The ducklings have landed!

Well, today the mama duck that laid eggs in our back yard was moving around quite a bit, and we discovered she was doing it because the ducklings are hatching!

If you zoom was in on this pic you can just see a baby. I got some better shots with a 5D Mark III, but nothing fantastic yet.

I can't wait to catch them all swimming in the pool...!
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zomg that's so awesome!!!! Thanks for the update :D
Mark S.
At least you did everything you could to protect them. Looks like you are gonna end up with some new pets. I know when I rescued a cat. I had to wake up every 4 hrs to feed him. He is family now.
Eddie K
and eagles and falcons and coyotes and foxes and dogs/cats... ducklings' list of predators is long +Cynthia Washburn, especially at this stage of no-flight and no-water.

+John Pozadzides probably needs to set up rotating guardian shifts...
I volunteer, I'll take the night shift, I'll need a good weapon though..
+Eddie K - That is true - apparently baby ducks are very attractive to many animals. Snapping turtles will also go after them once they start swimming. I used to work by a duck pond and we would sadly watch the number of ducklings dwindle after a hatching.
can't wait to see the babies!
Last week there were nine ducklings wandering around with mama duck near my place. This week there are three...I know the pond has snapping turtles because one was run over by a tractor.
You shouldn't use that bug killer near the pool by now... ^^
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