From now on +Holly Pozadzides is going to have to get one of these carts at the grocery store, and this is how I'm following her around. Like a BOSS!
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This has GOT to be a picture taken at Walmart.
Going strictly from the "Walmart blue" bumpers on the photographers cart, I'm going to say it WAS taken at Walmart :)
I think it's sad that we both recognized it by the color of the bumpers/wall sign.
Mark S.
That would be a really funny picture if you actually did that. :)
It's kinda funny... Everyone says "like a BOSS" now... But do they know where it came from?? A random teenager at a campaign rally for Ron Paul!! RON PAUL 2012!! (LIKE A BOSS!!)
Thank you Kat, I was pretty sure that was the only origin out there. Clever excuse to yell Bababooey! by +Robbie Smith , though.
+Robbie Smith I call BS. This term in it's current form and usage was in wide SoCal use back at least in the late 1970s. I don't know where it came from but it sure as hell wasn't from a Ron Paul rally. You don't have to be "That guy". ;)
Ok... So I was wrong... But there is another meme that came from a RP rally... I just got mixed up...
Brings new meaning to the phrase "passive resistance."
+Robbie Smith he's running for president. It says "I'll"..."I will" the future. It's not past tense.
So??? Stopping abortion is a good thing... Unless your a fascist like Obama and Romney... 
Ha! So anyone who disagrees with your views is fascist? Allowing people the RIGHT to choose is fascist? My days of not taking Paul supporters seriously, are definitely coming to a middle. I don't think this is where John was hoping his post would go, however. So I'll stop now.
No, not anyone who disagrees with my views... Just people who murder Americans... Both the born, and unborn... which Obama has done both... And Romney promises to....
and this thread WAS about the kid dragging around.
He left a track!, Look closely, they just made a turn and dragged the kid of a dropped something...When I first saw the thumbnail I thought the dude added a dragon tail or something.
Not sure I would want to do this, god knows what my coat would look like after being drug around like that.
What going on here!!!!!!!!!, boy on the floor, he should helps his dad.
😆theres one way to clean the floor
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