We're Giving Away Another AMAZON KINDLE FIRE!!!

Many of you know that I purchased 5 Kindle Fires on the day they were available. I've since given one away. Now, I'm going to keep at least a couple of them, but after talking it over with +Cali Lewis we've decided to give away another one to one of our weekly newsletter subscribers!!!

It's so, so easy to get entered to win. You just need to do TWO little things.

1) Be a confirmed subscriber to The Livid Lobster Newsletter! Sign up right on the sidebar of our homepage here: http://lividlobster.com/

2) SHARE this Google+ post to help spread the word!

Yeah, that's it. :-)

Oh, and this time, the contest is NOT limited to US residents. If you win, we'll ship the Kindle Fire to you wherever you are. I don't care if you live in Zimbabwe! :-) And... Just to sweeten the deal... if you want, Cali and I will both autograph the back of your new Kindle Fire before we ship it to you.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the newsletter and share this post! Once you do, you'll truly be part of the Livid Lobster family.

>>>>>>>>>> Sign Up Here: http://LividLobster.com <<<<<<<<<<<<
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done and done....I didn't win the last one praying I can get this one :)

good luck to all!
Thanks for subscribing gang. :-) I hope you all win, and I wish I was Bill Gates and I could give you all one!!!

But at least we'll try and amuse you with the little newsletter once a week if you don't. And were hoping to get sponsors to donate prizes and things for our newsletter subscribers going forward. I'd like to make it so that every week we can give some stuff away to everyone!

It's just so damn fun to give away stuff, and also to win it! So why wouldn't we do this???
Thanks for this; here's to hoping I win!
Shared an subscribed as well.
Shared and subscribed! And awesome that you ship to anywhere. Most contests don't do that! <3
Done both. You should now send me one.
Shared and joined! Can anyone link to when the last winner was announced? I never got the post for some reason.
Done and done! Fingers crossed over here in Greece (yeah, it means the same thing here :-P).
I did both of these, be nice to win, but whats nicer is I just want to say how much I enjoy what you guys are doing over at LL. Thanks for what you do, we appreciate it and don't say it enough.
Just found these guys through a shared circle, great stuff!
Thanks for doing this. Subscribed and sharing.
Thanks, great giveaway shared and a newsletter subscriber of course
Cool. I wouldn't mind having an autograph on it :D (of course, I'd have to win one)
Subscribed and shared, now for the waiting game.
Done! Used a different email to subscribe ... Is it an issue? 
+Nina Paim No problem Nina! When the guys are doing the giveaway they'll search for your name in the subscriber list, so email shouldn't be a problem! :-)
Thank you for the opportunity, usually these are "US residents only" contests.
+Helder Martinho Yep. Normally shipping internationally is such a pain that we don't do that. But every once in a while we open it up to everyone! This is one of those times. ;-)
+John Pozadzides sure glad you think like that, however... lady luck just keeps running the other way, can't seem to get the confirmation on my newsletter subscription
Subscribed, shared and tweeted. 
Thanks, and goodluck to all ! . Thank God this isn't a "US Only"
Thanks again John for the opportunity. :)
Thanks for the opportunity and shared!
good luck everyone (especially me) :-)
Who got the first one? I have been out of the loop the last week.
Shared this Amazing Amazon !!
Done and done! It would mean a lot to get this! I love Livid Lobster haha!
check and check... both complete.
I've shared and now have my fingers crossed!
I shared the post too. We'll see how far away the Kindle will go :-)
A. D.
Done and Done!
Done, too! But FYI, I'm subscribed to the newsletter at my Yahoo address: rosibustamante@yahoo.com; my Google+ is rosi.bustamante@gmail.com...
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