I don't even know what to say...
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5 hours and 15 minutes later..........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
This needs a 3:30 pm timestamp.
The photo was already funny! But you guys....priceless!!! love it!
I can think of a few other words to replace ENEGERY in this pic!!
Any good drug dealer avoids using their own stuff.
I dunno, I like an "inner peace" energy drink, it's real yin-yang
know when you need another shot of 5 Hour Energy! Wash, Rinse, Repeat!
They must have tried a competitor's product!
C Park
They are not sleeping. They are dead. Overdosed on 5 hour. 
what goes up MUST come down!!! LMBO
That is a wonderful capture. you need to email that to them.
wow now im gonna go get some i wanna sleep 2 lol
Wonder what the look on their faces would be if it was a 5 Hour Enema?
there was nothing else that i could say haha everything has been said about this photo...its just ironic haha
these things can stop your heart. they are like pure cafine
Yoli N.
HA! Hilarious!
That's good cause that stuff don't work
best example of irony I've seen in a while
It's what the other 19 hours are for.
Mary M
Not a good pic for marketing their product, is it?
Maybe they drank it 6 hours ago....
One thing to say, If u are going to go around Advertising 5 Hour energy in a van, DON'T BE PASSED OUT IN IT!! Duh, What kind of message are u sending to these people? xD I guess it really only works for the 5 hours, then u are out of luck....
5 hour energy is fake! Those workers must've had a sample of what they advertise, right?
Need to paste this into an email to their P.R. Department. The caption should simply read, "Dude, WTF ???"
they must be on the 6th hour.. or 5hr1min after taking the shot..
they must have met that 6th hour.lol
WOW they need some 5 hour energy themselves lol
maybe they should take '5-hour energy'
rudy s
it's like rain on your wedding day
wow..they look so energetic in there lol
Must have been the sixth hour. Bwaahahahahahahah!!!
They will get fired over this lol
Guess this picture was taken during hour 6
I always wondered what happened after 5 hours
Perhaps a power nap, before the 5-hour power surge, lol! :)~
Coming next: 5-Hour Energy and Your Interview (you're gonna need it, folks).
it should have been tagged 5-hours sleeping pills while you're on the move!..
wow it thought it was supposed to keep you awake
Maybe they just had a rough day and want to go to sleep but maybe this stuff is a bunch of doo doo
Looks like they're out of gas.....
No it works that just did not drink it lol. To much is not good. Pluss some time's the best thing to do is take a nap. Rather that then tempers flying
lol they did not have 5 hours of energy
Side effects: severe withdraws... drooling and narcolepsy
That's funny. Thanks for sharing.
5 hour energy... What energy? They're not awake!
i wonder what supplement this is? mayb its in the testing phase and these gyz were the ginipiggs to c if it woks on the move hahaha
LOL this was probably the 6th hour
Those people are sleeping in a 5-hour energy bus? Well...guess it tells you a bunch about the product. ;)
Ack. Hate to be their PR person about now.
Yes, eat and drink that fake stuff and see how far you go.
Living on the streets: Drug dealers shouldn't use their own stuff anyway.
Looks like somebody needs a 5 hour energy. :)
that was on hour 6...
Nora O.
omg love that
what happens to the car in 6 hours
its that mean..guaranted after 5hours...
5 Hours, we're awesome and full of energy.! 5 Hours and 1 minute later.... Z.... Z.... Z.... Z....
Aww, you just got someone fired....just so you could post on g+. USA #1
I heard folks are getting cancer with these drinks anyone heard that?
They have a whole van filled with that junk; the flumes alone should've kept them goin', but one must suppose it's all just crapola...
Looks like they're puts on sunglasses
All outta juice...
after 5 hour.. the energy lose..
Buahaahahaha. It's "Great" advertising after 5 hours after drinking it.
that is so funny and do you think that's a side effect
Herp, derp

(o )3 ( o)
U _ U
lol I don't like the taste but it keeps me awake sort of :-)
. .
_ ................... WTF >:(
who drinks 5- hour energy???????????????
FDA seriously need to start regulating these products as some of them contain extremely dangerous levels of caffeine.
They either ran out of it or they're just dumb not to look in the back?
yes it works like that on me heheh!
those dudes are beyond fired
That's the smoking gun right there.
+rowan schischka LD50 is 192 mg/Kg orally. for those sensitive to caffeine, as little as 2g can produce fatal results. personally, i once did 1.4g, and the effects were quite painful... some minor hallucinatory effects, pains all over my body, and oddly severe drowsiness. oh, and at the time, i was taking 2 no-doz (200mg pill) every 2 hours, and it was not uncommon for me to consume 1.2g-2.0g over the course of a day.
thats a whole lot of energy😃😄😄
Thats why we call it four hour crash
The five hour energy wore of.BAD ADVERTISING lol
Funny thay won't take there own stuff think about that
I guess employees can't try the products
And what happens in hour 6? Apparently one needs to sleep it off.
What an awful looking thing, is that supposed to be a car?
must have been hour # 6...
It's the crash that doesn't really happen at the 6th hour... shhhh
that is to good!! some one should incorporate that picture into one of 5 hour energies stupid comercials. lol
they should early take there 5 hour energy
guess they forgot to drink theirs
Sooo freakin' ironic. They're driving a car that has the 5-hour Energy logo, but them two look like they were in a high school beer party.
Wow that is some bad advertising. But maybe its like good drug dealers. You can't take from the supply. 
overdose followed by temporarily system shutdown..
Aha, nailed it! Great shot.
Jeff Xu
Lol the irony
That is funny but I bet it got these two fired.
Haha that's classic! Epic! I always wondered if I took 5 hour energy every five hours if I could pull a 3 day awake span. That didn't end to well. End result after 29 hours awake was I felt like CRAP. I SLEPT FOR A FULL 10 HOURS!
NICE....I love how they promote there product
This is what happens when you don't take it "everyday" for no reason... you actually get to sleep. lol
They need a Redline!
What a paradox of an advertisement. LoL!
The unstated assumption here that people who work for 5hour energy arent allowed to sleep (or that they would use (or always be using) 5 hour energy) is stupid.
Even if it were common knowledge (which it isn't) that 5hour energy is some miracle product or that it even works...
it says 5 hour energy but if you look in side there r 2 people sleeping
Hmm I'm now questioning the quality of their so called product
That's perfect, thank you! Lmao
T Edgar
The 6th hour?
Oooooooo busted!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
It makes sense ..... clearly its been more than 5 hours
No noise please....they are sleeping...
i agree Jason, i guess sleep catches up after the fifth hour...
Beyond 5hours its totally battery empty. haha
i have always wanted to be a driver for Red Bull
these guys are a sure insult to the marketing industry
Damn! Back to the drawing board...
maybe this is the sixth hour
Look's like they have that 2:30 Feeling…

They look like they could use some 5-hour energy.LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Looks like they need something a little bit stronger!
transmission of energy from man to machine!!
They have obviously been sitting there for 6 hours.
I'm going to stick to Red Bull now that they have Red Bull Zero
Guess they didn't want to get high on their own supply
Trusty, Employees .
We know they Don't Steel from the Company.
I ,Recommend them For the Employee of the Month. 
so how did 5 hour energy work out for them not good that is so fu#$ed up who sleeps on the job especially when u r in a 5 hour energy van holy shit
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