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Nice news right before the holidays: Old Man's War is #1 in Locus Online's poll of the top science fiction novels of the 21st century (so far). See the entire list, plus the votes for the top fantasy novels of the 21st century and the best SF and F novels of the 20th century, at the link:

Also for my personal thoughts, go here:
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thanks John, currently reading your autobiographical remedies at the end of "Red Shirts"
I suspect me pointing people to the poll had more of an influence. 
Yes, Whatever wields a mighty hammer, you know, other than than the Mallet of Loving Correction.
I'm surprised that Bujold made it on twice for the fantasy list, but not at all for the SF list.
Congratulations, I loved that book!
Interesting ..

Ian M Banks (first novel comes in at 30)
Peter F Hamilton (first novel at 37)
Alastair Reynolds (first novel at 42)
Greg Egan (first novel at 46)
Ken McLeod (first novel at 61)
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