As a follow up to my post on communities from the other day (, there are a few other needs that we've identified in addition to the ones we're still waiting on.  +Trey Ratcliff just mentioned a couple on his recent post as well (

- Can't search through all members in a group.  Even if all members can't see all users, moderators need to be able to.

- Can't remove individual comments without marking them as spam or abuse.  If someone shares something and there are 10 comments, and 1 is spam, there is nothing you can do about that comment.  Example: this post contains a comment from someone named "Windows 8" which is a violation of our rules, but we can't ban him or remove the comment.

- I don't know if this has been fixed yet, but if you share something in a community it should not show up in your public timeline.  That was annoying people majorly.

- We should be able to turn off email invitations to join communities.  My email has been inundated by these invites.

- People should be able to publicly display which communities they are members of, like we do with circles.

If you've noticed other urgent needs with relation to communities please leaeve them in the comments below.  Perhaps +Brian Glick and the team can take a look at these?

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As far as the e-mail haven't created a filter and secondary inbox for G+ yet? o.O

That's pretty much step one for any social network out for many.
I am already in the Geek community and loving it. I am sure +Vic Gundotra and the rest of Google team are busy taking notes and sure there will be fixes coming down the lines soon. Tech support with Google is freaking AWESOME. I used one of the Google help features to bring something to their attention and BAM there they were. Good luck trying to get that kind of support on Facebook. :-) 
Had many of these same concerns... :) Especially searching the members list and banning via comments.
I would like the ability to set a default category when loading a community. I don't always want to see All Posts when going to a community. It might only be interested in 1 or 2 categories, so the rest is noise.

The other points in this post, and your previous one, are quite valid and need to be addressed. Right now it's impossible to have a nice clean look to a community if there are a lot of members.
One more for the list... Ability to recategorize posts that group members add to the wrong category... 
One more.  You should still be able to + Mention someone in a topic while in a Community they are not a member of.  Even if they aren't a member the system should let them see and reply to that conversation.

The only thing NOT allowing that is going is having people be mentioned without knowing they are the topic of conversation, and not being able to reply.
We also need the ability to "Remove All Posts from User".  We had a spammer come in and just add a ton of posts.  We banned him, but it left all the posts, which we had to manually go in and clean up.
Thanks for this post, +John Pozadzides . I run a month-old community for social media in higher education, and I've found some posts that need to be "moved" from general discussion to a category specific to the channel--in this case Facebook. By reviewing this, I see that's not yet possible. 
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