I'm Giving Away The First Amazon Kindle Fire EVER!

Yes, I really ordered 5 Amazon Kindle Fire tablets like 1 minute after the pre-orders opened up on Amazon. http://geekbeat.tv/fire

Some of the Livid Lobsters at our office were all like, "Why did you need 5 of these?" And I was all like, "I don't know! But I'll find a use for them!" And they were all like, "You should give some away, as you are often want to do!" And I was all like, "That's a swell idea!" and "You don't have to talk in old English."

So, here's the deal. I'm going to give away ONE of the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablets to someone who has me in a Circle here on Google+. There are only three requirements:

1) You have to be in the USA. Sorry, but shipping is nearly impossible outside the states. :-(

2) Do you have me in one of your circles? Great. You're golden.

3) SHARE this post to let other's in on the chance to win one as well.

I might possibly give another one or two away later, depending on how this goes. Stay tuned and we'll see.

Good luck!

EDIT!!! OK everyone, thanks for participating. We aren't going to wait until Nov 15th to award the Fire. We're going to draw a name on Friday 10/7/2011 and I'll announce the winner here on G+ as well as on our Live show that day! I'm also going to kick off another contest immediately after! :-) It's a good one too...
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Seems simple enough, I'm game! :)
I often hallucinate conversations with office companions too. ;-)
I had you in a circle since the beginning :) That's awesome of you to do though!
Z Kam
Count me in please... sharing now.
What if we're American, but no in the US? But have a US shipping address? Aha! Technicalities!
Shared. Even though $200 is relatively cheap for this device, winning one would be so much better.
I love your posts, and would love the tablet even more! But seriously, I have shared and hopefully more people will get to enjoy your posts as well.
Great way to increase your viewers. 
+John Pozadzides Would it actually be able to connect to the web outside the US - I know they ship to US only, but I'm not sure why that is - trial run? Or perhaps because of the connection?
I'm in. Pick me, Pick me!
Thanks for doing this sir! I look forward to winning :P but more so look forward to reading the content you post.
Thank you for doing this giveaway your awesome.
Same, I would happily pay for you to ship it to the UK :D
I'll even pay the shipping if you pick me and I live her in the US
can i win one? wat if i ask my aunt to bring it over to me when she comes to Pakistan in december :) ??? is it possible...??? i would love to have one. please
So glad I have a US mailing address still ^_^
My Dad can send it to me from the US, or I might just hop down and snag it myself. Either way...I'm in!
Wow, I automatically block people who beg for exposure and shares through these tactics. Thanks for the offer. I'm sad that now I will not see any more of your content. I really liked one thing you posted.
That would be great!! I do plan on ordering one when they officially go on sale.
My GF is in the states, can she get it for me?
Oh, DO WANT! Very easy to get in on this now that I'm following you... and now to share the love ;-)
re-tweeted! order some of the touches while you're at it and give some away.
I'm never been good with raffles. Once lost out in a raffle with 25+ prizes despite having like 20% of the tickets. But what the heck, I'm game.
I was sort of hoping this was a video of a kindle on fire, BUT THIS IS BETTER!
Too excited I guess if I win one I won't have to ask for one on my Birthday
Either i'm overlooking something or you can't share other users posts via the mobile app...
hand waving frantically Me! Me! pick me! :D
What if I said "please" very nicely?
And added and shared of course ;)
In a semi-desperate attempt to win +John Pozadzides not only did I post this post to Twitter, I also posted it to my Facebook page. I hope you don't consider this abusive. It's also a way to entice friends and followers to join Google+! http://www.facebook.com/arleen.boyd P.S. I'll pay the extra cost for shipping to Hawaii.
+Arleen Boyd Nice!! I only use Facebook to post links but I subscribed to your feed as well. (Not under this name of course) ;)
sweet I just saw this while searching out Amazon Fire news (go figure) hell yea!
Oh yeah baby, 1 in 5000 chance I like these odds. 8)
I am intrigued, and wish to subscribe to your newsletter. But I'll settle for circling you - because new, fun, fascinating people need to be circled.
I made a special Crazy circle. You're the only one in it.

Edit: Note to self, ~5,000 circles at the time of this post.
Brilliant idea... I had circled +Linda Lawrey who shared this and now here I am circling you and sharing your post :)
Prays to the Gods of RNG :)
You would be amazed how easy international post is these days. It doesn't involve months at sea and battles with scurvy, really it doesn't. There is this whole international trade thing going on and everything. Then again, none of the cloud services would be set up to work over here, so I will let you off this once. ;)
10 minutes later, over 6,000. Wow. THE PAIN TRAIN IS COMING.
So you remember that time I really wanted a e-reader........
It would be nice if I could win ^^ I don't own a tablet at all.
how about if i got a friend in the US to ship it too me? :)
My Hands are up high! ...........and, I always win.
Dear John, +John Pozadzides I hope you will reconsider and include your Northern circle r's.
Canadians will be happy to help you out during your tough financial times.
I for one will pay for the full postage!
MJ Page
Shared... This would be great to win for my 89 yr old mom! Waiving!
Thank you +John Pozadzides
I shared this but Google will not let me add anyone right now! :( I will try again later tonight. I'm leaving your page open so I won't forget!
I have been holding off buying a tablet. Maybe it's time I finally stop waiting and make a decision.
We outsiders have skyboxes which are US addresses. So maybe you should change the rule from 'be in the US' to 'have a US shipping address'. I will still enter and if I win I will cross that bridge then.
Ah, the unrelenting power of STUFF. I'm in.
I'm adding you because you've got interesting stuff to share, the lottery is a bonus ;)
I too did the thing you asked... I have publicly decreed your wish Master P!! (as close to old English as I get) :-)
As a canadian, i have friends and family in the US i can get it shipped to. If that's acceptable, please consider this my entry.
I really hope I win please please never had one of these before can't offered one
Hey +John Pozadzides, out of curiosity, how many new followers did you get after posting this?
+Tetsuya Oka Agreed, this is also an ingenious way to get new followers, even though that wasn't his intent.
Circled on day one back in invite only land...also, shared with my peeps. So, there's that.
Shared and equally hopeful. BTW John, it's "...wont to do...." *blush* Sorry, editor for a living as well as a hack.... :)
Sharing - you are in my Tech Circle and I am SO IN! just wrote a blog post on my book review blog about the FIRE!!!
Wow, to be able to read in the daylight :)
Just read a few posts and added you to one of my circles...didn't know you were having a giveaway. Hope I get chosen!
I added you too my following circle, I have shared this, I live in the US, please pick me :)
I saw "The Fire" announcement today - looks HOT!
Shared, and you are in a Circle of mine as well. I won't lie, I want to win this. My son would be ecstatic. It would make the perfect birthday present for him!
If I say pretty please with a cherry on top, can I win?
+Bill G wireless I could see how it could get annoying if a lot of people start trying to attract new followers this way, but this is the first I've seen it on G+ so I give +John Pozadzides points for cleverness.
A contest I have a chance to win! Shared
It hits all the regular needs while promoting use of the cloud. This is important because many non-tech users are still unsure about cloud storage and how it works with devices. So while it only has 8 GB of on-device storage the cloud storage will make up the difference for most users.

While some comment on the lack of camera (remember, iPad 1 did not have a camera) and lack of SD (which iPad still lacks), it is the lack of bluetooth that I will miss. I prefer my small bluetooth speakers to earphone cables. Perhaps in the next version?
+Gary Barnes Far from the first and even further from the last unfortunately. No way to really avoid these either.
Thanks for sharing. Good luck to everyone :)
I'm in! I've gotten lucky in contests before, so here's hoping...
+Steve Johnson Not doubting someone else already did it, but it's the first I've seen it and I've been here since about day 6. Then again, I'm a bit picky and am only following 60 or so people, so probably have less exposure.
your in my circle and I am in yours, but I'm outside the USA :( so congrats to those lucky lucky winner's. I just had a thought, I do have a U.S.A address and then can pay for freight outside U.S.A would that work ? in any event thanks for being so generous with your 5 Kindle Fire tablets. and bringing joy to five very lucky people
You are very nice! You must have payed attention when they taught you about sharing in kindergarten! :)
Shared. In my experience shipping to Canada is not a big dill, eh?

FYI, +Anton Bielousov it is usually much more expensive to ship to Canada than the US and there's a ton of paperwork involved.
+John Pozadzides:

1) Me, USA? Yes.

2) You, circled?
3) Post, shared? Done, and done.

4) Me, wanting a new shiny, pretty thing? A resounding Hell, yes.
That's very nice of you. Thanks!
I fit all of the requirements therefore I should win. Thanks in advance :-)
hmmm...this would save a student like me a lot of money. thanks for the opportunity at least
Shared, but hoping no one sees it, so I have better chance to win
Don't mind if I do ;)
i just saw you on fox 4 John now i know who you are I could not place you but i knoew the name.
How exciting, thank you for the opportunity!!
Thanks for the generosity. I have yet use an Android device, but the Kindle may change that.
It might (and I say might convince me to give the iPad back to my Spouse). Added, shared, tweeted, and otherwise sent into teh intarwebs...
This would be the perfect way to justify another tablet device that my wife tells me I don't need!
1.) I live in the good ole US of A !
2.) You are NOW in my circles!! ;)
3.) Shared with all my circles!

I have been waiting to for this for a while and I was hoping it would be out before my wife got back from Afghanistan so that I could give it to her as part of a surprise homecoming gift. Alas, it has not come out yet, and my wife has been home safe and sound a few months now. However, I am still going to get her one she reads every chance she can get, and she will love this.
A free one would make it even sweeter :)
Sweetness! fingers crossed
+John Pozadzides would you consider donating one to an upcoming silent auction to support my hand transplant fundraiser? :)
Can you post when this is going to happen? The choosing the winner(s) thing?
If I win could I get you and Cali to sign it?
Love to win one. I'm really excited about the Fire.
D Chick
I'm going to NEED 2! If I only get one the wife will take it away from me! B-)
Would love to win one of these, I have no ipad, no kinde or diddle, just my laptop.
Holy Light
2011 09 29

While walking vast silent highway alone
hearing songs of birds whispering in sea wind
I come upon a burning bush that talks
so I reach in flames of divinity
and pull out a tablet of shining glass
that links my mind to seven billion minds
and weaves all live people in web of souls
and so I stride across eye of our world
interacting with you in dream of words
guided by holy light of Kindle Fire.

I circled you and live in Georgia.
Very interesting. It would be very useful for me. Thank you for the opportunity to win one. 
Getting pretty crowded in here, but the odds are still good for a win. I haven't won anything in a while so maybe this is it. Good luck, everyone!
The kindle fire makes my naughty bits a wee bit tingly.
I've dreamed a dream, and that dream was about me holding my first Android tablet sent to me by John P., the coolest guy on G+ who works with the Coolest girl on G+ Pelpina Trip.
My profile says Canada but I have an apartment in the states you can ship to. Pretty please still include me in the draw. Kindle Fuego FTW!
I need one of these to root and compare to my rooted color nook. LOVE Android. I'm thinking of changing my name to April Androidton. :)
I have been following you for a while and just seen this in my stream and decided "Wth why not.. I never win anything but it never hurts to try.."
I'm curious to see how it compares to the other readers I've had the privilege to work with. 
+John Pozadzides missed out on #webOS touchpad; but this is +, & your posts are frequently humorous .
Tom Dye
Awesome John, How very generous of you. Not that I ever win anything anyway, but I'm in.
Indeed this would keep me smiling. I was just looking at it with my daughter-in-law this morning!
very nice...fingers crossed :)
I was just looking at this thing yesterday! Crossing my fingers.
I feel like every pyromaniac should have one of these.....
Thanks for the chance to win. This would be a great help to take on research trips for genealogy. Since I am on a fixed income buying one is not an option.
The Amazon mom has me hooked into the basic prime shipping; the Fire will give me the excuse to dive full on! I'm excited to see Amazon really make their ecosystem shine through this tablet!
+1200 adds in ~12hrs time. Less than I had expected, but still respectable.
+John Pozadzides - Yikes, accidentally shared to my drafts circle. Re-shared properly.

Now, can I have a Kindle? :-)
Thank you for the opportunity.
Welcome to my feed. If I win, I'll give you a free copy of my ebook.
How do we win one? My son would soooooo love this.
Followed and Posted! WooT! Count me in the running! And if I win, I'll give the one I was going to purchase to my wife. We can both have one. SweeT!
Requested, shared. Thanks for the generosity 
Sharing is caring.
I put you in a circle and shared this. PLEASE let me have the Kindle ! Thanks!
Curious as to if this is actual, or the workings of a professional smartass giving gifts to long time friends. Eh, either way, shared. I might as well give a witty pick me pick me since everyone else has (back w/ the sheepeling)-- my mid tablet literally has a melted back, and I still use this to read my kindle books. (Welcome to the world of a broke college student.) Would be nice to upgrade from Android 1.9_833
I can use a Kindle Fire :)
How awesome would the Fire be? It's on my list of wants that's for sure!
I'd love to have this -- just because it's not from Apple. I hate being a slave to iTunes with my iPod (hand me down).
Stop public resharing this, morons!
You are spamming everyone having any of the keywords in their search streams.
Odds are better than 1 in 2000, currently - much better than the lottery - though, not from a really practical perspective. ;)
YAY! <Geekbeat3 idk why I didn't circle you sooner! haha Thanks, +John Pozadzides, for doing this btw!
Hi, +Marty Bonner recommended that folks circle you and share this post. So, I've circled you, and will be sharing immediately. Thanks!!!
You were already in two of my circles. But I am in Europe. Very simple to send
Very nice, and recommending people circle you as well.
Done and done- glad you did the contest - whatever the outcome. Your posts are fun!
Huh. The problem being that you didn't put important details in there like a) when this ends, b) how you're choosing the winner.
I came over here because someone posted it - I circled you because you're funny - but I'm commenting b/c you're sort of running up against some issues.
I'd recommend checking out Antone Johnson's answer here: http://www.quora.com/What-legal-issues-come-up-when-running-a-contest-or-giveaway
A few tweaks and you're golden my friend - but at the moment you need at least the two above. :)
Holy moly. I've been waiting since the Kindle came out for the price to drop to be able to get one, but this looks amazing and I would vault a line of babies and down a raptor with my bare toes to own one--the chance to win one? WOOOO!
Awesome, I have always wanted a Kindle, and the Kindle Fire looks even more awesome. I would totally be able to show up my ex-wife. Since she is always showing off her Kindle and how great it is.
can't we boost our chances a little? Like by composing a poem or something?
John has something that I want
he gets on google plus to flaunt
his wicked kindle firey flame
it's ownership becomes a game
will chuck win the amazon prize
or scott or josh or david or me.
i prefer me.

well it started out good.
My wife's birthday is coming up, free gift?
Shared - need another reader. My kids keep taking mine.
Winning a Kindle Fire would totally rock!
Sheri K
awesome giveaway...shared with all my circles.
This is so awesome! I'd love to get my paws on one
Got my iPad stolen. Am an Android geek at heart, so this seems right up my alley. Sharing now.

Count me in. I have never won anything before
+Elizabeth S. a simple bluetooth dongle is extremely cheap on ebay, which could possibly solve your cord dilemma...
GeekBeat.TV Rocks!!!
JE Roop
It would be so sweet to win this thing. I've been wanting one, but had to be prudent with my spending (wifey and I are moving soon!).

I like my odds so far, roughly .041 percent isn't all that bad.
it'd be so awesome to win something this year!
I've just shared your post, this is very generous of you.
This is really cool - thanks for your generosity! :)
shared, i doubt ill win with so many people but here is hoping :)
I have never WON a thing in my entire 48 yrs...but I'm giving it a shot!! I've shared with all my circles!!! :)
Ohhh I feel so bad.... Such a long time fan of the show and love the messages I come across daily because I have you (and the rest of the team) in my Twitter, Google+ etc.. But for living in the Netherlands I get punished over and over again... All the goodies are banned from us! What did I do wrong? ; )
awesome sauce! :D sharing away...
and delighted to discover you through another's share!
It will be interesting to see how the Fire does against the NookColor (have one and love it).
I created 10,000 circles and added John to all of them. I like my odds.
Added,,, CHECK, Shared,,,, CHECK Win,,,, ?
Pick me because I have no head !!! ............I'm sorry, I really do have a head but I would really like to win the Kindle.
Thanks for doing the giveaway John, shared!
It is great to see Cali get some help and a co-host. Hope that means Livid Lobster is a big success. And a nice contest.
Done! I am not in the USA but... I have an address in Houston where you can ship it, in case you want to give it to me (I hope!) You are one of a kind! And I want you to know that it wouldn´t be for me but for my 12 years daughter, who loves to read!
Awesomely generous of you to give away not one but two Kindle Fires, John. I found you via a friend of mine sharing this post, and I'm so glad she did. Your stream of tech articles and funny stuff are a welcome addition to my otherwise very slow G+ feed. :)
Got all 3 requirements! PLEASE HELP A COLLEGE STUDENT OUT :)
well it got me to use google+ for a minute
John, you guys are awesome! I love watching Cali. Thanks for the great video at Livid Lobster!
Added and shared!! Thanks John P!!!!!
Thanks, added and shared!
In for one! good luck everyone.
All right, you've been added to my circles and I've shared. I might tweet later, too :)
would love to win this! added you and shared as well :)
To Wa
Added and Shared on Google+, really hope I can win this :D
Any fine print? Good, I don't think I missed a thing.
I was going to ship myself to the US so that I could win but the box was really uncomfortable.
Awesome & very generous! Thanks! Added & shared. Hoping with my fingers crossed!
3h 20min to the release day. I got it, I got it not. I got it, ... :)
I really hope John P gives some more of these away, i'd love to check it out and review it.
So they said the winners would be announced tonight Friday 7th of October on Google+ but I do not see it anywhere. Am I missing it or something?
I really hope I win, I missed the HP firesale... I would really like one for college!!!
The mystery continues..... Hehehe, just kidding ya.
I don't really expect to win but this is a bit ridiculous.
+John Pozadzides so if you drew the winner on the 7th,,,, how long do we have to wait to find out who won?
Well I just looked on their show notes and it seems:
"Our first winner of the Kindle Fire is Gary Jones!! Congratulations Gary"

It is about 3/4 down this page: http://geekbeat.tv/geekbeat-live-34/

You would of thought that John would announce the winner where everyone entered the contest at but I guess either you catch the show or you do not know. I wonder if the winner even knows he won? Sorry, this will be the last contest of yours that I enter as you were not true to your word:
"We're going to draw a name on Friday 10/7/2011 and I'll announce the winner here on G+ as well as on our Live show that day! I'm also going to kick off another contest immediately after! :-) It's a good one too..."

If there were an issue, you could of just simply let us know.....
+Josh Sabboth Thanks for the letting us know. I'm doing the same as you and will not enter any more contests from these people.
Done! Hope you're having another drawing!
how can i git one
Add a comment...