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Seriously now, what is it with all these group invites in the last 24 hours? I've gotten several dozen, and I may have to start cutting people. 
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Exciting! New! Feature!  It too shall pass...
Google+ unrolled a new feature - communities. We're all still figuring out what all the buttons do.
They're the new "Communities" feature that went live last night.  It's something of a land-rush on G+ right now. 
G+ just released "Communities" yesterday.  Should ease off soonish.
Go into your settings/notification and turn them off.  That should help.
Welcome to the club +John Scalzi. I've got +60 'till now.
It's indeed a bit annoying at the moment. 
Is there a community for people too lame to be invited to communities?

I'm only asking for a friend of mine...
Ignore the Communities, simple. That's what I'm doing.
Karen D
By the time I got around to checking out of of the communities I got invited to, it had an announcement that it was closing and invitees should instead go join this other group. Which was fine, since I'd been invited to that one, too.
It will calm down and groups will consolidate soon.  They could have phased in the feature, but that might have caused strife- so I'm guessing they just decided to rip off the band-aid.
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