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Hey, how about I talk about someone else for a change? Specifically, Amanda Palmer and her Kickstarter that has raised $440,000 in just a few days, what it means and whether you can replicate her success (hint: probably not).
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A very interesting blog post from someone who went through two kickstarters.

He says the people behind kickstarter actually look through every single project before accepting it. Curation is a big part of their success, and I think there are not as many failed projects as one would expect. I don't know if it's still the case, but the article is very good.
I already donated to the Amanda Palmer Kickstarter. She's one of my favorite artists and I'm glad that she just keeps on going and going. I'm also very glad that she veers away from mainstream media exposure in favor of a fan base that gets what she's trying to do.
According to her kickstarter video, the minimum the label was going to put behind her album was $500,000. She hasn't reached that number yet. She is close. Given what she is promising her backers I would say we are the ones that are getting the bigger bang for the buck. You are correct. If she manages to be in the black at the end I say she has earned every cent.
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