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Here I am... clean-shaven again! Multiple days of 90+ degree weather finally got to me and I had to get rid of the wonderful, but high upkeep, beard and mustache. It was fun... but now I can eat my bagel with cream cheese without 50% of the cream cheese ending up in my mustache. ;-])
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Looking very young. +John Rakestraw 
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John Rakestraw

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The worst part of #e32015  and +GameSpot, and others there,  was the lack of coverage of the E3 floor this year. We who don't get to go... look forward to the floor cameras going from booth to booth talking to people, trying to get free stuff, and catching the celebrities. Bad choices not to show the floor this year and only the stage shit. 
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John Rakestraw

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#CallumAtE3 , aka Callum Rakestraw interviewing game developers at E3...

On Monday, I [Callum] had the opportunity to speak with the folks at Midboss [] – Matt Conn, John James, Toni Rocca, and Philip Jones – about their game Read Only Memories, an old-school adventure game set in a cyberpunk-styled San Francisco inspired by games like Snatcher, and a bit about general LGBTQ representation in videogames. Enjoy!

Find Callum at Twitter:

#e32015   #E3   #gamingnews   #videogames  
» E3 2015 – A chat with Midboss about Read Only Memories | Critical Opinions About the World of Games
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John Rakestraw

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Command the awesome strength of King Magni Bronzebeard and bring down the hammer upon your foes in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft! Learn more here:

How do I feel about this new Hero and the cost of $9.99 for each new Hero they're going to introduce in the future?

HearthStone is a F2P (Free to Play) game... like Angry Birds, meaning you get to play the game without handing over cold hard cash. There are adventures to buy, you can enter the Arena (a game mode where players compete against each other using specially constructed decks to earn substantial rewards) and card booster packs to buy if you care to pay real money. You don't have to buy any of the extra brilliant stuff to play though. You can earn in game gold and buy booster packs, enter the Arena and even buy the adventures with the game gold.

Now with these new hero skins you don't get the option to use game gold, it's all hard cold cash! That will make many HearthStone gamers unhappy... just read the comments on the blog post announcing the King Magni Bronzebeard,, and you'll get their feelings about paying real money. I understand where they are coming from. But, Blizzard is a for profit company. They have given us all a brilliant game to play for free... I feel it's only fair that we pay real money every once an awhile to help support the game and the developers of it all. Plus you don't have to pay for this new Hero at all. You just won't get to play with him, or use any of the new Heroe's unique emotes and voices that convey their individual personalities, a play area featuring a custom visual theme, and the nifty “entering the game” animations so you can greet (or intimidate) your next opponent in style. Plus, a unique card back that will impress even the mightiest of dwarven kings!

Many F2P games only give you a taste of the game and then ask you to pay to get further in the game. Blizzard hasn't done this with HearthStone. You can play the game without paying a penny. You can make it all the way to being a Champion and even win tournaments without putting much money on the line.

So, the big question is... would I pay hard cold cash for the new Hero? Yes and I would even buy the adventures for $24.99. I see the value that Blizzard has given me and would be happy to pay for more. I will also keep using the game gold too. I want this game to keep going and to do so... I and many others, will need to fork over some cash. That way the game stays a F2P one and all of us win... it's one of those win-win thingies we always hear about.
Heroes Emerge: New Hearthstone Heroes Are Coming! - News - Hearthstone
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John Rakestraw

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Joke in the theme of HearthStone and the World of Warcraft genre...

A Faery Sprite and Rock Ogre are in bed making mad passionate love, when all of a sudden car lights flash on the wall above the bed.

"Oh, my goddess I see lights!" Shouts the Faery Sprite.

"I love it when you scream out when we're doing it." Said the Rock Ogre smilling.

"No really, I saw car lights on the wall, my husband the Hunter of Ogres must be home, Quick you got to get out of here."

"I didn't know you were married?" said the Ogre.

"Sorry that didn't come up in the conversation before the fun we're been having."

"I would have thought that you might just mention, "by the way I'm married and my husband is a hunter of Ogres. Big boy!" It just might have saved us this little issue," said the Ogre.

The Faery Sprite smiles at the Ogre and says, "trust me your issue isn't small."

"Thank you and you know how to lift my spirits, know what I mean?" he smiles back.

"You need to get out of here before my husband finds us!"

"Let me grab my clothes and run, I hate to run... but, it's for the best. Where's your back door?"

"We don't have one!"

"Where would you like one?"

Find more post on HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft on my Vast Mclarge FB page===>
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John Rakestraw

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In the world of HearthStone you can battle as Malfurion Stormrage (Druid), Rexxar (Hunter), Jaina Proudmoore (Mage), Uther Lightbringer (Paladin), Anduin Wrynn (Priest), Valeera Sanguinar (Rogue), Thrall (Shaman), Gul'dan (Warlock),Garrosh Hellscream (Warrior). Join the tabletop battles and have fun killing your friends...
If you play HearthStone: Heroes of WarCraft... then you know the meaning of card battles, the sound...
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John Rakestraw

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We love our many roses.
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John Rakestraw

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This little critter drop by and ate at our Butterfly flowers...
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Awww... it's feasting most appreciately!
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John Rakestraw

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HearthStone... the Rogue Deck

Everyone plays Mage or Paladin... they're fun and you can win about 65% to 70% of the time with a good deck, but we tend to forget the Rogue character. She not an easy one to play with a basic deck. Don't get me wrong a lot of players use the Rogue (Valeera Sanguinar.) But let's see if we give her a better chance of winning.

Valeera, the Rogue, is one my favorites to play, though I had trouble maker her deck work for me at the beginning. I have found that the best way for me to use the Rogue is to be very aggressive, which is how the common cards allow you to play her. I don’t play in Arena all that often at this moment (I'm working on getting my game gold up to 300, I'm at 225 6/7/15. I made this decision half way through the day before. I'm want to have 150 in reserve before I jump into the Area for the first paid game, I have played there with the freebie they give you.) I like fast games, but have learned to enjoy the long game lately. What I have read is that Hero powers that can affect the board tend to do better in Arena. Rogue is one of those heros.

Rogue - Dagger Mastery Equip a 1/2 Dagger, you get one hit point to use for two turn. That's two hit points to use on your enemy or their minions
Hero Powers are a great part of Hearthstone, (maybe even unique to card games.) HearthStone is divides into 9 classes, each class has its own set of class cards, as well as a pool of neutrals to choose from. Each class also has its own active ‘innate’ ability called Hero Power.

Hunter - Steady Shot - Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero.
Mage - Fireblast - Deal 1 damage.
Druid - Shapeshift - +1 Attack this turn. +1 Armor
Paladin - Reinforce - Summon a 1/1 minion
Shaman - Totemic Call - Summon a random Totem (minion)
Priest - Lesser Heal - Restore 2 Health
Warrior - Armor Up! - Gain 2 armor
Warlock - Life Tap - Draw a card/take 2 damage

Valeera, the Rogue, specialty is the Combo effect... the ability to use a card with a boosted power when another card is played before to it. This makes it very beneficial for Rogues to play second, using the Coin (a second player bonus) to trigger combos.

Here are some combos I like to play...

Basic Cards...

Kobold Geomancer or Ogre Magi + Backstab: This gets you 3 
damage to an undamaged minion.

Kobold Geomancer or Ogre Magi + Fan of Knives: this combo turns a 1 hit into a 2 hit , by using +1 spell power to doubles the amount of damage Fan of Knives does.

Thing to remember and try...

Minions that draw cards help your Rogue brilliantly, since so many of the Rogue cards are cheap and have great combo effects. Having a way to draw those additional cards really helps out in your mid and later game. Loot Hoarder and Novice Engineer are fantastic additions to a Rogue deck.

Any minion that has spell damage is useful to a Rogue that uses Fan of Knives since it will boost the damage. This means looking at the Brilliant Azure Drake minion, which for 5 mana provides a solid 4/4 minion plus 1 spell damage as well as a card!

Having no minions with taunt in the Rogue class of cards, you better look for a few in the pool (neutral) cards, to help hold back the enemies minions from your hitting your life ponit. If you chose not to, make sure you have enough minions with buff or damage effects to keep your opponents minions at bay.

I like to add to all my deck Antique Healbot - 8 (2 cards) heal points added back to you hero per card = 16 heal points all together. This has saved my heros tushy many times..

In Conclusion...

We have seen how the Warlock, Hunter, Mage, or Warrior have always enjoyed consistent good game play, other heros have had their challenges, these heros at times being very hard to play. Rogue is one of those characters.

Valeera, the Rogue, has several brilliant strong cards in her arsenal. She is a good choice for the Play area, the Arena takes more time and skill, but it's doable... just remember she is better suited for aggressive play.

I have given you a screen shot of my Rogue's deck ===>

#HearthStone #CardGaming #MTG #Blizzard  
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I play about 7 to 15 battles a day. I play all the characters, but my favorites are Warlock and Warrior. It's a great game and I have fun playing it. Though it can eat up a lot of your time.
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John Rakestraw

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Ogre Brute opens up about what you can learn from losing and other key insights in a post-match interview. Join over 30 million gamers and play Hearthstone for FREE on your phone or PC at
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I would be honored to duel with you, +Daniel Börresen. I'm VastMcLarge#1666 . Hope to battle with you soon!
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John Rakestraw

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Card games battles... are hard to like. But with an online card game all you have is a digital deck... easy to handle and the cards never fall off the tabletop or get bent up. Though in general they have not been very popular with the gaming masses. Yes, Magic The Gathering found a pretty large fan base out there, But many people just like to collect the cards. A lot like Pokemon... many collect the cards, few actually play the game.These card games as a genre comes with a lot of complexity, the rules are hard to follow. Finding an opponent to play against can be hard. Then, there’s the game play. You’re just playing with cards at the end of the day, what’s so interesting about that? Well, Blizzard put together a brilliant digital card game that’s great fun and is in fact one of the most popular games around. The game is of course Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. In Hearthstone, every turn something happens... a card is clicked into play, the action happen in real time. You don't sit there very long just watching player throwing mana or playing lands cards three turns in a row and nothing happens like in MTG. You get to see your hero power activated most turns and action comes at you, as a player, fast and furious. It's all more dynamic with HearthStone. Go to and join the tabletop battles. See you at the Inn.
Card games battles... are hard to like. But with an online card game all you have is a digital deck... easy to handle and the cards never fall off the...
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Mille Bornes sounds interesting! I've gotten more into these tabletop games over the last few years, but it's hard to find the time to play them. Hearthstone is something I used to play, but stopped a while back. Thinking about getting back into it now though
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My talented wife Toni Rakestraw drew this fantastic dog picture... she has so many wonderful talents. It's a beloved lost pet and family member of a good friend of ours. You know it's hard to call people in your life just friends when they're a truly in your heart a part of your family.
Toni really caught the soul of this dog in her drawing.
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People, if you want to feed the soul of a voice over actor, listen to their demos and enjoy their wonderful creative works...

Playing HearthStone (VastMcLarge#1666) is my life...

In this wonderful world there are those who can make you think, those that make you wonder and those that take you beyond their imagination into yours... 

RAKESTRAW BOOK DESIGN - Editing is the heart of our business. It’s hard to hand over your baby to someone who is supposed to be critical. Toni Rakestraw, the editor, strives to do her very best for you and create a wonderful experience as you go through editing.

Books I have written:

TITANIC DECEPTION by John and Toni Rakestraw [eBook | Print]

"Historical thriller, Romantic suspense. This tale grabs the reader from the get-go and holds on until the very end. Told in the past and present, we are treated to an interesting possibility. Conspiracy theorists, this is your cup of tea! It was a darned good read, and it really piqued my interest to learn more about the Titanic and those who built her."
Review by Barbara Simonds 

Story - With stars in her eyes, Alice Clarke boards the Titanic, heading to a new life. On board, she falls in love, only to lose him in the disaster. He leaves her with a pocketwatch, which holds more secrets than she realizes. Her great-grandson, Michael Kearney, inherits her diary. When he overhears an unusual story about why the ship was wrecked, he finally reads it and finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that stretches across a century involving some very powerful people.  With the help of Soft Kitty, an irascible conspiracy theorist, and his girlfriend, Sylvia, he must bring the truth to light and bring down the men behind it, no matter what the cost. Maybe some secrets are better left at the bottom of the sea.

Creative Energy: Quotes and Inspirational Writings [eBook | Audio Book]
by John Rakestraw

"This is a short took me perhaps twenty minutes to get through and if I have any complaint at all about this short book, it's that it's too short. It's non-fiction and all about inspiration. It does a great job. I loved the little gems of wisdom and enjoyed the light-hearted way they were delivered.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Mr. John Rakestraw.

I highly (very highly) recommend this book to all writers. Invest twenty minutes - it's well worth your effort."

My new eBook at Amazon... on the Kindle!

Creativity is inherit in our genes… it’s a blessing bestowed by angels.

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