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Cat with Fuzzys. Fuzzys with cat. 
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I can't tell where one ends and another begins!
This was actually a little disturbing until I could locate the border of the cat.
This must be the situation where the "Do you know who I am?" approach works. ;-)

(Yes, I'm the guy from twitter from this morning.)
The Fuzzy doll thing is a little creepy . . .
Hey, how did you score a Fuzzy? (And yes, I agree that it's creepy.)

And I've also wondered how you managed to score the deal in the first place. Mom, as it happened, was approached by the publisher back then to do Golden Dream.
That looks like a seriously comfortable cat.

And a comfortable Fuzzy, for that matter. (The face on the Fuzzy is just way too realistic, by the way. That is AWESOME.)
I love and fear both of them.
That fuzzy actually looks kinda creepy.
I know that Papa looks nothing like Alf, is nothing like Alf, but I just can't help remembering how much Alf wanted to eat cats.
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