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Unghh... OSX Lion's inverted scroll wheel is really wrinkling my brain. Looks like you can fix this by changing an option in the mouse preferences.
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there's a setting in system preferences, I've switched mine back to normal on systems without a trackpad.
The mouse option "Scroll direction: natural" doesn't work for USB mice?

I find I'm getting used to it. It's just a switch from thinking about scrolling the viewport like we are used to to thinking about moving the document.
Leave it set to 'natural' for 3 days, and you'll wonder why you'd ever want it to be 'backwards'.
I first discovered I hated inverted pitch in Goldeneye for N64. As of yet nothing has changed my mind.
Thanks +Nicholas Granado, that did the trick! Definitely not clear, at all.
I would agree +Martin Koistinen, but since he has an actual mouse, I'd leave it traditional. Trackpads: totally with you.
You might find you get used to and, heaven forbid, prefer it. When Ubuntu moved the min/max/close buttons to the left side there was uproar, but I find I got used to it very quickly and prefer it, hehe
I'm keeping it on the traditional setting because it matches the behavior of my mouse scroll wheel. I don't want to context-switch based on which input device I'm using.
Tbh the content is moving in the direction of your scroll movement :)
It's a little awkward feeling for me at the moment but I'm sure it'll be natural after a few days of use.
It took about a day, and now I wonder how I used it any other way. Weird.
I feel that change should impart some sort of benefit over the original model. This seems superfluous. Perhaps it is a good option for some people, but making it the default is ridiculous because it accomplishes nothing substantial while confusing and frustrating many. The pitch of the scroll is not going to make your text flow more smoothly no matter which way it adheres to the axis. The text still scrolls at the same speed regardless.
apple! this is not an ios device! it is a computer! ( i dont like that scroll thing too ) there is an option for it in sysprefs
I 'm using Wacom bamboo touch with Lion. At first I hated inverted scroll, but now it feels so natural :)
Its a bit like trackpad gestures, takes time but they become second nature.
It was changed precisely to prevent context switching. The desktop OS now matches every other Apple device. I've found that I'm already used to it.
The natural direction thing still works with a pen tablet like wacom bamboo.
It's amazing to see, that so many "brilliant brains" have that much problems with the natural scrolling in OS X Lion. Let's me think about my brain: either my brain is not brilliant or I am even more brilliant ;-)
Don't do it! Bite down on something, and tough it out. In 3-5 days, it'll magically seem... uhm... natural.
I personally prefer the new scrolling style. Unifying the gestures between my phone and computer has been nice. Caveat: I'm using iOS and a Magic Trackpad. I hear it's worse on USB mice.
Now if only there were a checkbox that could fix Spaces.
I did, indeed, try it for seval days, and I agree it works on a touchpad. However, the issue I have, personally, is if you hop between desktop Macs with mice and laptops with the touchopad. Or, worse, bounce between PCs and Macs. My brain just keeps tripping on this.

But the real deal-breaker is that my wife occasionally uses my Macbook. No way I'm asking her to re-wire her brain just to surf the web. =)
Quite contrary to +Brian Dayhoff, but awesome mention of Goldeneye, I first discovered I LOVED inverted pitch through Goldeneye for N64. You get used to it after a couple days on Lion.
What surprises me is that I never noticed that all my mobile devices scroll like this, but my desktop worked differently. I haven't had any problem adjusting.
getting used to it now, but don't want to think about using another computer with the opposite scrolling :S
At first thought it was crazy, but its addictive ;)
Turned that off straight away. I can understand it for a smartphone etc.
I hated it at first, and like someone mentioned earlier, never noticed the difference in scroll direction before due to my brain somehow differentiating touchscreen devices and desktops that used a mouse. The transition from mouse to trackpad took a little getting used to, but the inverted scroll with lion beta took a lot of getting used to. However, now it feels completely natural, and I wouldn't go back to the old way. Using the magic trackpad isn't practical for everyone, but for those that do use it, inverted scroll becomes second nature, especially if you have multiple iOS or touchscreen devices.
It's a muscle memory thing that has to be overcome. Imagine your finger is a pencil with an eraser on the end of it and you are pushing the page up and down on a desk. After a while, it will just seem natural and you won't have to think about it anymore.
My brain flipped after 3 days. Now I wouldn't want to go back.
I have to agree with the above. It's incredibly superfluous. And what's really odd is that apple has pushed so much for the machine serving the user, but then there are so many people saying "tough it out, go through a few day of frustration, it's worth it..." but in reality, for what? So that I can mentally think of moving the content vs moving the scrollbar? There may be some upcoming change they're moving us towards but I notice that no one has had an issue hopping between an iOS device and a mouse. Well, until now ;)
+Nate Cavanaugh We've been trained for a long time to the other method, but I find that if you think about the scrolling as "pushing" the content around, you can get used to it pretty quickly.

There is a deeper reason for the change than just being "natural" though.

It opens the door for other humanized gestures like turning pages in a reading app.

Also it throws away a layer of indirection. instead of moving your hand in the direction of the scrollbar, which in turn moves the page. You just "move the page" directly.

Agreed that it takes some getting used to though
I just noticed that two finger swipe to the side in Safari 5.1 goes back or forward in history for a tab. That's interesting. I would think that switching between tabs using that gesture is more natural, but the history access is convenient, too.
Yep, drove me crazy upon install as well. First preference changed.
As soon as I got my new mac... changed that setting back to the usual way.
Lotta hardware :)
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