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John Reinhard Dizon
Novelist, rock star, athlete
Novelist, rock star, athlete


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Here's a long-awaited installment of JRD's autobiography...

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Here's the latest excerpt of JRD's "DYNASTY! The First 100 Days"...

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Saviors of Obamacare?
Most familiar with pop
culture of the 2010’s know all about the TV series The Walking Dead . The phenomenal zombie thriller, at the end of a
nearly decade-long run, finds its survivor heroes under the yoke of a criminal
gang known as the Saviors. Its leader...

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Here's another excerpt from JRD's "DYNASTY! (The First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency)"...

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Opening Salvos? (Excerpt from JRD's "Dynasty!")
           In retrospect, none of it should have been totally
unexpected. Yet the events surrounding the inauguration of Donald J. Trump sent
seismic waves around the planet. On January 20 th , 2017, the 45 th President of the United States took his oath of...

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Here's an excerpt of JRD's historical novel set in 1934 Germany coming in 2017!!!

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And so it was that Manx
learned of his brother’s gift to him and Ingrid. Within the next twenty-four
hours they found themselves, along with Stuka and April, aboard a Sunday
afternoon flight on the Hindenburg. It was a promotional flight that took
guests fo...

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Rebuilding of America? (Excerpt from JRD's DYNASTY! The First 100 Days of the Trump Presidency)
Rebuilding of America? ( Excerpt from JRD's   DYNASTY!  The First 100 Days  of the Trump Presidency ) The nation and the world
continue to watch and wait as the ranks of Trump’s new Cabinet slowly begin to
fill. An intriguing new pattern starts to emerge as...

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