Ok, someone needs to explain to me why ALL stairs don't have shelves built in!!!
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I can't help thinking someone's going to die on those things.
Why not shelves? One word: carpeting. Although that's not really a barrier, just a complication.
this trend has been coming on for a about 5 years or so. I first started seeing this in bunk bed rigs. it's so logical that it boggles the mind.

Lets put a stair case in your new place and we can put some drawers in it :)
Depends on whether there is another staircase running directly beneath this. If there is the drawers would interfere with the necessary headspace in the staircase below, meaning you wouldn't be able to stack them that way.
That's easy. How often are drawers left open? Disaster waiting to happen.
If you put all those shelves there, where's Harry going to sleep?
In my house, you would be walking up the drawers instead of the stair treads. :)
Another pitfall: If the stairs get even slightly out of alignment from people walking all over them repeatedly over time, the drawers could easily become impossible to open and/or close. Whereas stairs without built-in drawers can settle slightly with no one noticing.

Also, if you'll notice, these stairs are very steep and tall compared to normal stairs, which could only have relatively shallow drawers built in to them. Non-standard tread height stairs like this might be good for limited use staircases, but most people are going to want their main use staircases to have a more standard tread height.
I could see the value of having the treads lift to open a cubby underneath, but these are an accident waiting to happen.

The treads used for cubby lids would have to be made to fall close.
you can build the drawers with auto close rollers I'm sure.
this design would cost substantially more and be less stable than if you just built regular stairs with storage on the wall beneath it.
both are great ideas, I would think the under steps ones would need a safety latch on the side so no accidental opening as you fly down the steps late, once again, for work....
lol reduced from closet under the stairs to drawer under the stairs!?
This is a great idea for everyone, but the cat...
Oooh I could so use me some of that....
oh...right...indeed Chris, mine would definitely figure out how to get in and undoubtedly not how to get out!
Because if somebody leaves a drawer open, and somebody steps on it in the dark, there would be hell to pay?
Because it will break every bone in your body ! ;-)
Would this type of staircase hold the weight of moving furniture up and down it? What if one of ur kids left a drawer open? Otherwise, a great idea.
because the little ones will leave them open and you will end up stepping in everything!
They should be on the side of the staircase, IMO
We thought about doing that to our staircase, but then decided that having a wine cellar in the space under the staircase was a better use of the space (it's amazing how many bottles you can fit in there :) )
I'd be surprised if building codes allowed for this.
Considering the weight it has to bear every time a person walks on... this idea would seem ridiculous to anyone...but you...
i would think that two drawers per step would be better suited for weight loads
Nice insult. It would be quite easy to add the needed strength and I am sure the originator has handled that.
Someone leaves a drawer open, say, in the middle of the night and.................someone else is going DOWN.
Because Harry Potter would then have been left roomless.
great idea but what happens if it is left open? a fall?
Great concept but not practical for several reasons...
Put on wheels and have a walk-in behihd it.
Some see functional/storage advantages, while the rest of us sees the future Emergency Room visits. Got kids?
Because of the effort of carrying whatever you put in or want to get out of the stair of drawers up or down ?!
Good idea. Though I would use self closing runners for safety.
Because buyers would be unwilling to pay for them. Look closely at the front edge of the stair tread. That's the part you put your foot down on. Normally the riser supports this piece. With a drawer in the position of the normal riser it would require something other than a normal stair tread. This cost along with the cost of the drawers themselves would add at least $200.00 to $250.00 per each of those drawers. Building codes also might not allow this arrangement for reasons listed above.
love this idea, great use of space!!
My stairs have a closet underneath them. Not sure this would work, but very good idea.
Because of course there will be no room for #HarryPotter, then!
I suppose if
you don't use stairs,
Like to waste money,
Are an aesthetic IKEA shopping Hipster,
This is a good idea.
yeah i agree wid u its quite risky too if left open by mistake
I'd probably always fall up them if I had them. :p
That is an awesome idea. I can't believe I've never serb it before.
Very good idea of wasted space. Would be very good in a small living area.
It is because furniture companies care about you and they don't want you to become a hoarder.
Good idea ... up to the time that someone leaves a drawer open
I'm always closing drawers at my house, now I get to trip over them, too!

I don't think so!
Great idea, but hazardous and the liability for creating such a thing... What were you thinking! Although I miss my dart guns.
The stupidest adaptation by far. Such use of a staircase only makes sense if somehow a super elastic toboggan, firm enough, is built into the first drawer atop and could be stretched to the bottom :))
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that is cool but what if you for get to close one and trip over it
arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh kids left the stair drawer open. little sh*t.
Dawn I was thinking the same thing
Steps wouldnt be strong enough
you would start being at risk opening ones higher up. where would you stand and safely work a draw if you were stood on a step
Pretty clever invention. Alot of thought needs to be in that. Plus its really dangerous if ones open or not.
Definitely not for people with kids.
Duh, D'oh!!! BRILLIANT!!!! There's NEVER enough space for my junk!!!
Oh my!! Wow, my inner pack rat is so excited!!! More places to store stuff I probably don't need! :)
I can't help seeing a pretty extreme safety hazard here. At the very least, I'd want to see extremely strong detents at the closed position. Better and safer: drawers spring-loaded into the closed position.
its a piece of wood that moves I'm so touched :)
Well, sometimes the space is under the stairs.
well sometimes people build crap they don't need
this is what I'd like to know!
Structural support reasons. Normal stairs have a support brace of some sort in the middle, because of the drawer, you cannot put in that brace. Instead, you have to use a denser, stronger (much more expensive) wood, or get really creative with the way the wood piece interlock (even more expensive in terms of craftsmanship).
That is a neat idea, but for me, I would have more drawers to store stuff that I would think I need later. Then I would forget I have drawers in steps. LOL
+Michael Browne
So keep the middle support brace and have 2 smaller drawers under each step. Do I have to come up with all the good ideas?
Stairs= wasted space/ awkward closet underneath.

This idea is second only to the Munster's staircase. 
If you angled the slides, then the drawers would be self-closing. That would eliminate the problem of someone leaving a drawer open, and someone else tripping while coming down the stairs.
If you have a heavy-set friend who happens to come over and enjoy a few beers or food or what have you, they go upstairs because the one downstairs is occupied. They're definitely not going to wait because it's an emergency. So they start to run up the stairs, the stairs cave in, and your stuff is Efffed. I guess your friend is efffed as well.
That will work great until moisture builds up or the stairs start to settle. Then the drawers wont slide out so easily and they will become a hazzard. I do love the idea though...
i would have only a section of my stairs shelved, because if someone is using a step then u have 2 wait tell he's done. u can't go up or down while he's using it.
An idea that's as simple as it is brilliant. But what to call it? Shairs? A StoreCase? Any ideas?
That design will creek and grone like a 100 year old house. Plus the tread will warp.
Many ppl who have root cellars use drawers under stairs to store more foods in (if they are short on space) after wrapping the veggies in newspapers.
Old people and babies would fall down the stairs more frequently. Seems like a bad idea really.
Z Tan
If we had stairs like that growing up, my brother would probably have cracked his head open. All it takes it ONE person in your household who is careless about leaving shelves open.
1because it costs money two because not every body needs more space and three because it isn't as stable
Are they spring loaded so they don't get left open accidentally? I often do not look down when walking down the stairs.
What a fabulous idea, blueprints please.
You won't be able to get home owners insurance for one!
ayo tee
wow that person must a lot of stuff..O.o
yeah, a great idea for a hoarder :)
only problem--they have to be covered so dust doesn't get in ...
I think if you live with someone who would do that on any kind of regular basis needs to be kicked out.
It would weaken the stairs. Those stairs would have to be made really well in order to hold the weight of whatever in them and whoever may be on the stairs at the time.
Tripping hazard just like items left on the steps. Good idea just make sure that they are self closing.
those stairs would be annoying they could break easy and junk would pile up in that $#!T
Good Idea, but where will Harry Potter live?
What happens when one is left open and you go walking down it in the dark?
I had a dear friend that had stairs with shelves built in as well but his lifted up from the top on each step. He built them that way because he said that the weight of people walking on drawer like steps would cause the drawers to finally not open or close proper. But wow what a lot of work he put into hinging each step.
Because think about it, it would be a nightmare trying to balance whilst pulling the shelf out. I supposed you'd get used to it.
I can see all women faces now wide-eye & drooling, saying;
"C-L-O-S-E-T S-P-A-C-E"
it's very creative but at the same time noisy and the strength may not be enough always!
This is an outstanding idea! It seems so obvious.
If no one knows that their shelves. You could have so many secrets! The secret Staircase! Coming this Summer!
This is directed to Kendra, two posts up, In kindergarden we learned that there are three ways of using to. Two is not the right application for what you are trying to say.
gee witch stair i mean draw i put my socks in. bad idea .
Because stairs are hard enough to navigate without the possibility of something rolling out and tripping you.
because that's just plain AWESOME!
Great, but seems very very dangerous
More Storage = More Crap... That's Why
I think it is a great idea, but what I have experienced through my life is that there are so many people that don't close draws after the have opened them to get something out of them.
I know, because Every time you want to walk up them someone's looking for something. I'm sure
Daz -H-
Spring loaded so they shut fully would solve the issue.
Good place for the canning jars. Just need to label the drawers by date.
That was my secret hiding place for treasures... if the idea gets too popular, everyone will know.
Imagine if one of those shelves popped open one dark night on your way down to raid the fridge!!!
it's amazing idea, peolpe should all use it...
That really would utilize that space well, wouldn't it? Creating a lot of room for many different things. Great question John.
Can you imagine trying to find something and forgetting which step you put it in? That being said, I would totally love to have stairs like that.
I see my next project. Now I just need a two story house.
That just blew my mind!!! What a mind blowing idea!
maybe if someone left a drawer open, another person going up the stairs would break their toes?
Otherwise a great idea!
It looks like a safety hazard. I think it's better to place the drawers on the side.
You've heard of the device bed of nails... How about steps of nails?
This belongs in a boat or a tree-house.
i wouldn't put my underwear in there, and come look for it after showering ...
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