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Excellent, now I know where the crazy level is.
You forgot hacker - its between wise and crazy i think
The tricky part is lasting through the "crazy" period long enough to break out the other side.
surely hacker (in the old sense of the word) = linux admin? :)
I think it's missing a "ZZ Top" stage between crazy wise and wizard.
I always find it mildly amusing that the only member of ZZ Top not to have a beard, is the drummer, Frank Beard.
Am uncool i has none, but am really cool ...
You need to make room for one more illustration. I was regaled with a story of a unix wizard whose beard was wizard-long AND dreaded. The dreads are worth extra points.
I also think there is a step between cool and wise called homeless
Hmm, I've got a long way to go 'til I hit "wizard" status, lol.
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