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GOOGLE PLUSIANS: This is me letting you know that "The B-Team," the first episode of my new novel The Human Division, is now live and out in the world, ready for you to read and enjoy and tattoo on your skin (note: don't tattoo on your skin. It's 22,000 words long). Here are details:
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Interested to see what happens with this. (And to read it, of course.)
Holy fuck, Warren Ellis approves! :) Thanks for posting, will look into it. All things considered, $1.01 is not a big price for 22,000 words of polished (presumably) fiction.
I'm partway through already (bought it on my Nook this morning) and so far, so good... :)
Going to download it today.  Thanks for the update.  Look forward to catching as many episodes as they get released as I can.
Fantastic, looking forward to it.
Pre-bought, but thanks for reminding me I have to download it!
My brain wants to read the salutations as "Google Prussians"
I woke up at dawn, turned the Nook on, downloaded and read, then went back to sleep.

(Of course I had also checked at midnight and it wasn't there, grumble)
I finished it during lunch break. Most pleased. Self-Propelled Trouble Magnet is one of my favorite protagonist types, so I'm quite well primed for the coming weeks. :)
I just finished the Audible version I downloaded today. I can't say how great it is to be back in the "Old Man's War" universe.
How many words long is the whole shebang? At this rate it will be by far your longest work.
Thanks for the head's-up. Bought it; downloaded it. Won't get to actively read it until Friday. Damn, I hate working for a living.
Got it, thanks. Also pre-ordered the next 12.
I loved it! A witty, fun read for any sci-fi enthusiast. Can't wait for the next episode!
already bought first 4! looking forward to the new ones to come out!
thanks John, your creation is well worth the cost of investment
I started reading it last night, ready to start the third installment tonight.  Really like it so far.
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