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Someone stole my mood ring. And to be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about that.
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It's in his jacket pocket I've been "raised" to believe. The furry one with the hood. +Brandon LaDuke​ and we gotta stop having all this fun
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Reward wanted...
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Hahahahaa this is great! 
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Construction update on the new Hydraulic Forging Press!
I’m getting super excited, because Nate and Andy over at Coal Iron have been working hard and are almost finished with the new Forging Press build! Here’s the general idea of how this sort of thing goes down. First, the heavy steel pieces for the press need to be cut. Basically, you have a design, …
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But will it smash a pig into bacon?
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Forgot about this OLD post, but it's a fun one!!! Some of the most popular BANNED Commercials of all time!
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Real commercials?
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I understand the concerns people have when they hear stories about “mass casualties”. And my sympathies go out to victims of ANY violence. Murder, rape, assaults, robbery… ANY. But people who are focusing their attention on “banning assault rifles” are promoting the stupidest idea – ever. Make Up Your Minds Already! I hate hypocrites. And …
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+R Marz​ do you actually have any facts to back it up? Again you are spouting things that you can't back up. You said 0 cases but there are cases. Now you elude to shooting your son instead of the intruder. Can you share where you got this info ?
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Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park right now!!!
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Good question. :-)
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There's some F'ed Up S#!% being pulled by +Homewood Suites. And I'd love to hear your theories on why they'd be telling me the POLICE want my information...
This is f-ed up. So, chime in with theories… Tonight (Monday June 13, 2016 at 9pm) I checked into the Homewood Suites by Hyatt in Greenley, Colorado. While checking in I noticed that I was behind a guy who was driving a Fire Chief truck. He was already being checked in when I entered the …
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When someone tells "it's law!", they need to tell you punctually what law are they talking about, unless they want to lose a sue in a court.
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The greatest story ever told.
More than a decade ago I witnessed one of the manliest things I’ve ever seen. And it had nothing to do with guns, cars, or jumping out of planes. It was a test of willpower. Man against his inner nature. And Food. The Guantlet Was Thrown Down My buddy Terry doesn’t eat shit food. I …
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What the hell was I doing with this cage, and WHY?!?
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Inspecting it before you buy that mutant giant gerbil you saw at the area 51 Petco?? 
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There's a new $999 Segway coming out in a week. Amazon is taking pre-orders now!
If you ever dreamed of owning a Segway, but the $5,000+ price tag was too much for you, get ready to pull out your wallet because there’s a new Segway hitting the market next week for $999! You can ONLY order it on Amazon, and you better get your pre-order in NOW. Because they’re probably …
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+Phil Nolan DUH! I know that but thanks for ruining the joke Buzz Killigan! :-P :-P
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Mural hanging on the wall in an old historic Courthouse. 
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Wow! That's perfect..
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Finally, a reasonable perspective.

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Will this fly?... did but I can just play all day. My Festiva will rise again and I'll go somewhere.
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This is a basic 1 star hotel. No Frills, no room updates in the last few decades, but friendly staff. The best thing I can say is it was cheap.
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Relatively new and modern facility with nice room decor. Conveniently located about a mile from 287
Public - a month ago
reviewed a month ago
Fisk Knives is the company founded by Jerry Fisk, the world's preeminent Master Bladesmith. His exceptional work is highly sought after, and extremely rare. If you're able to get your hands on one of his functional works of art it will be a rare and valuable collectable.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Stopped in after seeing a listing online to take a look at a couple of vehicles. The selection was quite good, especially appreciated the fact that all of the vehicles were indoors (Texas heat), and enjoyed working with Joe. He was thoughtful, honest, and efficient. We ended up purchasing a used Land Rover, and we're really enjoying the vehicle. I'd recommend the dealership, and also working with Joe, to anyone.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
8 reviews
The concept at Skewers is great. Cooking Japanese style over a charcoal flame. And the first time I visited everything was cooked perfectly. The food was a little bland, but definitely healthy. The second time I visited, both our chicken and pork dishes were disappointing. Two orders of chicken were extremely overcooked and tough, and the pork was exceptionally fatty. This isn't a cheap discount eatery, so they need to work on the consistency. You simply can't be putting out burned meat when it's the centerpiece of your establishment.
• • •
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
My wife and I have been visiting Dr. Johnson for over 20 years for eye care and glasses, and he and his staff are truly the best caregivers I've ever experienced. There is no other physician that I can say that about in my life. It takes a combination of many things - trust, empathy, personality. This team has it all. If you are looking for the WalMart of eye care, this is not the place for you. (You can actually go to WalMart or Sam's). If you're looking for a group of professionals with decades of experience, the latest in medical technology, and a Doctor who wrote the book on this stuff, you owe it to your eyes to see Dr. Johnson. I should probably mention that we're not related, we're not golfing buddies, and I'm just a paying client like all the others. ;-)
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
In addition to being a lousy, low class club where the music doesn't match the Paris theme, this outdoor venue BLASTS music with what must be thousands of watts. It's deafening nearby and so loud that one employee at Bally's told me it goes right up their hotel and disturbs customers even at the top floors! "I can't tell you how many complaints we've had! And Metro has been called so many times, but it's like it's falling on deaf ears," she said. If you're a lowlife douchebag whose goal is to live like a real life Jersy Shore member, this club is for you! Otherwise boycott it and spread the news about their ruinous reputation.
• • •
Atmosphere: Poor - FairDecor: Poor - FairService: Poor - Fair
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago