I have 5 words for you.

+Cali Lewis as Wonder Woman.
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Needs moar lasso. Because reasons.
... uhm... I'll be in my bunk ;)
Two word response, "Yes, please"
+John Pozadzides, is this a secret sociological experiment to see how many of us experience (Dave Barry's term) "lust-induced brain freezes" en masse? Just wondering... :-D
her riptitude has gone up to a whole other level
+John Pozadzides John I have heart trouble, you trying to give me a hat attack. I don't know if I can even watch this, I might not survive :-}
So do we get to take free rides on her invisible plane. PLEASE!!!!
Superman is fly over the hall of justice and spots wonder woman sunbathing on the roof. Figures he can fly down and have a quick poke and fly off before she even realizes what happened using his super powers. So he does and flies off. Wonder woman exclaims what the heck was that. Suddenly the invisible man pipes up not sure bit my ass is sore! ~ can't remember the author
Holly smokes. Makes me wish I was younger :-p
maybe this tops catwoman?
Wonder Woman is now officially my favorite super chick. 
And we are supposed to drive electric cars to fight global warming ? Useless.
Hey +Cali Lewis are you going to wear that to PhotoPlus Expo? You may want to think about flying into NYC in your invisible plane. That way, you can land it anywhere (my suggestions: the flight deck of the Intrepid, or Central park's Sheepmeadow--but the Intrepid is closer to the Javits Center. Just a thought---beats the cab ride from JFK or Laguardia!
Woohoo! Now come out to Comic Con or Dragon Con!
Oh man, I'm gonna have to go back and fill out that survey again.
Enough Said. Need more pics
-So? This is how she arrives every day at work before changing into her street clothes!
Haha, I was mysteriously drawn back to this again this morning. (Weird! :P ) +John Pozadzides, you're my hero. :P
Winning! Thank you oh Greek gods of geeky wonder!!
Whoever suggested this to her.
I owe you,
OMG I think anything Cali puts on is HOT!  What are those 5 words.  Trick or Treat is only 3 John.
You bet John... Shazam!
I've been thinking about the pseudo... Cali=California and Lewis (That's a unique syncronicity by design.)
*PS: In another conversation... In my day we called it Telepresence.
Yawzas (x3) to the power of three is more like it in my opinion Chris.  Cali's personality alone radiates like a blinding light as if you just caught a glimpse of Medusas' eyes.  Wonder Womans real name is Luria Petrucci as you prob are aware.  I bet she likes Unicorns in the moonlight.
I should data scrape this and do something cool for such a divine vision.  Should?  I will.... ;)
You are the best! Love you Cali!
Your Bestest fan

did they let you keep this outfit after the show :D
Well it is 2013 and this picture is still a 'Wow'
Come and HELP ME I'm in trouble! I Need you Wonder Woman! Please come an rescue me!!!! 
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