John Pozadzides hung out with 24 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Greg Mitchell, Tom Samacicio, Mike Hall, Jon Avalon, Matthew Lambrecht, Cory Teague, Derek McGivern, Pacun Gohan, Yonatan Tidhar, Patrick Fun, Craig Berlin, Feld Buzztown, John Fitzpatrick, Kevin Crawford, Kelsey Wimmer, Shai Yammanee, Daniel Gonzalez, Marco Vargas, Steve Winslow, Hundter Biede, RC Concepcion, Alfredo J. Caraballo, Russell Smiley, and Ping L
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John Pozadzides (John P.) and 24 others participated
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I think that this is locked....
Phil K
I have no sound... but I have sound on the other feed during interviews.
+John Pozadzides, this is Hbiede and the guy that said you guys rock before your lunch break. I wanted to tell you that my name is pronounce H,BD. and tell +Cali Lewis if she didn't read this. 
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