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John Savage
Mad Scientist and slightly deranged photographer.
Mad Scientist and slightly deranged photographer.

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The question is, is Google+ still relevant?

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So I started a bulletin board.
No idea what it should concentrate on - or even if it should have a specific theme. I quite like the idea of leaving it be to see what happens to it. It will probably just get ignored and stagnate but you never know, maybe some interesting people will find it and use it for their own discussions and interests.

The basic idea is that I will create a forum for whatever people want to discuss (within reason of course) and then let them go. should get you close to the right place :)

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Last night I installed my Philips Hue Lightstrips ( and immediately set up a few recipes with IFTTT. Have to say I'm very impressed. The strips are extremely well made (they had better be at the price) and very easy to stick where you want them.

They also come with plenty of cabling so cable routing wasn't a problem either - I drilled a small hole through to a cabinet where I have power and simply plugged them in there.

I now have a very cool strip of lights above one of my bookcases which changes colour depending on the current weather conditions, flashes when I receive email, reminds me to take a break from work and generally makes the room look cool.

Whilst the Hue stuff is (extremely?) expensive, the quality of the bulbs and the robust app together with the interaction with IFTTT makes it worthwhile I think.

Now I need a few more strips and some "bloom" lights and bulbs to finish off accentuating the rest of the house. Meanwhile I will keep playing with the lights via IFTTT to see what weird recipes I can concoct.

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I feel the need to post a tranquil boat image today.

This was taken a few years ago in Australia. It'll be interesting to revisit a few of these places in a year or so when we go back as it will have been around 10 years since this visit. In that time, I've grown around 10 years older ( :) ), obtained a boy-child through devious means and rebuild a house.
Anyway, back to the boat ........

So, April Fools Day 2014. Wonder what is in store today...........

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Catching balls > than kids apparently
Dad Fail
Don't be that guy!
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So, one month into parenthood and I'm convinced my son is compiling a list of reasons he needs new parents to replace the defective ones that took him home :) 

Well, had quite the life changing event! I've joined the world of the parent!

My son was born a week or so ago and is, naturally, the cutest and greatest baby ever. Just like everyone else's baby :)

We are now proceeding to make exactly the same mistakes as everyone else did/does/will do whilst telling everyone ours is the quietest/noisiest/smelliest/most intelligent baby ever. Just like everyone else's.

Hooray for sleepless nights. 
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