lesser humans call her "Fluffy". (Gh as in cough and tough)
I was gonna say I've seen you in a dress but you just coopted that one...
I shall disperse with the true joy of Christmas in my heart.  Thank you.

(And merry Christmas to you and yours as well!)
V Hanes
'And she would be right to do it' - Oh hell yes.   :)
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