It brings tears to my eyes.
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Ode to Bacon

You wonderful meat that is so forsaken
To only have you with my Jamaican

Your salty texture will make me reawaken
So let's not be mistaken

Life would be dull without Bacon
+Arpit Srivastava sorry I do not usually write poetry just thought of this one very quickly, did not know the grammar god's would be so upset.
A couple years ago, our local radio station had a Valentine's Day contest to see who could write the best valentine. The winner was a guy who simply wrote:

"I love you more than bacon."

For days people called the radio station to accuse the man of lying.
What's with the fascination of Bacon lately. Seems like US is so focused on it.
More Bacon, More Romantic! that's a win win situation right there
It's been all over #Twitter, #Facebook and the news to the point that people have made fragrances, cologne and media ads to promote it even more. It scares me a bit because there's plenty of other meats that are more lean. Granted I eat bacon every now and then, but it's not something I can consume all the time because my diet flipped to 4-5 well rounded meals. There's no room for bacon every day. :)-
A bearded man in a plaid shirt with a fist full of bacon....doesn't get any more manly than that.
Wait--you can't marry bacon--or CAN you . . . . hmmm...?

Roses are red,
bacon is too,
I love bacon less
than I love you.

OMG...never did I think a few lines could truly express the true essence of love.
I feel the thing for bacon. However bacon is no longer BACON!!! It is antibiotics, hormones and 25,000 pigs per acre. Not the bacon paw used to make.
I am not sure the poetry is bring tears to your eyes its prolly a heart attack from that nasty bacon you been eatin
Jo Mead
omg that is so me!!!
Red........... i think so it playing a role in human life.........
hey i got one roses got stabbed violets smoked too much someday one or both will happen to u
Best poem ever:
Title: F*ck ambrosia
Bacon is the food of the gods

Jo Mead
dont talk bad about my bacon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, i think i am convinced that i am the only person in the world that doesn't like bacon. I dnt knw why...
O Yeah !!! Everything is better with Bacon!!!!
i dont know where i would be without bacon:D
Damn I didn't mean to like that I dnt like bacon :(
Go on youtube and Check out Laughing Skull Productions for cool beats
you had me at bacon.............................
no go on YouTube and search One Direction What Makes You Beautiful they bring tears to my eyes
+Britney Vong No, no, you have it wrong, too. Go on YouTube and search "people cutting onions". Now THAT, my friend, will bring tears to everyone's eyes.
my imagination isnt strong enough to tear up at the site of onions but then again i love deep fried breaded onions.... mmmmmmm onion rings......
to bad im a vegiterrian :(
Still better then Justin Biebers lyrics
Better than Rebbeca Black's Friday!
Everything is Better with BACON!!
Roses are flowers, Bacon is not... they look like twin towers, but are way too hot.
Haha just might use that for my poetry project.... the bacon one
two facts about bacon one bacon is a great dish and their are limitless varities of bacon dishes avaitable. and two its actually not really red if you pardon me mentioning so, its actually white like pork just turned red with artifical colouring.
Thanks for making me laugh lol. I really needed it tonight. :-)
Best poem i want some bacon now! :)
Matt V
Eww what kind of bacon is red?
Anything can be made better by simply adding bacon.
There is nothing more wonderful than a hand full of bacon!
Is this not Major shephard from Facebook?
that guy should get the peace prize for that one
I love fine art like this. I must reshare!
That looks pretty good.
Haha that is sooo you!!!! I love it! 
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