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I can't understand Hollywood... right now I could come up with 20 good story ideas for new movies for them. But, instead they go for... 'It's A Small World' and another one based on the Peeps candy. Is Hollywood out of ideas?

Now, to be fair... I thought the movie idea from the Disney attraction, 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' would be a huge mistake. I was wrong there. Johnny Depp has made a career out of playing Captain Jack Sparrow. Though Eddie Murphy didn't fair to well with the Haunted Mansion movie.

Indiana Jones worked and the Star Wars movies survived becoming a Disney attractions and now are owned by Disney. 

So, I will wait and hold my judgement for later... 

**More info about the article from ClevverMovies on YouTube**

Hollywood Officially Out of Ideas: Small World & Peeps Movies Announced

Hollywood has officially run out of movie ideas. Or so it seems! Two new movies are in the works, one based off of Disney's 'It's A Small World' and another one based on the Peeps candy. No you didn't hear that wrong, a movie based off the repetitive and creepy doll ride and those sugary marshmallow birds you eat on Easter. Yeah. Those things are getting their own movies. 

Hollywood Officially Out of Ideas: Small World & Peeps Movies Announced
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The peeps marshmallows are not well known over in the Isles and the UK. `~`
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Why I'm not around here on G+ as much

Health wise... we, my family and I, take it day to day. I've lived with health issues all my life. You can either shut yourself in or go live your life. I've always just gone and lived it. You can't let the pain and issues define us. Dancing and all the physical acting I did for years was hard on me... I would hide the pain and heart issues from the people around me. Toni knew about some, but I didn't want her to worry or those in the shows to not cast me due to the physical issues. I had a great time doing all the shows. If I had followed the advice of all the Doctors and specialist I wouldn't have had all the great memories and fun. I pay a price now for all the stuff I did... but, maybe doing all that help make me stronger and kept me going. That's why I don't stop. I just find new ways to feed the monster (acting, writing, creativity and family.) 

I don't want to sit on the sidelines wishing I had... I jump in with both feet and learned how to stay afloat. I just know I have to go a little slower now and use my charm and wit. I'll see if they have some more of that to buy here on the internet. B-])
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+John Rakestraw Your Charm & Wit is Enough to Change the World one Person at a Time, You surely had a Impact in my Life, I have much Love for you, BlessUp!    
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THE PARROT JOKE... the old buyer beware story!  

#jokeoftheday #CleanJoke #humor
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Social media is a new world currency... 

We trade ideas, business plans, services, products and time here on social media.

We Need To Leverage Our Content

When creating a social media persona... we need think about the different ways there are to leverage our content, our message, our thoughts and our fans. That's right fans, those wonderful people who stick with us through thick and thin. As an example, the Beatles haven't recorded a new song since the late 1960's... Yet they still get hundreds and thousands of new fans every year. Plus , their hoards of long term fans have stayed loyal to them for over 40+ years. I know this because I'm part of that wonderful hoard.

What the remaining Beatles have done... is that they have taken their huge library of content and have repackage it, remind people on their content by having new concerts and even write new content. So, what we can learn here is the need to rewrite our content, make new content and post it. Use plugins, such as the ones available with WordPress, you can repost this content all over the web... to various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Tumblr.

Once you’ve done that, you can turn that content into a video and upload it on Youtube or other video sites. You can create a slideshows, which you can upload to places like SlideShare. You can take the audio and share that as a podcast through iTunes, BlogTalkRadio and other podcast directories. You can do blog tours, interviews on Hangouts On Air and turn yourself into a brand. A wanted commodity.

Beware of ‘I Need to be Everywhere’ Syndrome

We have a tendency to become distracted by all the fun new tools, all those get rich now opportunities and the idea that we need to be available everywhere 24/7. Symptoms of ‘I Need to be Everywhere’ Syndrome are... procrastination, poor decision making, wasted resources and unfinished projects. Too much on the plateillitis.

Falling for too many strategies that can quickly dilute your focus and cause you to seriously be impair... the best antidotes for this is to choose just a few tools. That way you stay focused and working towards goals that are organic to your ideals. The emphasis is on producing good, well thought out strategies that keep you productive, reduce your stress and keep all those pesky distractions in check.

Social media is the new world currency… there are many options on how to gain and spend this new currency. Since it’s always so easy to become overwhelmed, I recommend taking time to read all the different types of social media out there... even test a few different ones to see if they fit . When the time if right... you’ll find out which social media strategies are a brilliant fit for your fandom!
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John Rakestraw

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I will be using my brilliant telepathic talents today to post here on G+. That being said, if you think of something funny or awesome... that was me!
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The other day a woman at the fitness center said she was consulting a Pet Psychic.

So I said, "I have to go. I thing I hear a Psychic cell phone call."  
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Our Easter Bunny has good taste in chocolate!
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I had a GI procedure done on Monday, April 14th. I have to take Warfarin for a mechanical heart valve I have. Because of this I can't just go and get procedures and surgery done without being bridged from Warfarin to some other blood thinner system that works with all this. I had to go to the Infusion Center and be shot in my gut with Enoxaparin. That started on Friday, April 11th and will go on each day until Sunday, April 20th. These shots hurt and bruise me... doing the GI procedures was no party either. Though all the people with the Infusion Center and the Gastroenterology place have been great. Toni Rakestraw, my wonderful wife, has been there at my side for all of this. She is fantastic! Here are some pics... no, not of the GI, but of my gut and the bruising.
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Photo of the Peacehealth skybridge we took this morning at the old hospital. I love the great perspective shot here and all the different textures.The tree reflected in the skybridge added wonderful depth.
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Be extraordinary... find that passion in yourself to succeed!
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By this article from c|net and according to Nielsen, the television ratings and data company, we spend about 8.5 hours a day in front of our screens. That I can believe. I take issues with which device we are spending more time with. Nielsen wants the TV networks believing that it's 5 hours with the TV, watching their programming and commercials. and only a mere .5 hours of on-demand. It's in the interest of Nielsen to make a case for their relevance in this multi-screen environment. They will have to spend a huge amount of money to change all their data gathering algorithms to show where we, as a viewing public, are spending our time watching content. TV networks want the big money from ads and selling bundle channels to cable and dish providers.

My family of 10, my wife and I and our 8 kids (almost half of that group are now adults) spend are large amount of the day on the internet, business and paid work accounts for part, the other is social, entertainment and gaming. Phones are huge use of people's time, (not in my house,) but around the world. When we watch the TV a good part of the time is the use of on-demand content, we do watch some programming live... partly because of CBS, PBS are not using, the rest we catch on the internet. We haven't used cable or dish for over 6 years now. Our computers are turned on from 9 AM to 1AM all the time, 365 day a year, roughing 16+ hours (my wonderful wife runs our editing company online, she works a good 12+ hours a day. Our two older children (now adults) work with her. We stop and watch streaming TV at 8 or 9 PM, for a couple of hours. I will watch Netflix at work in between AM and PM routes, I'm a School Bus Driver. I have about 4 hours between routes. I work on voice over scripts and learning more about that business model.

Where do people find 5+ hours to just sit in front of their TVs... we do spend a huge amount of time in front of many screens. Most of those are smartphone ones, then there's the internet (computers, smartphones and tablets.) I believe... from just talking to people around me, that a huge amount are watching YouTube: video, music, learning, research, engagement, social. Nielsen is way behind the mark and a dinosaur in this new digital age. They are telling the bean counter at the networks what they want to hear and that their money model is still working. But someone is watching a huge amount of video online... I don't think it's a small niche of people either.

Here is a small part of the article from c|net:

"According to Nielsen, the television ratings and data company, US adults spend more than 5 hours a day parked in front of their TV watching live programming, and they spend another half an hour watching "time-shifted" TV, i.e. shows on a DVR or video-on-demand. That's, by far, much more time than any other single device. The average adult spends about one hour using the Internet on a computer and another hour roughly on a smartphone.
Fire TV breaks Amazon’s mold of a device that undercuts rival gadgets on price to move consumers back to the company’s core e-commerce business. What's Amazon's ultimate plan?
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People, if you want to feed the soul of a voice over actor, listen to their demos and enjoy their wonderful creative works...

Voice Overs and Voice Acting is my life...

In this wonderful world there are those who can make you think, those that make you wonder and those that take you beyond their imagination into yours... 

RAKESTRAW BOOK DESIGN - Editing is the heart of our business. It’s hard to hand over your baby to someone who is supposed to be critical. Toni Rakestraw, the editor, strives to do her very best for you and create a wonderful experience as you go through editing.

Books I have written:

TITANIC DECEPTION by John and Toni Rakestraw 

"Historical thriller, Romantic suspense. This tale grabs the reader from the get-go and holds on until the very end. Told in the past and present, we are treated to an interesting possibility. Conspiracy theorists, this is your cup of tea! It was a darned good read, and it really piqued my interest to learn more about the Titanic and those who built her."
Review by Barbara Simonds 

Story - With stars in her eyes, Alice Clarke boards the Titanic, heading to a new life. On board, she falls in love, only to lose him in the disaster. He leaves her with a pocketwatch, which holds more secrets than she realizes. Her great-grandson, Michael Kearney, inherits her diary. When he overhears an unusual story about why the ship was wrecked, he finally reads it and finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that stretches across a century involving some very powerful people.  With the help of Soft Kitty, an irascible conspiracy theorist, and his girlfriend, Sylvia, he must bring the truth to light and bring down the men behind it, no matter what the cost. Maybe some secrets are better left at the bottom of the sea.

Creative Energy: Quotes and Inspirational Writings
by John Rakestraw

"This is a short took me perhaps twenty minutes to get through and if I have any complaint at all about this short book, it's that it's too short. It's non-fiction and all about inspiration. It does a great job. I loved the little gems of wisdom and enjoyed the light-hearted way they were delivered.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mr. John Rakestraw.

I highly (very highly) recommend this book to all writers. Invest twenty minutes - it's well worth your effort."

My new eBook at Amazon... on the Kindle!

Creativity is inherit in our genes… it’s a blessing bestowed by angels.

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8 great kids, 1 wonderful & beautiful wife, over 33 years together... life doesn't get better then this!
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