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John Peltier
Freelance photographer & writer - sailing, backpacking, and general travel. Based in Tahoe. Pilot, USAF vet, & SAR volunteer. Based in
Freelance photographer & writer - sailing, backpacking, and general travel. Based in Tahoe. Pilot, USAF vet, & SAR volunteer. Based in

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A medieval monastery was the LAST thing I'd expect to find on a remote island in the Bahamas. What a work of art!

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As far as lightweight backpacking stoves go, this one is great but capabilities very limited - know before you go!

#backpacking #outdoors

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Apparently there's more than one proper way to rechristen a sailboat without making the gods angry (and then those who say you can't rechristen a boat at all).
Well here's how I did it five years ago:

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An unsolicited review of my favorite backpacking pack...the ultralight Gossamer Gear Mariposa. Survived the John Muir Trail and so much more! Looking forward to many more miles with it...

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Yesterday offered the first blue sky in what feels like months here in Lake Tahoe, and looks like it'll be the last for at least another 10 days. 

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Lesson learned from the last time I launched the boat:
Do as much work as you can before storage so that when it comes to relaunching, you can get back in the water immediately upon your return to the boatyard.
Of course, the boat had been sitting there for 2.5 years while I dealt with a family emergency. But when it comes time to launch this fall I should only have to spend a few days in the yard max, compared to the hellish five weeks last time!

#sailing #cruising #Caribbean

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I kind of started off the opposite of these authors - I had to install every single system I could on my little 27' cutter. Some of these systems I hardly used and some were just too much to maintain. So I've since simplified, and while I have added some other systems, for each one I add it seems I'm uninstalling two more. Great advice. (And I'm not giving up my watermaker!)

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If you missed it last month:
I recently decided to break up with my Facebook fan page. The decision was purely financial - I shouldn't have to pay for interactions, right? I don't have to do that anywhere else.
So far it seems to be paying off and it looks like I made the right decision!
You can read more about it here:

#smm #socialmedia

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Great ideas from a NatGeo photographer!

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You could say my first time back sailing bluewater after a 2-year hiatus was rough. Maybe that's an understatement. But I was able to get back into it fairly quickly. Those first couple days though - wow!
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