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John Payne
A Southern man living in the Midwest.
A Southern man living in the Midwest.

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I have the final Blue spells ready. Just re-writing the descriptions to make them a lot less wordy.

Decided against the Wish spell in favor of Time Stop.
Was very tempted to rename Levitate to Levio-SAH

One spell may seem like a strange thing, but is important to the setting: Fashion Bullets

It's a 1st level spell that allows the caster to change a rock or hunk of metal into a handful of sling bullets.

The setting makes a big deal about slings and all character classes can use them. The history of the setting features the most ancient order of preists who were given the godstone from their deity to deal with creatures that ate metal and gold. Since the advent of these monsters was hundreds (if not thousands) of years in the past, the sling was everyone's primary missile weapon.

That ancient menace has allowed slings, slingstaves, and other similar weapons to still enjoy widespread use.

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I promise I am not going to start generating Traveller characters, but I thought that you might like to make your own.

Whittling down the list of 2nd level Blue spells. Looking for a couple more 4th level spells. Goal is a total of 22 spells.

This list is going slower than the Black list. 

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Just an aside.

The only reason I don't post more Ars Magic stuff is because of the Ironbound Tome.

Seriously. Hundreds of cool Ars Magica spells. Lots of other stuff, too.

Had to write this down so that I can come back to it later:

Modifying Zak's 3d20 resolution mechanic for FASERIP games for The Black Hack:

Attributes range from 3 to 20. Roll 3d20 and count the number of dice that are less than (but not equal to) the attribute. 0 is a failure, 1 is a success, but barely. 2 is a solid success. 3 is a critical success.

For ease of reference, we can keep the colors, White (0), Green (1), Yellow (2), Red (3).

Adjectives are not needed, but 3 to 20 will map to the ladder from the FASERIP advanced rules from Shift-0 to Beyonder. Using 4c rules for simplification, maximum human ability is an 8. This conveniently works out that the range of human ability is 1d6+2 (3 to 8).

Anything that is not cosmic is limited to 13 (FASERIP's Unerathly). This conveniently works out to 2d6+1 (3 to 13). Almost every character in FASERIP had nothing greater than Unearthly. The Hulk and Professor Xavier were notable exceptions.

Anything cosmic like deities, primordial forces, the tarrasque(?) ranges to all the way up. However, in all my FASERIP research, I only saw Class-5000 (a 19 on my proposed scale) once. It pertained to the Hulk making a critical success to increase his Endurance up to that level. Fitting into my old school roots, I'm happy to limit that at 18, reserving anything 19 and 20 for very unique artifact-like things. This scale works out very nicely to 3d6 (3 to 18).

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I had a Barnes & Noble gift card from six months ago, so after reading +Wil Wheaton's post yesterday, I picked it up.

Very well worth it. I feel so much better about the creative side of my life.

One of the things I learned from my FASERIP expedition into magic was that spells didn't really change based of the Rank, your chances of success were based on Rank.

For example, Alteration -- Appearance would let you change your face and appearance to anyone else. Anything beyond changing to someone with a similar build and face required a roll.

So if I had this spell at Feeble rank, the weakest rank, I could change at will to anyone with a similar build and face. I would be very unlikely to do more than that, because of the required roll.

For Red Concordant, I though about a different form of magic as a player option. All spells have a free relatively weak effect, but anything beyond that would require an level test (roll d12 under, but not equal to your character level). Spell descriptions would be per my Alteration -- Appearnce example.

I like it because it introduced a new kind of simple to magic. In other words, spell description are still terse, but greater effects work, or they don't. More powerful spellcasters will have better chances of success. At level 13, success becomes automatic.

This would also simplify spell slots. Essentially, a spell caster can cast X spells per day. No table, no varying spell levels, just a number that can be tracked by tick marks.

I'm beginning to feel like I will need to make a book of magic after I finish the RC project. :)

Two of the spells that should make it into the Blue list are:

With Many Eyes, Sight is Gained
Give Pause to the Neverliving

With Many Eyes grants all-around sight due to sprouting multiple eyes all over the body.

Give Pause with Hold a golem, stop a clockwork machine, or hold any other type of construct. (This won't work on undead.)

The spell names may change. We had a power outage last night, so no CPAP and no sleep.

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Lots of woodcuts. I like the Uhrmacher (clockmaker).

Thanks +Gerald Williams
Here is a page with images in the Public Domain (free shit). It has over 100 scans of woodcut images depicting various trades in the 1500s.. things like clock makers, barbers, bakers, etc. Great resource for those with a $0 budget in need of artwork for their blogs or other work.

Edited to add that I regret nothing.

Spent way too much time reading FASERIP (TSR's old Marvel rules). Especially tempting were the magic rules in a late expansion named Realms of Magic.

Managed to avoid delving into ZeFRS.

For now.

Spelljammer in FASERIP or ZeFRS?

Not yet. Must finish Red Concordant first.
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