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We'll  be talking live with Gary Shapiro (CEO of the +CEA) about +Aereo and implications for innovation, tomorrow, 11 AM EDT. 
@103493459351957813291 and @109938202835872364257 will be LIVE with the @118274364841384129940's CEO, Gary Shapiro, to chat about all that's going on with Aereo and the Supreme Court. What does it mean for innovation? How will the Supreme Court's decision affect you? We'll be paying attention to the chatroom so join us and chime in!
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Stephen Hawking's time travel secrets are safe...
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Maybe Stephen Hawking is The Doctor's final form. 
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The supreme court gets to weigh in on the Aereo case, plus an interesting new home security option.
#homesecurity   #aereo  
A new affordable home security system, Aereo gets its day in court, and a pacemaker that lasts forever!
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Korner seems amazing. This episode has my cracking up. :)
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Got a non-profit? Might want to look into this +Google Glass program!
Meet Sabita Malla, Glass Explorer and senior research officer for +World Wildlife Fund Nepal. Celebrate #EarthDay with Sabita as she explores how Glass can help in her mission to protect rhinos. 

Sabita uses custom Field Notes Glassware, software that was developed by a Glass Explorer who wanted to help WWF cut in half the work required to manage field conservation efforts. Sabita’s team is one of five nonprofits exploring how Glass might amplify their impact as part of Giving through Glass, a program we launched a few months ago in partnership with

We’re extending the program for another round starting today. Nonprofits can apply now through May 20 at Five nonprofits will win: Glass, a $25,000 grant, a trip to a Google office and a connection to Glass developers.

And if you’re a Glass developer who wants to partner with a nonprofit and code for impact, sign up now at  

#mybeautifulearth   #throughglass  
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John Pozadzides

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I'm SOOO frustrated right now!!!  +WooThemes makes a plugin called WooCommerce which we have installed on +Geek Beat to try and use for our eCommerce platform.  But I'm about to scrap it entirely because the damn system will NOT send ANY emails.

This isn't an isolated problem.  I've searched and there are tons and tons of threads complaining about the exact same problem, and there are NO official solutions from WooThemes.

I've tried three different email services, but NO WooCommerce notifications ever get delivered.  Meanwhile, every other email notification works on the server.  So this is definitely something relegated to WooCommerce.

AAAAaarrrrggghh!  Worst thing is, I don't feel any better for whining about it!  Because at the end of the day, this system is preventing people from being able to order Geek Beat products!  And people are all over me wanting to order shirts and stuff.   #FAIL  
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Hey +John Pozadzides  - +James Toczyl said you were having problems with Wordpress e-mail... I had the same issue this morning. Make sure you don't have any Commas or "periods" in your send from NAME. Also make sure the send from EMAIL matches your domain. Finally, I recommend downloading and using the sendgrid plugin to prevent possible spam filters. Hope this helps!
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Have him in circles
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Musicians, you're going to want to check our in-depth review of the Line 6 AMPLIFi modeling amp - our reviewer, +Benjamin Roethig thinks it has the potential to be a game changer.
#Line6   #musicians   #guitaramps  
It isn’t every day that a product has a chance to to truly disrupt an industry. The Line 6 AMPLIFi is one of those.
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Well done review.
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Need to bring remote colleagues into your conference room with the rest of your staff? The Kubi does that for a pretty reasonably price.
#telepresence   #robotics  
Interested in affordable telepresence for remote work or keeping up with family? We take a hands-on look at Kubi.
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Hmm, 404 for me. Bummer.
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John Pozadzides

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Thanks to +Paul Dixon for these cool Geek Beat wallpapers!
We now have the perfect thing for those who love stylish digital desktops - a collection of official Geek Beat TV wallpapers!
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+John Pozadzides that is great to know :)
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John Pozadzides

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The Schwartz ain't with him. ....
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Both the price and design are compelling parts of this sub-$100 home security system.
#homesecurity   #indiegogo  
It wasn’t too long ago that security systems were prohibitively expensive and had to be installed and monitored by someone like ADT. An Indiegogo project called Korner aims to change that.
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Stopped in after seeing a listing online to take a look at a couple of vehicles. The selection was quite good, especially appreciated the fact that all of the vehicles were indoors (Texas heat), and enjoyed working with Joe. He was thoughtful, honest, and efficient. We ended up purchasing a used Land Rover, and we're really enjoying the vehicle. I'd recommend the dealership, and also working with Joe, to anyone.
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In addition to being a lousy, low class club where the music doesn't match the Paris theme, this outdoor venue BLASTS music with what must be thousands of watts. It's deafening nearby and so loud that one employee at Bally's told me it goes right up their hotel and disturbs customers even at the top floors! "I can't tell you how many complaints we've had! And Metro has been called so many times, but it's like it's falling on deaf ears," she said. If you're a lowlife douchebag whose goal is to live like a real life Jersy Shore member, this club is for you! Otherwise boycott it and spread the news about their ruinous reputation.
• • •
Atmosphere: Poor to fairDecor: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
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3 reviews
Mike and his team are extremely professional, timely, and did a fantastic job for us. We went through an exhaustive selection process before choosing him for our fence, landscaping AND driveway. We're very pleased with the quality of all the work.
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