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They missed a big one: Cycling time is social time. You can interact with your neighbors, other cyclists, meet people. You can ride along and chat and shout "this is my turn" and sail off. 

I have never, ever, met anybody new while sitting in a car at a stop sign unless they were rear ending me. On a bike, you can meet people without all the nasty whiplash.
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+Sakari Maaranen They're fairly rare although more are getting built all the time. Since americans have passed "peak car" demand for functional cycleways is getting political attention. 
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John Poteet

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It's wise to remember that this is a service provided by a corporation to fulfill the needs of the corporation. The corporation, Google, may subdivide it's rights to allow me control over threads that I start but that can change at any time. 

If you want free speech: buy your own server and hook it up. 

h/t +Rachel Blum 

Alt text: I can't remember where I heard this, but someone once said that defending a position by citing free speech is sort of the ultimate concession; you're saying that the most compelling thing you can say for your position is that it's not literally illegal to express.
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John Poteet

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Ok, I'm on a bike porn kick today and I dug this treasure up. It's about the development of a product I own and believe in. Literally the best money I've ever spent in my life.

It transformed me from somebody who wanted to bicycle but just couldn't get over the hassles of not being able to: bring gear along, adjust to a comfortable riding position, make multiple stops, pick up groceries, i.e. do what I wanted transportation to do. 

Now I ride around town with, literally, a sack of wrenches in my sling bags and I don't care about the weight. It's worth it to be able to help the occasional person with a field repair. It's more than a bicycle. It's a different way of living. Bike time is social time. I meet people on rides, we chat for a bit headed through the park, somebody will sail off yelling "this is my turn" and it's great. 

When's the last time you met somebody at a stop sign in a car? Never, right? 

Check it out. Worth it to see how product development really works too. There was a lot of time where Ross, the designer, didn't really have a workable product. When I purchased my Xtracycle in 2007 he was still working from the foothills shop seen at the end of this video. They actually sent me the wrong frame the first time out, a 700c kit  frame instead of a 26" I needed. 

Looking back I think I should have just paid for that kit and ordered another. I had the money at the time. 
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+Liz Canning Check out my pictures of the Chico Bike Music Festival. It's an annual cargo bike focused music festival.

June 7th, 2014.
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John Poteet

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This is obviously a doable thing. My local community college feeds more energy into the grid from solar panels than it uses. 

There are a lot of roofs in the U.S. that we could cover with solar panels. After they're paid off the electricity they use is money in the bank. Doubly so if you have an electric car and enough solar power to charge it also. 
Honda Smart Home gives more than it takes

With homes and light-vehicles accounting for roughly 44 percent of total greenhouse gases emitted in the US, neutralizing these emissions would certainly go a long way towards a clean energy future. What if these sources of pollution could not only be nullified, but play an active role in reducing our environmental footprint? Such is the thinking behind the Honda Smart Home US unveiled last week, which generates enough solar energy to power both car and home, with a little left over to feed back into the grid.
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Z Means
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I'm not good with forgiveness. It's a major flaw. Sometimes I'm not good with apologies either. Did that hurt? Yeah, here's some salt.
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Closing comments. I'm not interested in hosting a debate on theology. 
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John Poteet

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Bottom line: The Sky is Actually Falling. 

That's how all the bits that made up all of us humans landed on top of the rocky bits underneath us. Stuff fell out of the sky. We're it. It happens every day. We're the skim layer on one of the universes garbage heaps planetary bodies. 
This Earth Day, Tuesday, April 22, three former NASA astronauts will present new evidence that our planet has experienced many more large-scale asteroid impacts over the past decade than previously thought… three to ten times more, in fact. A new visualization of data from a nuclear weapons warning network, to be unveiled by B612 Foundation CEO…
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+Jywe Tr I wasn't actually referring to the genetic material but the elements we are made of. 
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John Poteet

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We're not stubborn!
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...on the way to the hospital. Because they won't ask for directions.
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Minions from Seattle heads up. There are 2014 Disaster Relief Trials coming up in July. As you know you have a nearby volcano as well as some massive earthquake faults just offshore. In the event of a major emergency......... you're on your own. 

Check it out.

See also +The White House thread on disaster prep. with a hangout coming up on Monday the 7th.
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E bikes are hugely adaptable and battery technology is advanced enough for likely even transfer to personal ultralight aircraft. This would be quite valuable for medical help and for rescue operations. Wildcat weather is going to rise and unless we stop it the Earth surface will become unambiguously uninhabitable. Biking is good.
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Here's a nice "hook echo," tornado spawning thunderstorm headed my way. I live at approximately the intersection of 99 and 32. There's approximately 100,000 people under that storm and maybe, 1,000 have access to a basement or suitable tornado shelter. 

Interesting times. 

Screen capture courtesy of +Weather Underground
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I didn't verify, rumor is one touch down in Minnesota. Big temperature drop though, back to 20-30's, sure is easy to get used to 57 degree temps.
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John Poteet

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Some idiot is going to tell you that there hasn't been any global warming in the past 17 years. If he believes that ask him if getting into a 140 ºF bath is the same as a 140 ºF sauna. The heat is there, it's melting ice and warming the oceans. 

The earthy is still accumulating heat at the rate of about 4 Hiroshima bombs per second or 343,008 per day or 2.5 x 1014 Joules per second.
Current Locations of the Net Energy Gain by the Earth over the Past 40 Years
Between 1971 and 2010, the Earth net-gained 274 ZJ (zettajoule; 1021 joules) of energy. How big is 274 ZJ? According to BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2013, the global total primary energy consumption in 2012 was about...
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+M.L. McCarren I delete comments from climate change deniers. You're an idiot in denial of measurable reality. Don't comment on my posts. 
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If you just added me to your circles and are wondering why I'm not circling you back right away.... It's because I can't have 4,000 people in my stream. If you're brilliant in comments and don't post I'll still circle you. If I've circled you and you're not much interested in my posts no biggie; leave me out of your stream.

I am a pessimist. If your world-view is unicorns-shitting-rainbows block me now. 

Anybody left? Good, we can get to work because optimists don't seem able to make a roof that doesn't leak or a foundation that sits above the water table instead of under it. Optimists build cruise ships that flop over and sink when holed. Optimists design economic structures that collapse like a house of cards in a slight breeze. 

We have to build a better world than the optimists will let us build. A world that expects that rain falls at inconvenient times and deals with it. A world that deals with climate change and ecological overshoot. A world that deals with people as we find them instead of as we wish them to be. 

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