Which do YOU want to buy?
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I've noticed this at my drug store. The diapers are right across the aisle from the condoms. Funny!
Isn't there usually a door #3? I'll take that. (Come on, new car! No donkey with a hay cart!)
Yellow box. For her pleasure. 
As a father to 8 I have to ask: What's a Trojan? And who buys the most expensive diaper on the market?? Don't you realize what they're used for? Just sayin'.

(False dichotomy, but alas I digress.)
Walt B.
The Mags,unless..I was Sen. David Vitter,then of course,I guess I'd go with the diapers instead.
If you think the left one is reliable, you're gonna need the right one...
What do I want to buy? Or what does my wife want to buy? Ah the joys of marriage! Lol
Condoms are reliable if you size them correctly and use them every time.
neither, we wouldn't have this problem if everyone had listened to Bob Barker and spayed and neutered their children.
At my drug store its the pregnancy tests right on top of the condoms.  Same idea though.
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