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Business, SEO and Google+  - 
Important Changes to Local Pages in New Interface

See post and link to blog/forum about the direction G+ is going with Local Pages - removing many features such as:  Reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads, interior photos, maps, hours, and opentable/apps integration.

Official Google Statement on ALL the Google Local Changes after Google+ Update - Mamta B from Google announced that the following features are no longer supported for Local pages on the new Google+ - Reviews, categories, directions, stars, photo uploads, interior photos, maps, hours, opentable/apps integration. She explains the reasoning behind the changes and a whole lot more below.

I so wish they could have announced all this up front. It would have saved so much user confusion and frustration. But I appreciate them being transparent and letting us know now, so we have something official to point confused GMB owners and managers to.

Lot's more inside and a lively discussion to follow I'm sure...

#googlemybusiness #gmb #googlelocal #localseo #seo  
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Thank you both +Linda Buquet  and +John R. Ellis for the update. Sharing in my my stream so as to spread the word. Have a wonderful holiday.
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John R. Ellis

Spam catcher  - 
Spam Filter Problems

Reminder to the Fans of Jim Overbeck Spam posts:  The G+ spam filter is currently broken, so you have to go to the Post Tab on the profile of +Bubi Overbeck or his other dirty sock puppets to see the dozen or so most recent spam posts.  G+ is aware of the problem - no idea when it will be fixed, or if current spam can be moderated when it does get fixed.

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Lololol   You know, Jimbo here is so much easier to deal with than other human beings I've been seeing. He's a delight right now. 
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John R. Ellis

All about G+  - 
Post with link to Tutorial on the new interface:

Here is the actual tutorial:

The NEW Google+: A Tutorial by Ana Hoffman & Big Picture Comments from Google+ Experts!  The NEW Google+ is very different than what you are used to. Things like circles have totally changed and in fact, in the beginning many reported circles were gone. They aren't, you just need to know how to find them and manage them. The tutorial below from +Ana Hoffman will show you everything you need to know now. (As far as the regular Google+ social features.)

I also go into the changes that have impacted Google Local.

And I share some VERY IMPORTANT comments from my friend +Ben Fisher and 2 other Google+ experts that are really in the know:  +John Skeats and +John R. Ellis

All stress that this version of G+ is just a pilot, lots of changes are coming and Google is taking feedback seriously to help shape the final product. 

Here is all the information you need to know now!
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John R. Ellis

» ­Bulletin Board  - 
Current Community O/M Issues

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The New G+ Interface is a Pilot (Test) Project and has not yet installed the features needed for Community Management, and various other features for various other platforms.  Use Classic G+ for Community (and Page) management until they get around to putting the features into the placeholders.

See this post by John Skeats for further details about tools:

See this blog and 17 minute video about using the new interface:

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Reminder - be sure to check the information posted in the community About Section for answers to Frequently Asked Questions here.

Some additional current issues with Communities, even in Classic View:

Spam filter is not working as of 11/19/15 - and even when accessed using the ".../modmodmod" extension, it is empty even though posts are on OP post tabs and not in community and must be in spam filter.  It is partially working on Mobile, and not at all on Desktop PC.   Spam filter is starting to show up and slowly get populated with flagged posts.

"New Posts" number is missing or wildly wrong.  Mods no longer can see that there are posts to the community if they are in Spam filter (when it was working), unless they enter the community and check.  Number indicates a new post, but it can be hours later before it is actually displayed in the community.

Spammers may be sneaking around the Ask to Join button in the new interface.  This has not been fully verified.

O/M can no longer see all posts or comments by members who block them.

YouTube video posts going to spam filter, even posted by Owner.

Posts, especially YouTube videos, are seen only by the OP even when not in the Spam Filter. 

Collection posts going to spam filter.

Trolls and hackers still hijacking communities.  TRUST NO ONE!

Posts get dozens or hundreds of Plusses, then the plusses disappear.

Notifications not working worth crap, and disappear when you try to read them.  This link might help you recover the lost ones:

Updated Nov 23, 2015.

#Community     #Problems    
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^^^^ This. 
Couldn't block him using the user list, would have taken three weeks of scrolling since you can't search or filter user list anymore.

No option to block or remove him from his comments.

Had to switch back to old UI to block him.
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John R. Ellis

Shared publicly  - 

Last night we had incredible lightening display, hail, and November(!) tornadoes dancing all around the area.  Today it is SNOWING.  Either HAARP* is going haywire, or there really is something to that crazy idea that Global Climate Change is causing weird weather** lately.  ;-)

 *Yes, I know they shut down HAARP several years ago, but that's just what THEY want you to think.  It hailed in the Middle East the other day, for HAARP's Sake!  

** El Niño Expected to Strengthen, Bring Wild Weather Across US:

#CrazyWeather   #Amarillo  
Here is a photo of one of the many thunderstorms we had during the evening. Thank you Roger Hill (Not my photo). Have a great day Amarillo
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not even a scratch mate!  Yeah.. we admit that the aliens ended up marinated and charred to perfection in one of those nifty kirks barbeque smokers you guys sent out as aid..

When do we get those catholic missionaries?
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John R. Ellis

Shared publicly  - 
With all the drama going on lately, this made me chuckle.

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So many levels of humor. The realization that we are all dyslexic. We are all capable of pedantry. We are all able to decipher things that we seemingly shouldn't be able to decipher... 

Yet, in WordBrain, it can take me way to long to find a word in a 2X2 matrix. The word scrambles in the newspaper don't just unravel themselves the way this does. 
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John R. Ellis

Suggestions/?/Thanks  - 
"This has been a test of the Emergency Notification System"

Turns out the report below was a false alarm - she may have just been reporting she can't manage requests to join in the new interface, which is because many such features are not yet installed.  There may be an additional bug in the Ask-to-Join system - not even sure of that yet.  Never mind.  ;-)


There is a VERY worrisome post in Community Owners and  Moderators community* this morning.  A Plusser reports her PRIVATE community in classic view G+ is a PUBLIC community in the new Interface, and someone got into it that way!!  I have no idea if this is one single glitch, she is mistaken in what she reported, or is widespread, but obviously it is a disaster if it is happening at all as claimed.   THIS PRIVACY BREACH CAN BE DANGEROUS OR FATAL TO APOSTATES AND OTHERS!   

EDIT:  On further review and a second post on the topic, it MAY be that there is a glitch in the Ask to Join button, not actually in the Public/Private status.  IF that is the case, it's a lot less worrisome, but still a problem. 

OTOH - NOTHING is truly private on social media - never forget that!

*First post on issue:

Second post on issue:

#Communities   #Privacy     #SharingIsCaring  
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No problem. Good to know such reports are given immediate attention. Thanks for watching out for us!
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John R. Ellis

Blue Dragon

This little beauty eats the tentacles of the Portuguese Man o' War, and concentrates the toxin from those to sting you.  OF COURSE it is found in Australia!

The sea slug Glaucus atlanticus is beautiful, deadly, and strange.
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+John R. Ellis Oh hey not criticising , there are so many plants and  animals that store toxins in  one way or another  the list is gigantic  ... ,no worries ! :)
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John R. Ellis

Medical  - 
Stunning end to one of the most sensational recent local dramas!

Amarillo surgeon gets life in prison without parole:

There is no question Shepard killed Dr. Sonnier, and no question that if not for Dr. Dixon, this would not have happened.  I think Plan A was to hire strippers to tell lies to implicate Dr. Sonnier.  I think Plan B1 was to set up surveillance to catch him cheating.  I think there may have been a plan B2 to intimidate Dr. Sonnier into not dating Shetina.  I have a hard time believing there was an actual  Plan B3 to kill him for dating her - I think Shepard made that choice on his own when the surveillance or intimidation plan went bad.  I'm a bit stunned at the verdict.  What do you think?  Has Justice been served?

#Amarillo   #DixonTrial  
LUBBOCK - As he sat in the witness stand Wednesday, finally able to confront the man behind his father's murder three years ago, Dallas Sonnier gave Thomas Michael Dixon a new nickname: "Mike Guilty.
Community OHMS's profile photoJP Gwinn's profile photo
Mike was in Amarillo a few weeks ago visiting the surgery centers and getting ready to re-open his office practice - that's how sure he'd be found innocent, instead of fleeing the country while out on bond.
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John R. Ellis

Bacon  - 
Death by Bacon

Addressing the recent reports that our beloved BACON causes cancer if you eat more than 2 rashers every day - keep in mind the absolute risk rather than the relative risk, and whether not eating bacon or processed/red meat every day is worth it to you:  

Risk of Colon cancer if you DO NOT EAT MEAT:  5%
Risk of Colon cancer if you EAT BACON DAILY:  6%

We all die.  ijs

#Bacon     #Fearmongering    #sharingiscaring  
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Check out BACON AND BEER >>>>>>>>>>>>! Available for the next 8 days @
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John R. Ellis

Shared publicly  - 
Naive Realism

I listened to and enjoyed this podcast when it came out a week or so ago and have meant to post about it, and some recent events of people's perceptions of the choices they make and actions they take have finally  spurred me to do so:

From the text in the link:

 "In psychology they call thinking that you see the world as it truly is, free from bias or the limitations of your senses, naive realism.  According to our guest in this episode, famed psychologist Lee Ross, naive realism also leads you to believe you arrived at your opinions, political or otherwise, after careful, rational analysis through unmediated thoughts and perceptions. In other words, you think you have been mainlining pure reality for years, and like Gandalf studying ancient texts, your intense study of the bare facts is what has naturally led to your conclusions.  As Ross points out in the interview, your personal reality isn’t the perception of what is “out there,” but an observation of what is going on inside your head.  

Ross says that since you believe you are in the really-real, true reality, you also believe that you have been extremely careful and devoted to sticking to the facts and thus are free from bias and impervious to persuasion. Anyone else who has read the things you have read or seen the things you have seen will naturally see things your way, given that they’ve pondered the matter as thoughtfully as you have. Therefore, you assume, anyone who disagrees with your political opinions probably just doesn’t have all the facts yet. If they had, they’d already be seeing the world like you do. This is why you continue to ineffectually copy and paste links from all our most trusted sources when arguing your points with those who seem misguided, crazy, uninformed, and just plain wrong. The problem is, this is exactly what the other side thinks will work on you.

When confronted with people who disagree with your estimations of reality, even after you’ve pushed a bunch of facts in their faces, you tend to assume there must be a rational explanation for why they think and feel the way they do. Usually, that explanation is that the other side is either lazy or stupid or corrupted by some nefarious information-scrambling entity like cable news, a blowhard pundit, a charming pastor, or a lack thereof. Since this is where we often end up, they say what usually happens is that our “repeated attempts at dialogue with those on the ‘other side’ of a contentious issue make us aware that they rarely yield to our attempts at enlightenment; nor do they yield to the efforts of articulate, fair-minded spokespersons who share our views.” In other words, it’s naive to think evidence presented from the sources you trust will sway your opponents because when they do the same, it never sways you.

Listen in this episode as psychologist Lee Ross explains how to identify, avoid, and combat this most pernicious of cognitive mistakes."

#NaiveRealism   #YANSS  
H/T:  +David McRaney 
In psychology they call thinking that you see the world as it truly is, free from bias or the limitations of your senses, naive realism. According to our guest in this episode, famed psychologist L...
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+John R. Ellis watching me? Bah, have you considered Netflix?
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John R. Ellis

General Blasphemy  - 
Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Do NOT pray for Paris!

Prayer is the ultimate in Slacktivism.  Do more than the complete nothingness that is praying to invisible imaginary sky monsters, in whose belief this sort of thing occurs.  Don't be more of the problem.

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End all religions, there is no amount of poison that is not a threat to life.
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Not to mention apophasis - my favorite paralipsis. And you can't Reason with Delusion.

Communities radically changed how G+ works.  I post almost exclusively to Public and Private Communities.  That's why I (usually) leave my Community posts visible on my Post's page.  If you know me in real life - please notify me when you circle me!

Which Circle?  If I were putting me into my Circles, I'd choose my Favorites circle, my Skeptics (Consumer Protection Advocates who use Science and Reason to debunk harmful frauds and scams) Circle, and/or my Atheists (people who have not found any credible evidence of any gods, angels, devils, ghosts, or souls) Circle.  I doubt there will be a major theme to my occasional original posts or re-shares - just what strikes me as interesting at the time - but that is more likely to be related to Neuroscience or Technology.  Here is a list of the Podcasts I subscribe to, which indicates what I'm most interested in:

As a general rule, I don't believe in banning, blocking, censorship, or flagging. "John Stuart Mill argued that silencing an opinion is "a peculiar evil." If the opinion is right, we are robbed of the "opportunity of exchanging error for truth"; and if it's wrong, we are deprived of a deeper understanding of the truth in its "collision with error." If we know only our own side of the argument, we hardly know even that: it becomes stale, soon learned by rote, untested, a pallid and lifeless truth." - Carl Sagan  It is most unlikely that you will offend me with posts or comments, unless you post moronic idiocy, of course, or try to convince me that Your God really exists, and Your Religion actually knows her, or you post only Spam or Spam my posts.  If you circle me and want to be Notified of my rather infrequent posts, put me in a Circle where you have Notifications set to On. 

Getting started in G+.  Add this entire circle linked below to gets lots of interesting posts and interactions in your Home Stream:

And here is a circle of Pages that Share circles - you can visit them to see what sorts of circles they post that might interest you and add them, or have them add you to the circles some of them maintain on certain topics.

Next - go to Communities and enter in some topics that interest you into the Search bar to find Communities built around those topics.  Join a few of them that show active Owners and Mods, a good number of Members, and lots of recent posts.  Read the rules, and then start commenting on those posts or posting your own contributions to the topic.  Before long, you'll want to throttle down the firehose of information coming your way!

This Community will tell you most all you need to know about how G+ works:

What is G+?  (Explanation for the newly invited). The usual uninformed answer is that it is Google's version of Facebook or Myspace.  But it's not like that at all - it is more comparable to Twitter microblogging, but instead of mostly vapid < 140 character tweets, you get a Stream of thoughtful content, links, videos, and articles from people you choose to follow because they share things that interest you.  Which makes it addictive and time-consuming, because if you follow enough People and Pages and Communities, you get a nearly continuous Stream of things you want to know about.  Plus some occasional other stuff you might not even know you are interested in until you've been exposed to it.  And by using Circles and hashtag searches appropriately, you can check out other people or things Topic by Topic.  In summary, Facebook is about people, Twitter is about trends, and G+ is about Content and Information.  While most people use G+ to microblog, it is well suited to full blogging too - you just won't get paid for your work here, but also are not paying for the blog hosting.  Your blog here is more likely to get a lot more eyeballs and comments.  Or you can use G+ to microblog a link to your professional blog, but most people will be too lazy to do that extra click.

G+ is designed to be Addictive!  Almost like playing a Slot Machine - maybe the NEXT Post in your Stream will make you laugh, make you cry, make you think, ask a question you know the answer to, or reveal the Secret of Life.  All while your red Notifications box keeps dinging that someone has thought of you.  Be sure to blink every hour, and get up from your chair at least daily.

How Do Circles and Sharing Work on G+?  Explained here:

Sharing is not Sending! I went ahead and made a post of how G+ Sharing and Circling works, based on what I slowly learned on my own through trial and error:

How Sharing/Posting and Circles work on G+

Well if Circles are used to block people from seeing posts, then what does blocking do?

What the Hell is Atheism Minus?

As founder and Spiritual Leader of Atheism Minus - this should answer the FAQs I get:

Copyrights:  Feel free to use any post or statement or idea of mine in an open source, creative commons way.  Credit me if you like - or not.  BTW: that long "rights" thing you see on a lot of About Pages here and on Facebook is legally meaningless.

Disclaimers:  My posts or G+ comments are not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Or Legal advice.  Or Stock Market advice.  Or Dietary advice.  Or Political advice.

If you have a concern about any posting or comment being factually incorrect, please contact me. Please provide details of who you are, how I can contact you, what your interest is, and what your concern is. If something has been written that is factually incorrect (and was not sarcasm), it will be addressed. Anonymous complaints will be ignored.

GloMar Response:  We can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of the information requested or records or data on the subject matter responsive to your request - but hypothetically, if such records or data did exist, such subject matter would be classified and could not be disclosed or released to you... 
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Survived Erythroblastosis fetalis. Also backpacked across the Arctic, then ran the Mount Marathon race in Seward, AK. Survived that too. A little worse for wear from all of those. More recently, I was blocked on G+ by SGU's RW, for being an intelligent man with an opinion differing from her clique, which she won't tolerate. Well excuuuuse me... Also, I am Founder and Spiritual Head of the largest Atheist Movement of all time - Atheism Minus (A-). It is comprised of all New Atheists, Old Atheists, and Agnostics who are not members of A+. NTTIAWWT, of course. Supreme Skunk Dick Mims H. Carter has publicly called me a Skunk Dick Squared. I score very high on online Asperger tests, which the NTs might not think is something to brag about, but we know better, as usual. I am Owner of the Advocates - For All the Things! private Community, and of the Irreverent Skeptics ( #IrrSkep ) public Community for fans and Hosts of Skeptical and/or Atheist Podcasts, and Own or Mod many more Communities. Find them in Community Search or links below.
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