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John Reyst
I own and manage SRD sites for many Open Game System games.
I own and manage SRD sites for many Open Game System games.

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There will be an ongoing new feature EXCLUSIVELY in the monthly Open Gaming Newsletter providing NEW rules and content specifically for Starjammer! Now to come up with a name for this column... "Red Shirt Report" or "Captain's Log" come to mind at first but looking for suggestions!

Oh and yes, the newsletter was missed last month but the March one is intended to go out as normal. If you're not a subscriber, why not check it out and see what you think!

Sign up here:

The GMs Day Sale ends in TWO HOURS. This sale is one of the two largest percent-off sales of the year (the other being Black Friday/Cyber Monday) so if there was something you wanted and wanted to grab it at the best price you're going to find until the Fall, you need to hurry over to and load your cart FAST!

The Annual GMs Day Sale is on now through next Monday! 40% off ALMOST everything! More stuff added each day so keep your eyes peeled in case you don't see anything of interest right away!

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Wait... I get 40 PDFs AND admission to KoboldCon 2017 for JUST $10????


ANOTHER STARJAMMER PRODUCT! This time from Fat Goblin Games!

"Alien Evolution takes the concepts of Traits and creates a system for you to quickly add strange and unusual features to any race and create diverse species. Antennae on humans, blue-skinned elves, and tentacle dwarves are just a few ways this system can add diversity on the fly as your players travel a multitude of strange worlds."

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By the way, I know the Open Gaming Newsletter is late. I've been buried dealing with the site migration, testing, fixing, testing, fixing, and at the same time trying to get Healer's Handbook posted. The newsletter should go out either later today or tomorrow. If you're not subscribed but are interested in knowing what's already been done on the site, why, and what is planned, as well as getting free Open Gaming Goodness from various publishers, AND discount codes good for some MARVELOUS new products in the store, you should consider subscribing fast!

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And the Starjammer-compatible goodies keep on flowing! Check this one out!

The Medved Trials” is a short product that introduces genetically-modified humans as a distinct playable race for use in your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game adventures. Whether set in the irradiated wastes of our own upcoming Radlands, on star-galleons sailing the void in search of strange new worlds, in the back-alleys of a digitally-enhanced near-future dystopia, or hunting orcs in your favorite fantasy world, these “bears” represent what heights humanity could reach if given the right boost. You get a 10-point standard race, a 20-point advanced race, and a 30-point monstrous race. They are "The Other Side's" answer to the enhanced races detailed in our product "The Prometheus Protocols," also available here.

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What's this? The first official Starjammer supplement from Publishing?

Get it at the Open Gaming Store:

or RPGNow:


Wait, what's Starjammer? Check that one out here!

The #1 Hottest Product on RPGnow currently has three 5-star reviews! Have you gotten your copy of Starjammer yet? If so, please consider adding your thoughts or rating!

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