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Johnson, Farage, Gove
Quitters, losers, traitors all
Remember what they did
And how they slunk away
To snipe and post in comfort
Outside, with no regret
But we will not forget their snide
Selfish, boorish, thin-skinned hide
So call them out, with every shout
That we are better than they
Patriots all and welcoming too
No need for laws or who's who
To welcome those onto our shores
Who want to work and thrive and be
Safe, no fear, among us, free
We all were immigrants once
And so we are
And so they be.

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24 Hours in #Liverpool. Come and see how to eat a flat iron, what lies at the end of hope and what Albert is doing these days... 

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From today all dogs in the UK need to be microchipped by law. See how this guy manages to get his humans to give him a cushy life.

#dog #dogs #microchipped #canines #dogslife #jackrussell

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Frosty morning. 

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Season's Greetings to all our clients friends and partners from the gang at Glanton

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I just used FreePrints to order free photo prints from my phone - it's great! Use my invite code 'jroyle1' to get 5 extra free prints per month. Check it out.

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Google Stories did a good job on this...

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Persistent Saturnian Auroras
Image Credit: J. Clarke (Boston U.) & Z. Levay (STScI), +European Space Agency, ESA, +NASA

Are Saturn's auroras like Earth's? To help answer this question, the Hubble Space Telescope and the Cassini spacecraft monitored Saturn's South Pole simultaneously as Cassini closed in on the gas giant in January 2004. Hubble snapped images in ultraviolet light, while Cassini recorded radio emissions and monitored the solar wind. Like on Earth, Saturn's auroras make total or partial rings around magnetic poles. Unlike on Earth, however, Saturn's auroras persist for days, as opposed to only minutes on Earth. Although surely created by charged particles entering the atmosphere, Saturn's auroras also appear to be more closely modulated by the solar wind than either Earth's or Jupiter's auroras. The above sequence shows three Hubble images of Saturn each taken two days apart.

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Very true. 
Football <> Handegg
End of discussion! :)

#lol   #football   #worldcup  
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