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I took a panorama picture of Khan Academy during our weekly standup meeting (uses Photosynth, requires Silverlight).
A weekly standup meeting of the entire company, taken on July 20, 2011., Khan Academy Standup - Photosynth
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I don't even have silverlight haha
Yeah, would be cool to see, but my Ubuntu is alergic to siverlight...
Didn't work with the Moonlight plugin I just installed to try this (Ubuntu).
Yuck, no can do... Moonlight doesn't work too well. :(
I never could get Moonlight to work ever
I installed Silverlight for the Olympics and apparently still have it, go figure. Photosynth is pretty much the only reason why I still have it installed.
Netflix suckered me into installing it
And Netflix. Although if they keep raising their prices then I'll have no more need for Silverlight.
Love the giant notch in the imac front/left. ;)

I used Photosynth for a giant real estate project and discovered it taps out around 800 photos. Very cool little tool, though. I'm constantly surprised it came out of MS.
Yeah, Hugin really works well. I wonder if someone wants to put together a WebGL viewer?
For a standup, there is a lot of people sitting down :-)
I will never install silverlight on purpose
Can people explain why they don't like Silverlight? Not judging, just trying to grok why...
+Matt Brown: About 8-9 at the moment.
+Paul Betts - Silverlight = All the reasons you hate Flash but add to that list the fact you have to use Microsoft tools for implementation and design.
But why would that matter for using Silverlight?
would be cool if there were some other technology capable of producing these kinds of effects ... oh wait
@Jim wait... are you trying to say that you can process images ON THE INTERWEBZ?! Bah!
+Paul Betts Silverlight is Microsoft's Flash. People dislike both for the same reasons: limited support for Linux and kinda buggy everywhere. Silverlight takes extra heat for being a Johnny-come-lately and because it was made by Microsoft. I've never had any huge problems running it on WinXP/7 or OSX, but YMMV. Can't wait to ditch both for html5.
Looks like a great team- ya'll are doing some awesome world changing work. keep it up!
+Eric I mean, I get that in general, but some people have such vitriol for it; I dot get it. It's only slightly annoying to me
I was quite surprised to see this photosync panorama working nicely on iPod Touch. Who needs Silverlight in times of HTML5 and CSS3? It seems that even MS doesn't ;)
The upcoming message: "This page requires a plugin that can only run in 32-bit mode", keeps me from seeing …
"Microsoft Silverlight may not be supported on your computer's hardware or operating system."
Can you not post some pictures? Won't be as cool but I don't have SL installed. And I can't install it on my machine since its not mswindows.
i don't want to install silverlight :) but want to view the photos..
+Paul Betts See the comments about it not working. That's a pretty good reason right? I mean you might think it's odd that the machine I use every single day all day isn't a windows machine, but that's not going to change for a couple of panoramas.
Photosynth(esis) requires (Silver)light
Science lessons™ even in the marketing... I love it!
I'd suggest the app 360 Panorama if you're using the iPhone. No plug-ins needed, just uses JavaScript in the viewer. Otherwise, cool picture!
Don't use Photosynth use 3DTubeMe.

Works with open standards (Web-GL), creates 3D models based on some photos, etc. No need for plug-ins (Silverlight).

BTW, I don't have Silverlight too.

Photosynth is much more than that, Photosynth creates a 3D scene you can walk in, and it does all automatically, you just upload a lot of pictures of a place, and it creates the scene, this example is just a panoramic picture.
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