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If you're a science fiction/fantasy reader (and if you're following me, chances are pretty good you are), then you'll be happy to know LOCUS magazine is doing a poll to determine the greatest SF/F works of both the 20th and 21st centuries. Here's a chance to say what's good and/or influential in the genres in two separate centuries. Give it serious thought and then go and vote. The poll runs through November 30.
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That's gonna be very US/UK-centric, apart from a little Lem here and there. Which is okay since SF is at most influenced by works from US & UK.
It makes me sad that the 21st century novel list is only around 1/3rd female writers. I do not blame Locus for this -- it's a reflection of the awards and recognition that's been granted in this century.

Interesting that the short fiction list is more balanced.
Also, thank you for the pointer! Should have said that first.
I put my vote(s) in.  Thanks for the heads-up.
John, OT, but Redshirts is part of a one-day BOGO sale on Audible today. I just couldn't resist a book written by you, read by +Wil Wheaton , parodying Star Trek. :D
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