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Fun fact: Today is the tenth anniversary of me selling Old Man's War to Tor Books. I wrote about selling that book, and what it's meant to my life since, over on my site:
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Ten years already? whoosh time flies...
Happy anniversary, John! Celebrations are warranted!
Just read that book. I always thought Starship Troopers was too short. Old Man's War didn't have that problem.

Though there's one thing I haven't seen: Who joins the Navy?
Mike DeSimone: Everyone does infantry first. If they survive their first two years, they have opportunities to diversify.
Congratulation on the milestone John!

It's kind of funny the parallels between these two books.  I picked up "Old Man's War" after watching you and Nick Sagan do a MST3K of the "Starship Troopers" movie at Penguicon in Detroit.  The parallels continue....
Hmm... at the casualty rates you've got in the book, there aren't going to be many sailors. Then factor in all the other jobs (research & development, support, etc.) ... that's a lot of people abandoning something they have two years' experience with for something they haven't one. Or is it that they are working from time-on-Earth experience then?

And just thinking of how you'd manage a lab full of folks with two years of PTSD material under their belts... oi.
Actually just read this for the first time a couple months ago. It was fantastic, I couldn't put it down.
I was recommended this book by a friend and I liked it so much I shared it with my "Old Man" who enjoyed it as much as I did! 
As you probably know, this is the January selection of the Sword and Laser book club. Just started listening today. At first I was disappointed that this recording pre-dates the Wil Wheaton/Scalzi era . . . but this reader is excellent, and probably better suited to narrated an old-timer's story. Thanks!
I loved old man's war and the entire series. 
Congrats, Sword and Laser got me reading your books after they recommended Old Man's War.  So far I've enjoyed the Old Man series, Red Shirts, and my favorite - The Android's Dream.
This was the book that brought me back into sci-fi
How fortuitous  I got Old Man's World as a Christmas gift. It's a cold windy day here in Maryland so I've been sitting on the couch reading it today. It ranks up there with Heinlein and Haldeman. I look forward to reading your other books. 
Happy Anniversary, sir. I've enjoyed your book -- and, through it, your other books -- very much.
+Adam Corcoran There were a couple hints, like the use of the term "personal digital assistant" which is rarely heard these days ("phone" or "tablet" more often). But other than that, no, you couldn't tell.
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