Ok, sharing the Health Challenge circle once again since everyone has told me that as I add people I have to re-share it so you guys can see who was added. We're up to like 70 people starting the challenge tomorrow. I'm pretty sure we'll probably be over 100 by the time we get rolling.
(See http://onemansblog.com/2012-challenge)

So, first thing first - share your goals!

Mine is really simple.
- I currently weigh 169 lbs
- I want to weigh 159 lbs
- I want my biceps and chest to be bigger
- I want my waist to be smaller and abs defined
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Mitch J
My goal is to drop five pounds, maintain my blood sugar under good control, and limit diet coke to 1 per day.
+John Pozadzides , I want in on this. I need it.
What are the rules regarding sugar substitutes, like the ones we have in diet products? Are they out as well?
+John Pozadzides My goal: be a little bit lighter, a little bit healthier, and do a little bit better every day. A journey may be daunting, but its obtainable if you set a bunch of short term goals and focus on them.
Good luck to you and the others! I just hit my weight goal last week-- gained back 25 of the pounds I had lost when sick! Now I just need to get back on track with my running and reps goals (o:
I did a similar thing back in 2005. I dropped the coke and potato chips and candy and I lost 27 lb in 30 days.
And I started to exercise a couple of times a week.
This time I'm happy if I can lose 10 lb and at most 15 lb.
Mmmm, I am gonna have problem in talking in lbs xD. Lets do this man! This week will be hard, back at home with family and lots of family foods and dinner but I will try! After that, pretty sure I will do it. Lets go!
Goal is to drop 12 pounds within the month. I do <3 a challenge!
Started cycling last month, at least 3x week average 100miles / week.
Have you tried a non-sugar based creamer?
+Vinny O'Hare If you add milk to it, try frothing or steaming the milk; this should make it more enjoyable if you don't enjoy black coffee
30 days starting April 2 - I am in for 8 pounds in the month!
I really do not know what to guess at. The last time that I tried anything like this it was basic training for six weeks.
Jody B
My goal is to drop 20 lbs in the next 30 days. I am running a 5k on the 21st and want to get my time around 31 minutes.
20lbs in 30 days it TOO much, you can compromise your internal organs. Stick to a slow steady 3-8 lbs / month
- I want to be able to play 15 minutes of half court basketball without completely losing my breath.
- I want to reduce my weight (~ 10 lbs in a month would be great), and reduce my waist size
- I want to keep a fairly stable blood sugar, and increase my energy level while reducing the portion sizes and calories in the foods I eat daily

I don't really drink soda, but I like juice. So I'm going to reduce the amount of juice I drink, and replace it with whole fruit (apples, oranges) I also like my beer, so I'll stick to one (or two) a week. I've been working on reducing the amount of food I eat, but not sticking to the program. I've also been trying to add more exercise into my schedule, but keep making excuses. This challenge is just the thing to motivate me to stick to it and perhaps build some better habits.

I know I've got no patience for the calisthenics, but I've got a friend that has been trying to get me to play tennis for a while. We actually started playing on the weekends about 3 weeks ago. I figure I can do that several days a week. On the other days I'll shoot hoops, or swim. I got sick about two years back, and had to stop swimming. At the time I had been swimming 40-60 minutes 4+ days a week. I ended up stopping seriously exercise completely for a while, only walking. I hope to get myself back in the habit of some daily strenuous exercise.
Dream goal would be to lose 35lbs but that's long ways away. I weight right around 190. If i can lose 10lbs within a month or so that would be amazing, that would be the first big step.
In January I was 232 lbs (6' 5") since then I've started dieting and working out, down to 211 lbs (down 21 lbs) with my ultimate goal being 190.
It will be cool to be held accountable by all these like minded people. I want to lose 3 inches this month. big order but I think Im up too it.
Interested in a further 12 Kilo's (4 / month) weight loss. I'm in.
+Jody Barnes, to lose 20 pounds in 30 days, you would need to burn 2000 calories more than you eat every day. Assuming a normal, relatively sedentary life, that means you can't eat anything at all for a month. With lots of exercise you could eat, but you'd basically have to exercise off every single calorie you ate, forcing your body to use reserves to power itself for the energy needed to live. It's possible, but very, very unhealthy, and your body would definitely start consuming muscle and organ tissue in addition to fat. Weight loss that rapid does damage... and doesn't necessarily get rid of your fat.

Two pounds per week is about the upper limit of what is safe and effective -- and even that level requires regular muscle-building exercise to convince your body not to break down muscle tissue.
My goals are to drop 20 lbs (currently weigh 185 most of it is belly fat), gain better stamina (I get winded too soon to enjoy playing soccer with my daughters), and increase overall health (better diet will go a long way here).
My goal is to lose 10 pounds (which may not be acheivable in a month, but if this gets me started to that goal, I'm good).
I want to lose 2 lbs per week of this challenge. No soda, no sugar snacks, more fruits and veggies. I also want to get back into running. Tried it out this weekend, and I wasn't hurting too bad after ~1.5 miles! Makes me feel better about it after being far too sedentary most of the winter.

As far as stats go, it would be nice to drop a pant size!
I'm currently 205lbs, want to get down to 180lb and be able to run a 6 minute mile. I don't know if the weight loss will be reasonable within 30 days, but I'm going to keep going. I've already lost a total of 30lbs since I started something similar at the beginning of the year.
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