Good God!  You HAVE to watch this video!

Seriously... wait till she breaks out the cleaver!  I couldn't even bear to watch!!
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The banjo music at the start pretty much set the tone for this atrocity. HEY VIRGIL!!  lol
I am waiting for the dueling banjos to jump in. This is one of the most funniest videos. Thanks +John Pozadzides for making my day.
I can't wait for her video on pork chops ... "squeal like a pig"
Oh God!  This is too close to my roots.  Just what I have been running from for 47 years!
You can almost hear Ned Beatty clench.
OMG! What variety of English language is she speaking? 
One of the networks needs to pick this up NOW!
That has to be the first time I've watched a cooking show with zero interest in trying the food.
All right, G+'ers - is this a good idea for a cooking show - or the BEST idea for a cooking show?
I would Love to Try some of Her Food and if you don't know what kind of talking that was it was down home Southern Country Talkin that you had to be from the country to know what she was said and i knew every thing lol
Her name is Diana Salameh.  She's good, but I still like Vicki Lawrence's "Mama" better.
check out 'ordinary Swedish meal time'
I couldn't tell if it was a joke, or real (until the end credits)... I may actually try this at the firehouse soon...
I was also reminded of Justin Wilson's show Cajun Cooking.
I was wondering, how do you eat fried corn on the cob without any teeth???
Good ole Southern Lady, Like My Mom knew how to use those knives and cleavers!!! Thumbs Up to Granny Mae!!!
+Travis Putman  She puts her teeth back in to eat. The director makes her  takes them out  while shooting the film.
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