Win a FREE CloudFTP for your iPhone or iPad!

CloudFTP lets you share a whole hard drive full of movies wirelessly with your iDevice! It started out as a Kickstarter project that +Cali Lewis and I helped fund. (You can read about it here:

Well, they shipped the first batch and we're giving a pair away!

_1) Do you have me in a Circle here on G+? Perfect! Move to Step 2.
2) Publicly share this post._

That's it! Once you've done those two things, you're entered to win the CloudFTP I'm giving away. (And YES, this one is open to EVERYONE, not just people in the US or Canada.)

Ok, you know me... always extra chances! So you want to double / triple / quadruple your shot at winning?
- Cali is giving away another so check her feed here ==>
- And if you leave a comment below you get an extra chance at winning! (Remember, G+ only allows 500 comments, so there's that...)

Good luck! And may the force be with you.
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I've already tried to win all your cool stuff so you are circled...
Looks like a cool device, I'll take it!
Is it iDevice only or will it work with Androids as well?
+Peter Heltzer We just unboxed them Friday and I haven't had a chance to test it yet, so I'm hoping it works with Android, but not sure. We'll be doing a full review on one later, and I'll let you know as soon as possible! :-)
I'll try it out for you on my iPad John :D
That's all very well, but what does it do basil, apologies to Austin Powers
The idevice only kills it for me. To many other devices out there or coming that don't limit themselves.
Only for iOS devices, not Android? Disappointing :(
Very cool giveaway. I shared this. Are you going to post a review of CloudFTP too?
Does it only work with Apple products? Send it to me and I'll figure out how to make it work for everyone.
Looks like we've all got a pretty good chance.
I like that it choose to crop the text in the middle of the number.
i wish all of you good luck from Austria :)
First world problem: I only have a few hundred gigs of spare space on my home desktop! Yes please?!?
This should work fine with Android devices. WiFi, HTML 5 and FTP are all platform independent.
OK. My the best sharer/commenter win! or something.
Sweet :)! I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of these. :P
This is the comment you're looking for.
crosses fingers.. and toes, and eyes
Them more chances the better. Keeping fingers crossed.
Nice, I'm going to maximize my chances. New iPad needs new toys.
Very Cool. With any luck they will add gdrive support when it is launched.
I can see this as a really nice addition to my iOS family.
This sounds like a great tool to have :-)
Perfect for a small fileserver! Hopefully it will read EXT4 partitions at some point ;)
I really want this!! Please enter me twice so I get a better chance.
GoD should give it to the best person but start from me.:-)
I think it is a great idea, but could use a much better name =)
Brilliant idea - much needed !
It does sound like a great idea...and much needed
Fabulous! Excited for this new product :)
Cloudvertising. Why pay for advertising? No need for randomness, either. Oh, it's a fine idea from the marketer's point of view. But of course the danger on a public discussion forum is that one snarky but incisive commenter can call you on it. I'm here for the discussions, not spam like this.
great idea, sounds like a cool product
Awesome way to promote Kickstarter and the neat ideas that become real!
J Agnew
This is awesome alone but it's coolness gets kicked up a notch since it's a Kickstarter project.
Loving the look of this! Thanks for the chance to win one :)
Aw man! I really would like one of these to take on long train trips here in Japan!!
Must have all of internetz on ipad
This thing is cool, saw it on Kickstarter and wanted one once I read about it!!
maybe someone should hack it and install a openwrt linux
Sounds cool - would love to be able to not have to juggle my videos back and forth.
Joe F.
Sounds like a cool device!
Looks like a great idea for a workplace environment.
sweet i can use that 4 my iPod touch :)
Kudos. Great product.
As some one with 3 iPhones and 1 Touch, I could put this to good use.
Wonder if I can make it work with Android...
500 Comment limit.. Oh well, here is one comment anyway!
If you don't want to wait for this thing to get funded and produced, you can buy a Seagate Satellite, which is functionally identical in most respects. The Satellite is like this proposed device, except that instead of hosting any usb device, it has a 500gb drive on board. Battery life is the same. Out of the box, it serves 3 users too, but with hacked firmware (google for "hack seagate satellite") you can serve more than three. I use on on car trips with three kids so that everyone can watch his/her own choice of movie. I have >600 kids movies on the drive with room to spare.
OMG i need that soooo bad I have NO space for my idevice and NEED more
Awesome! Never need a flash drive again!
got to love extra changes... great idea guys! good luck to the the winner
Wireless, battery power and tiny makes this a portable personal cloud. Best of all it supports third party cloud accounts. I would prefer this over PogoPlug for mobile use.
This would be a great addition to my geek apartment
I would definitely like to have this little gadget!
a comment for an extra chance? Sue, I'd love to win one!
Cool device, send me one and I'll see if it works just as well.
this product looks awesome!!!!
That is one slick device!
I never win anything, it would be great if this was the first.
would love to own one of these..winning one would be amazing ...thanks for the chance!
Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Would love to win this!
You guys really do an awesome job, keep up the good work.
The possibilities are many with this ...
Done, thanks John, I have had my eyes on one of these for a while!
Its cool and nice . Am the winner this tyme
I think this is a very neat idea!
Be interested to see the performance
Wow this would be awsome for my vacation in a couple months i could load a bunch of movies on a hdd instaed of my iphone and i pads. I think that would work right?
Cool device...would love to try it out.
Sounds good, thanks for the chance!
Never heard of it, but it sure looks COOL!
Patti B
Can't pass up a chance to win free tech!!
Just an FYI, there's a number of us who did fund the Kickstarter project who have been waiting since February for ours.
I need this in my life, so, so much!!!
Not sure what I'd do with it, but I'd have fun learning.
Wow! That is a cool piece of kit!
This really looks like a great device. But I've never heard about it. :| . So you'll were one of the financiers? :)
this looks very cool and would be great to use in educational classrooms. Would love to try it out. :)
Saw those products at macworld. Pretty nice products
Have you actually tried the CloudFTP yet?
Really Like the Idea of the Cloud FTP.
Accesing one's data always makes one feel closer to home. Great tool!
wish me good luck! i circled ya done! =)
Claims to come with an Android and an I device App ... hope it can be shared from more than one devices, within wireless range of course.
Wonder if it would work with a Sony Google TV :)
sweet product at a descent price, it would seem.
yay! now what is the chance of me winning 2 of them?
backing up to Dropbox or SugarSync, too! How cool is that?
May have to upgrade my bandwidth to use this.
looks kewl, would love to have one
Me want! Looks like a great device.
Great idea ad intriguing device!
Love this idea. I am wondering how this would work in my home office without a fixed IP
cool! shut up and take my money! I keep throwing money at the screen, but nothing's happening :P
It's so nice of you to share beyond US. Thanks for remembering the non-us folks too. :)
This looks pretty useful. Thanks for the giveaway!
That's a clever little piece of kit. Sounds like it does what my LaCie black box tries to do on a wire, but fails at. If it works, that could be SO useful. I can see it being really handy for families on long holidays - only one device to store everything, but everyone can watch their own screen.

Don't you love living in the future?!
Thanks for the opportunity to win this cool device! Kickstarter projects are awesome! Hoping I win!
comment #291...... i want an extra chance to win
John, There are a lot of us out there that have Android devices. Why can't you put an Android Phone or Tablet in the heading?
I would be more than happy to take one off your hands.
Looks like a pretty sweet device ... got to e worth a punt :)
What a coincidence, I'll be ordering an iPad soon and this will make a great complement.
Awesome giveaway for an awesome device!
One of these would be awesome for my wife and I to use with our iPads.
The CloudFTP is a great little device. It will even double as an emergency phone charger!!
ok.. I Gave you a plus shared and left this comment John. I really want one of those so now i am gonna go visit Cali's thread too.
I could come up with a couple uses for this...
How long this contest is going to be held, and when will the lucky winner be announced?
Who was the lucky winner?
Ditto on the "Has anyone won yet" comments.
Stone. I sure would like to know. So I can either look for it in the mail or congratulate someone. :)
cool idea and would be great to use - thanks for the contest..
So..who won? Or troll?
Add a comment...