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Rumor has it that it is now 2013. I am waiting to hear that confirmed by a reputable source. Until it is, have a wonderful December 32nd. 
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Fox News is reporting that it's 2013. So, I'll agree with you: happy December 32, 2012.
We don't report rumors, and to base it on "sources", we need two of them. Can't we find an expert for 2013 somewhere?
+Scot Stevenson, I've got a few hours of experience with this 2013 thing.  Although I'll admit that I've slept through most of it.  
I'll be doing the same thing on December 33rd that I was doing on December 31st, so it doesn't really matter if you want to call it 2013 or 2012.
For a large segment of us Internet Old-Timers, September of 1993 never ended. One of the eternal rhythms of the Internet used to be that every fall a new class of freshmen would enter college. It would take about a semester for these students to learn the ropes, pick up the "netiquette" and integrate into the culture of the Internet of the time.

That ended in Sept. 1993, when in short order, AOL, Compuserve, and Demon Internet all started allowing both email and USENET access. From that day on, the influx of clueless new users has been endless. It became impossible to instill proper etiquette or behavior... September went on forever.

Today is September, 7063 1993, the september that never ends.
i remember the september when the Penn State Freshmen found Usenet for the first time. not sure i really wanted to remember it, but i do
I dunno.  Maybe we need to see its birth certificate.
+Brian McNett: I thought that September 1993 officially ended when AOL stopped carrying Usenet.  Certainly the influx of clueless new users to Usenet seems to have slowed to a sad trickle -- and web forums and Google+ are definitively not Usenet!
+Brooks Moses AOL stopped mattering long before they stopped carrying USENET. Compuserve is long gone, and Demon Internet? Borged. The fact that specific Internet applications, and even entire service providers have disappeared in the nonce does not mean that September has ended. September continues until clue arrives. Clue is never coming back, hence September 1993 can never end.
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