Wow, did you guys hear about the Chick Fil A drive through guy?

What amazes me is that he actually thought he was going to get positive reinforcement for filming an attack on a super sweet drive through employee...


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I thought he was a bit of a tool, yeah.
I think the only real response to this is "Stop being on our side, you're making us look like stupid assholes."
John S.
He's an abusive a** and deserves the negative publicity.  I felt sorry for the worker just trying to make a living.  She was visibly shaken by the experience. 
that's a remarkably balanced article, considering where it comes from.

He's a dick, and should be called a dick, but they shouldn't have fired him, and I hope he sues them for wrongful termination.
Bullying an employee because you take issue with her employers policies and practices is simply mean. Some people will take the lofty attitude that "if you work there, you condone their policies and actions and deserve everything you get". But maybe it's the best job she can get. I disagree with FRC, so I don't give CFA money anymore. But I do not condone this jerk or his actions at all.
But I think he just get's off on being a dick. He was CFO at Vante, Inc/ in Tucson, until they saw the commotion he caused with this. Was that his goal? Mission accomplished, jerk.
What a coward. The corporate owners might be major douches, but you don't take it out on someone making minimum wage.
+Benjamin Roethig Bullshit. It doesn't matter what they're making, they're working for a company that donates to hate groups. If your only choice of work was some pro-slavery company that would make it okay? No, no I don't think so.
Couldn't you go so far as to say that he was bullying that girl? 
The dude is an asshole.  That's no way to support the cause.
Not defending the guy, but losing his job seemed just as wrong. Our rights only have meaning when they're defending tools and chowderheads.

A better punishment would have been to let the young lady from Chick-Fil-A come to his place of work and complain to him while he serves her a glass of ice water. 
+James Wester the better solution is to give up on those idiots and raise the next generation to remember what respect and appreciation are, something this latest generation seems to have completely missed.
I'm considering getting a pint of Ben & Jerry's, taking it to Chick-fil-A and enjoying both together for lunch. 
While I am not a Chick-Fil-A fan by any means. I agree, firing him was too harsh. He has the right to free speech and to live his life the way he wants as an individual. He did not mention his company's name, nor did he say he was speaking on behalf of the company. Certainly, he could have sent his message to someone higher up in the company, rather than pick on the poor employee. Bad taste, bad delivery? Yes. Being fired for it? No.
+Drew Nicholson +James Wester I disagree, when you as a Corp Exec represent yourself and your company by making a video like this and sharing it on the internet, you subject yourself to termination and in his position it is not wrongful termination.  Vante did the right thing to protect themselves from looking like a company that supports these kinds of actions. 
The young lady should be commended for her customer service skills. Keep in mind that she is someone's daughter/child and jobs are difficult to find for a lot of people. I had a relative that worked for CFA and no matter what the top executive beliefs are, they do advocate a positive philosophy to respect all their customers and that showed through in the video.
I don't represent my company unless I say I'm doing so.  Hell, everyone keeps arguing that we shouldn't be holding Chik-Fil-A responsible for their CEO's statements, right?  If the Free Speech argument applies to good old Dan, it applies here.
I agree with +Kevin Dahlstrom , but let's remember that Chick-fil-A did not fire him or respond negatively to him in any way over this. If we want to say that he was wrongfully fired, that claim needs to go against Vante.
What does homosexuality has to do with pro slavery...I'm sick of people equating homosexuality with my people...being Black is not a lifestyle.
Can someone send some flowers to that poor girl that he verbally abused this way? She deserves a bit of a virtual hug IMHO.
I'm not arguing that you shouldn't hold Dan accountable and you probably aren't a board member of your company either Drew.  Also there is a difference at Chick fil A as to who the person is working for based on the fact that they are franchises which is why one franchise is sponsoring a LGBT parade.  
And Being Gay or Lesbian is not a  Lifestyle Either.
+Jared Hundrup -- perhaps you misunderstand what I mean by "wrong." I'm not speaking in legal terms. 
+Daniel Panichelli do you really think that most of the employees keep up on the Cathy family's dirty deeds? They're too busy doing a crappy job for low pay. The quarrel is with the leadership, not the people trying to make a living.
+Darren Keith Being gay isn't a "lifestyle" either, man. Neither is being a women, and they were discriminated against as well. My people were born who we are, and the only reason for you to claim otherwise is to make yourself feel better about being a fucking bigot.
+James Wester I was referring to legal terms for another comment, but did understand what you were saying.  Execs are held to a different standard than regular employees.  They represent the company and a CFO has the ability to legally and financially bind a company.  You don't hold yourself out in public videos like this and still expect to be the face of a company.  That's my take on it.
+Benjamin Roethig My quarrel is with anyone who supports their hate, which includes their workers. I'm sorry if they're making low-pay, but that's entirely unrelated to the fact that they still work for a company that donates millions of dollars a year to hate groups.

SO, I ask again, if you worked for a company that supported slavery, or wanted to remove women's right to vote, you should be excused from that because they don't pay you well? Please, explain how those two issues are related.
Drew, I agree mostly about Dan Cathy, but he is COO and he owns part of the company. My understanding is he was asked about the company position on the issue when he made those statements.
My problem with them isn't Dan Cathy's statements. It is refreshing to see a company explain and stick to its values...even if I don't agree with some of those values.
Amid all this controversy, I learned that CFA donates money to the Family Research Council, who is designated a Hate Group by the Southern Law Poverty Center. They do some pretty reprehensible things. That is my sole point of issue in this whole snafu. CFA is a private corporation owned, probably entirely, by the Cathy family. They can give their money to whomever they want. Just like I can give my money to any other chicken chain. The rest of this stuff is people arguing for their side of a "cause" and muddying the water.
Either you care that CFA gives any money you spend with them to a Hate Group, or you don't.
If you have a car, use public transportation, or use plastics you support OPEC.  Want to look up what they do to gays?
I'm personally anti-hate/bullying. period. doesn't matter if it's a racial or sexual orientation issue. This woman is working DRIVE-THRU AT A FAST-FOOD RESTAURANT That man is an Officer of his company. When you ascend to the level of CHIEF anything, gov't, services, a company; your actions may likely be the subject of public scrutiny. This guy's actions have obviously become a potential source of embarrassment and controversy for the Company he represents, regardless of whether he was in fact representing his company or not. Vante is perfectly well within their rights to fire this asshat to protect themselves from such negative press. Free Speech applies to federal law and whether you can be arrested, detained, or censored for what you say. It has no bearing on whether or not your boss face-palms and tells you to GTFO out of his company. It's a double-edged sword and there's always a consequence to your actions. From this posting alone you can tell even the pro-LBGT community doesn't want this douche-bag on their side. 
+Daniel Panichelli Unfortunately, the times where one can make a moral stand against their employer by leaving when the employee does not agree with the morals of the company are long gone. 
If you haven't noticed, times are tough (for the last 20+ years or so.  thats a whole other argument) for people looking for work, especially people looking for low paying jobs.
If this person had gone through the proper channels, to a media representive for the company and made these remarks, this would be a non-story.  I am neither condoning the persons actions, or the consequences from his past employer.
Only in America can a fast food restaurant stir up equal rights debates. #facepalm  
You should change this to, Chick Fil A douchebag. "Guy" gives him too much credit.
I'm not high up in my company, but everything I do online make a statement and what I do, impacts the company for which I work. His company firing him because of being so horribly rude to a young girl, is their way of saying that they don't condone his actions, nor do they want their company represented in that type of manner. If they feel he had made a negative representation of the company for which he works, they have rights to terminate. That can not only impact their business, but may also be an indicator of how he treats his employees and co-workers.

BTW- it is impossible to boycott every company with whom you have a disagreement. I'm not a fan of some of the things Planned Parenthood does, but I just don't support them directly. I do know that there are companies I do business with that donate to Planned Parenthood. That is fine with me. I like their products, I like their company as a whole, and if they choose to put their profits into a donation for a company that DOES do good (I just don't agree with all of their practices) then that is fine.

Now if Chick-Fil-A was donating to a truly terrorist organization that did not help anyone that would be different. The companies they support are charitable and kind despite how some people may feel about how they go about being charitable. That's fine, don't support them, or don't eat at Chick-Fil-A. That is your choice.

But to bully someone because they don't feel the way you do. Or to call someone hateful because they disagree (they don't hate, just disagree) with something you feel, should not be considered OK. Most people are keeping their mouths shut on this subject because they feel bullied by one side or the other. That is not OK.

It is OK to disagree. It is not OK to call someone names, make them feel bad, or uncomfortable, or make them feel like they should be hiding in a hole just because they have a strong belief system and are standing by their values (even though that person has never represented hate, just an opposing view).

It is also not OK to hold an employee accountable for a corporations actions. Remember the BP oil spill? People were boycotting BP, but the workers at the local BP stations were the ones that were hurt.

Contrary to popular belief, it IS hard to get a job. And once you have one, even if you don't agree with the company policies, you don't want to easily quit. NOW if that corporation is forcing you to do something that is against your belief system or your own moral judgement, you should quit, and you should do something about it. But if not, if the company treats you fair, has given you a job, and you just don't agree on a stance they take (but it doesn't affect how you have to do your job in a negative manner), why put yourself in a position where you could lose a car, or a house, or electricity, or food for your children?

So why would you bully someone into putting themselves into that position?
This guy gives a whole new meaning to the word 'Assclown' 
I'm sorry, bad economy or not, if you continue to work for a company that supports hates groups, you are part of the problem. Complacent people don't get a free pass from me, nor should they.
+Daniel Panichelli 1. Its not about complacency, its about keeping a roof over your head and food in mouths of your children.
2. If you look hard enough, you will find connections to organizations that don't support your point of view.
The question is this: What can you do to change either your point of view, or change the organizations that don't fit your moral compass?
It's not really a choice not to let people talk out of both sides of their mouth. Either they continue to work for the company because they agree with their views, or they continue to work for the company because they don't care enough to do otherwise. Either way, there's nothing acceptable about it in the least. Discrimination is discrimination, and unless you're fighting against it, you're at the very least standing complacently beside it.
+John Pozadzides Once again, excuses. I would sooner quit a job that supported that kind of shit than continue to support them. Sometimes life is hard, and standing up for the right thing is almost always hard. Not wanting to financially inconceivable yourself is a horse-shit reason to support bigotry instead.
I don't think I've ever seen a "Whites Only" or "Straights Only" sign on their door. 
+Daniel Panichelli, there is a big difference between disagreeing with something, and not tolerating/discriminating against people who disagree with your opinion.

The man in this article, and you yourself are displaying intolerance and hate. This girl here was doing no such thing.

You are the one being hateful.
+Daniel Panichelli How many organizations have you left, discontinued working or associated with due to your own socio/political views?
The fact that you use electronic devices to communicate means that you to are talking out of both sides of your mouth... How much slave or oppressed labor is used in creating those devices...?
Seems we need to learn what it means to be civil and polite.
+Ed Bruce Should be a requirement in the home, before kids go to school... wait...
I love how at the end he has to make sure she knows he's not gay. Because he wouldn't want somebody to think he was One Of Those People.
So +Daniel Panichelli don't work there. It's almost as if you agree with the insults said to this employee because she didn't quit the moment this was announced because of your beliefs. This topic shows narrow-minded points of view from different sides.
My main complaint about this is that I feel that by purchasing a tasty sandwich from Chick-Fil-A, I am now taking a religious and/or political side. The brand has been altered. Then again, you can look at almost many other companies and derive a reason to feel the same way. This has just become a hot issue. I don't agree with the beliefs of the brand, but I'm not going to eat there because I'm now making a choice that goes deeper than if I want fries and I'd rather do that.
This guy was responding to this video: Chick-Fil-A and Proverbs 25:21 which called for people to test Chick-fil-a's Christian ethics by seeing whether they would give water to their enemy as called for by Proverbs 25:21. Clearly, they will gladly serve their enemies, with courtesy and respect, even if they're not paying for something. This douchebag missed the point and seemed to think it was about sticking it to chick-fil-a 3 cents at a time. 
+Kevin Dahlstrom I'm afraid that's a misunderstanding of what free speech in the First Amendment implies. Speech is (mostly) protected from government interference or retaliation, barring forms of speech like libel or "yelling 'fire!' in a crowded theater." However, the First Amendment does not protect you from the consequences of your speech in the private sector (e.g. make an ass out of yourself, have it reported all over the Internet, get fired because you're such a huge embarrassment to your employer). 
I just feel sorry for the poor girl a the window. I worked drive-through for 3 years when I was a kid, and if something like this had happened I would have been in tears.
I didn't watch all of the video, but I am surprised she didn't just close the window on him.
Although I don't agree with Chick-Fil-A there is a time and place to take a stand for human rights and this wasn't one of them. Acting out like this will only bring negative press and social attention to the bad side of our stand. 

Do I think he should be fired? No. In this age of growing social media and the internet, more people's views and opinions are being shared with the world. Companies should not be allowed to use "off the clock" statements and/or videos against employees if not clearly stated in their contracts with said paid workers. We still have freedom of speech in America and if you are not acting as a intermediary for your company, your employment should not be at risk. IMO
Stopping hate, with hate, just doesn't work. 
Bullying pure and simple. Toss in some egotism as the bone head filmed it. Schools kick students out for this behavior these days...guess he didnt get that memo.  Stroke a solid for his leadership canning him.  
You should never take out your frustrations with a company on the people directly serving you. They never have any say in the company's decision, and they are never paid well enough to take your excrement.
This guy did more harm to his cause than good, as now the other side will use this video extensively as if it were representative of how progresives behave.
First that guy is an idiot. If this is how he treats those he lectures to I would have to pull my kids out of that class.This is how you educate?
Second, I still cannot see the point in this. Sending money to hate groups? I looked at the list and MOST not all just seem to be Christian charities. They supply food, jobs and medical help.  
I am sure some of the groups would fall into the category of hate but all? I doubt it. That is like saying all Catholics support pedophilia BECAUSE they are Catholic and the Church acted horribly or that ALL Muslims are terrorist because some have followed that path. 

The main point is this company does way more good for its employees and community then ONE MANS OPINION CAN CHANGE. The employees should take a stand? Against what mans opinion? If the company actively discriminated against a group then yes close them down or make them change, but this?

Last thought and others have touched on it. I have to assume that  +Daniel Panichelli does not own a Iphone or any other IDEVICE, does not buy anything from GE or their ancillary companies, does not use ANY petroleum products, has never bought anything made in PROC including most solar panels and green techs, because if you want to stop funding slavery, discrimination, and hate you might want to get your own house in order first. 
+Daniel Panichelli Your comments regarding the hundreds of millions of employees around the world who work for tyrants are as absolutist as Cathey's comments regarding gay marriage.

A very, very small number of people control the employment of the vast majority on Earth.  Many are terrible people.  If you are looking at a starving baby you don't have the option of being choosy. 

You are also assuming that the employees who disagree aren't actively looking for a way out.  I don't believe it's fair for you to make such broad generalizations when none of us can know those people's situations - and all are most certainly different.
All - As a person who has been a "C" level manager in multiple companies, and as a media personality who is subject to various contracts, I can tell you that people in certain types of jobs are subjected to "morality" clauses and other types of special circumstances regarding employment.

It was entirely appropriate for a C-level exec in any company to be fired for publicly bringing shame on himself.  This has no bearing whatsoever on which way his position leans.  

Oh, he absolutely has freedom of speech!  But he also to weigh his actions and their consequences carefully.  How will it reflect on him, and the people he surrounds himself with?  That includes his employer.  In this case, he made the decision that exercising his free speech was more valuable to him than any of the ramifications.

(PS - Screw the job.  If he's married, it could cost him his wife!  Certainly the respect of his children, family members, and friends.)
Serves him right.  I've never eaten in CFA but now I will go out of my way to do it!
the guy is a bully.  Appears to be a Homophobe too.  BUT i am not sure I agree with the getting fired part.
Why attack the employee for an executives remark? They didn't say it and may not agree with it. 
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