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Chris B
Pretty much sums it up.
Indeed! The entire US government seems to not feel this way, or at least are paid to vote the other way.
True freedom is lawlessness and should be avoided just like slavery.
^ Said the person who doesn't understand individual rights.
+Curtis Wilde I'm all about individual rights but there is a cost and moving too far to that end of the spectrum is anarchy.
I think no matter what the situation... your always a slave
Slavery will never be peaceful, whereas freedom can (sometimes) be.
Your using the term pretty loosly there Buddy.
Freedom can be peaceful "sometimes" - that's what I meant. didn't want to repeat the word (it was the purpose) LOL
kinda similar to Richard Stallman's quote, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
Bangladeshis' need to understand this, i wish they would before its too late.
Why always go to the extremes?
I prefer a freedom along with wisdom, which is safe.
Why always go to the extremes?
I prefer freedom along with wisdom, which is safe.
dont send these type of things in my account!
Why not push for peaceful freedom, and regard the alternatives as unacceptable?
There, my new desktop background. Thanks for sharing!
Chinese people should learn this hardly !!
Why I carry a side arm every day. i live this motto.
That is the most profound statement I have heard in quite a while.
very am, intresting...............
That's kind of the problem. Tyranny thrives in the wake of apathy. Not worrying is the same as not holding to account, those whom profess to be representing your interests.
Amen, amen.
Peace, love and prayers John, For yours and mine.
something i should probably post on my tumblr .... looks... tumblr-ish
"Better to get mugged than live a life of fear." -- Freeman Dyson.
I think it would be better to shoot the mugger and call the police.
Wow, could ya'll be any more violent then you are now?.
+Gary McCrorey "The tree of freedom is occasionally watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots" -Thomas Jefferson

Why we have the second amendment.
Any day of the week 365 days 24/7
I would say I would prefer peaceful slavery until I got there and then I would realize too late that dangerous freedom is the only way to go. Live free or die.
To be honest, I've never found this kind of "sound-nibble" (can't even call it a sound bite, that would give it too much substance) to be much better than starting either a discussion or an argument. It does very little to advance any understanding. Plus, I never find strict black and white, either-or questions like this to ever describe reality. Again, I think a statement like this exposes more about the narrow-minded thinking that has come to dominate all political discourse in this country than it shows any way out of our predicament. I'd say that statements like this are actually very useful for demagogues who want people to make a (false) choice in service of their own agenda.

So I reject this as being little more than a slogan. Good luck creating any society around slogans alone!
peaceful slavery is very, very popular in australia. -_-
lets think, if we shoot and run then how wuld we have a normal life?. but if we shoot and someone reports us, either way we're screwed to hell because their will never be a normal time again
Slavery in itself is a prison. I would prefer dangerous freedom. While freedom gives hope for a future with the belief of a better tomorrow, slavery does not.
Why would I run after I shoot some one? +Lexi Fisher If I pull my side arm it means 2 things just happened

First, My life or the life of some one around me was in danger

Second, Defend my life or the life of some one around me with any force necessary

I would be protected by the law at this point and would not need to run.

+Lexi Fisher
Paul Courtney likes the peaceful slavery promoted by Europe, Australia and Canada.
I look at this post in a more personalized way rather than a societal one!! most of the times, I live up to this quote!! sm wild joy in solving problems on ur own, than saying 'yes boss' to the people who help u!!!!!
n i prefer the sucide over slavery and dangerous freedom
Ok. Not to be mean but whats stopping you. I can't find a place on earth where there is both safety and freedom.
we would not want to kill him. what things would we kill him for. we may have to keep him lock up to protect rest of us.
Freedom is an illusion without peace.
peace and freedom only comes from 1 Jesus Christ
Agree with statement. That's why there are risks to take in Freedom, but none in slavery.
Freedom must be the goal, but not an illusion ..! A world without borders is a step away from peace .. And one language! (English is OK, I'm working on it ..)
@ +paul jhonson: no am happy in my freee life..am suggesting to you..lolxxxxxxxxxx this is for your type of people
Nowadays I see that world is becoming more and more dangerous and therefore more and more slavish
+Abbas Ali You sir are a fail troll. Your type of people should log off the Internet for a while.
Mr. Abbas, I'm sorry to hear such a thing for you..can you explain ..!!
Gonen I
Are those the 2 options we get?
The government's idea of what peaceful is usually takes away private freedom.
The byproduct of indoctrination, a dangerous thing indeed.
Are we supposed to believe that all we have are choices of stupidity?

We are free to be brainwashed into going into debt for junk designed to become obsolete. We are free to choose to buy lots of different makes and models of cars. Is that freedom? How is it that none of these manufacturers can specify the durability and reliability of the cars and economists don't say anything about the annual losses due to depreciation? YOU CALL THIS FREEDOM! Free to be bombarded with garbage while the important information is disappeared.
The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser
The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.
I'd rather die a free man than live as a slave.
There's the rebel yell I've been missing since Bush left.
No one said it wasn't. In fact the quote implies a statement reached through complexity and experience.
I just want the government out of my house and off my property and out of local schools. That would be a good start.
I'm reminded of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here
Did you exchange
A walk on part in the war
For a lead role In a cage
My walk on part in the war, for a lead role in a cage!!
I need dangerous freedom from peaceful procrastination! aaarh.
thats how its supose to be
Don't we already have a dangerous freedom? At least here, in Europe ;D 
i agree is better we die fighting, then to live begging!
...if there is no peaceful freedom....
Better to die on our feet than live on our knees.
The US Constitution is created to limit Government. Not the American people. The way it is being used by today's politicians, however, is to force Americans to obey the Fed. I think it is time to tell them where they can get off. Anyone with me?
This is very true if u wuld prefer slavery over freedom then u r asking for murder
but there is no such thing as bad peace and good war so i dont exactly get your point
+Max Lanz Clearly defining individual rights is the foundation of philosophy, ethics and law, not anarchy.
I prefer Freedom then being Inslaved because freedom brings a new day now matte rhow much danger then being stuck on the same day as a slave
Freedom allows me to create a piece of art, in pictures, 3D and game forms. I would die without that, I am willing to fight for that.
I prefer peaceful freedom...
aria this not only peaceful this is slavery peaceful & u now ;;;;;;;;;;;;
+Russell Nelson Came across that wonderful quote in an article on RMS in a local newspaper when he visited our town. So always had the wrong impression that it was he who said that. Thanks for correcting.
You are very welcome. I happy to connect.
Ok so whoever wants slavery shouldn't be in the USA so yeah. and id rather do anything else than that.
Try to say it in China.
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