You know +Best Buy has been hurting financially. And here is a little comparison I put together to illustrate the root of the problem.

This Sanus mount is for the Sharp 80" TV I purchased. At Best Buy it's $279.99. At, not only is the price $152.49 - a whopping $127.50 cheaper - but even the SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE is only $229!

I know, some of you are thinking... that must be a typo or something. NO! Head over to Sanus' website and you'll see that even they will sell it to you for $249. Direct!!!

That sums up the whole problem with Best Buy. I used to spend $10k+ per year with them, now they are my absolute last resort and only when I'm desperate.

- Their prices aren't even close to living up to the company name.
- They hassle you to buy extended warranties like crazy.
- Their employees are no more knowledgable than the general public.

It seems to me that the Best Buy tactic nowadays is to get people in the door with a coupon, sell them a major product at roughly the same price as they'd get anywhere else (or maybe a little more), and then tag you with vastly overpriced accessories and warranties.

Anyone disagree? ANYONE?!? +Best Buy???
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