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John Payne
A Southern man living in the Midwest.
A Southern man living in the Midwest.


The rotating project that generated the martial arts brainstorm was a modularized version of +Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game.

Why them? Frankly because it is run like an open source project. The only thing missing is a github account. :)

Since there is a source ODT file for homebrewing, it's possible to incorporate your house rules fairly easily. For people like me, however, it is not so easy to swap out entire subsystems.

So I am breaking up the ODT file into smaller documents. Using a Master Document in LibreOffice or Word, I can replace the smaller pieces and rebuild.

emerge -pU @World

Ultimately, the goal is to develop a workflow to produce games/houserules systematically:

I work up a playing card based magic item system, I fix the pieces describing magic item and rebuild the document.
I work up a martial arts system, add this new subsection, tweak the unarmed combat section, add a monk class, tweak multi-class rules, and then rebuild.

The entire workflow is similar to what I use now. The difference being the use of a master document to rebuild an entire game.

(I still use Typora to generate everything in markdown and pandoc to convert markdown to ODT/DOCX files. I still plan to use Scribus for layout.)
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RL has kicked my butt for the past two weeks.

Today, just jotting down something inspired by a very old D&D-ish idea of treating Thieves' Abilities as that use slots, just like casting spells.

Working on one my rotating projects, I realized that this idea could be modified to make a more workable 1e Martial Arts system.

What I like is the ability to mix and match abilities to build a distinct, flavorful martial art. What I don't like is a bit too long to list here.

So, what if a martial artist chooses a style that determines her base damage and abilities open to her as she masters the style. The usage of these abilities are managed by slots, just like spells.

One thing this allows is the player to describe how they are fighting, avoiding being hit, some-cool-Jackie-Chan-frantic-holy-cow maneuver without checking to see if they can even attempt it. Anything you describe that doesn't use a special ability will be limited to base damage or standard chances of success.

The techniques within a style grant unique abilities like steelcloth (make a piece of cloth into a weapon), fantastic kicks/punches (like kicking two targets in the same round), ki blasts, etc.

Working my way back to normal.
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Teh awesomez. It burns.
Had to get this guy knocked out before bed. Mind too fuzzy and weird to focus on "real work".

So this is the wizard as I see it. I tried to capture all the basics on one page - potions and scrolls and magical research and learning spells all covered, I think. Plus you have an easy-peasy way to determine starting spells. The biggest deviation of this wizard from tradition is the jettison of spell slots. I like the idea of a more organic mage, formed by the kinds of magic they encounter, invent, or seek out. Instead of the XP table dictating your spell limits, you are limited by the actual campaign play and, perhaps more brutally, time! The time it takes to memorize a spell may require you to make very crucial choices in a dungeon setting.

Also, no more stacking. You can't memorize three Magic Missiles unless you happen to know three different versions of a similar spell. Each spell occupies your brain in a single iteration like a fiend waiting to be unleashed.

Probably got typos on here.
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+James Shields is good people. I say that every time because it's true.

Support or share, he really makes great stuff.
My RPG Stock Art project is SO close to releasing Free/PWYW art in addition to its regular stock art releases.

Would you consider supporting or boosting the signal?
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Mom and daughter snow leopard. Picture from Deaf Awareness Day at the zoo.
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B/X treasure tables converted to a silver standard. The article is a good read. More work to be added to this by the author.
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+Moe Tousignant has started up a new community as a place to share Discord invites. I look forward to seeing what servers are out there!
Today I saw a lot of people posting about their online gaming communities on Discord.

Many people seem to be using it as a supplement to G+ and facebook and other social media. Other's as a complete alternative. Some suggest it's a good backup just in case things go pear shaped here.

Whatever the reason, I found a ton of different gaming servers out there. Ones for board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames and more. I thought it would be worth while to have somewhere to group all this information. A one stop tabletop discord shop if you will.

So I made this community. If you run a discord server or have one you are a member of you recommend gamers check out, let us know in this new community.
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In the Spanish, it is ham-flavored, presumably

However, local knowledge saves the day. Many products have Spanish and Porteguese words on the label.

jamon comes from the Old English ham or hom through German roots.
presunto comes from Vulgar Latin persunctu but ultimately from Latin suctus (a thing that has been sucked.)

Why do I say Vulgar Latin? Let's just say that presunto in Italian is the same thing as presunto in Spanish. (presumably).

In case you're wondering, the French word for ham is jambon
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It does present a couple of issues...
The Trouble with a Mount that can Stand Up
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I am testing something. Feel free to disregard.
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