Working on a spell creation system that is way out of the comfort zone. I am comfortable with the crunchy stuff that determines spell level, basic effect, range, and duration. Not as crunchy and particular as ACKS, but it's math.

I like math.

The other part is quite hand-wavy. Random tags to modify the effect. It's more that Savage World trappings in that it can modify the spell in non-trivial ways.

I like it in that my examples the spells are weird. Things like shocking electric tendrils that erupt from the ground, Changing birds into cheese, placing a temporary portable hole on a chosen target and the ever-popular Wall of Frogs.

I'm up to 125 tags. Oddly enough, I need more.

The uneasy part? Is this really going to work? The way the system goes, I pretty much need to re-create the standard S&W spells from scratch. Along with that, though, if the Magic-Users don't have the same tags, they will not use a number of the spells and have to create their own.

Anywho, that's what is up with me. Hope to have something beyond a handful of examples in a week or so.
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