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Okay, so here’s an announcement that I’ve been sitting on for a while, which I can finally tell you about:

I’m doing a manga series.

It’s a format I’ve been curious about for a while — we had planned a manga series around Old Man’s War a few years ago, but it had gotten hung up on contractual issues — so to be finally able to say that a project is under way is really exciting. In fact, I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a project for a whole year. has all the details, plus the absolutely fantastic cover art by artist Madeleine Rosca. Really, she has done a spectacular job, capturing the look and feel of the project. I simply could not be happier about the work she’s done.

So, what are you waiting for? Go! And I hope you love this manga project as much as I do. I expect great things from it. I can’t wait for you to see it.
Covers Revealed for John Scalzi's Manga Fantasy Trilogy The Shadow War of the Night Dragon
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You didn't get the word "Honor" in there.
The Shadow War of the Honorable Night Dragon?
Anything "announced" today is immediately suspect. Took me a while to realize my goodreads horror book club had not really picked "Twilight" for its next read. Was about to rage quit it.
Are you saying you think that Scalzi would stoop that low? Such vile slander! :-D
I would actually buy the heck out of those. ;-)
Not to forget, today is what?? :))
I'm waiting for the announcement that the whole Christopher Priest kerfluffle was a put-on, myself.
Aww, this is a cruel joke, because I also would totally buy a Scalzi manga series.
Book Three has a Pokeball on it. If this were a real project, there would be C&Ds shutting it down just over that.

So the real question is: Since this is supposed to be a satire of manga art, which manga are they working from? Pokemon is obvious, but what other influences can you spot?
Maybe we licensed the Pokeball.
The unicorns are a nice touch.
Looks rather Elf-Questish (the priestess with the fork and skull-boobie things (at last, I've put those two words together!)) to me but I barely know what is and is not manga.
Neal S
Those covers are so cute I'm afraid I would actually go forth and consume these books should they ever, you know, not be revealed on the 1st of April.
I'll wait another day before I start looking forward to this:-D
The quotes on the Tor announcement page are priceless.
You know you're going to wind up writing this one, in the end.
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