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How To: Build A DIY Rain Machine For Under $20!:
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Nice effect but what if my well is dry?
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John Pozadzides

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The Texas Dep. of Transportation is SCREWING A Family Hobby Center!

Please take 1 minute to sign this petition and help out!

Mike's Hobby Shop has been providing recreational hobby facilities for children, Scouts, young adults, and adult North Texans for over 26 years.  Located on I-35 in Carrollton, Mike's Hobby Shop provides over 51,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities including 3 remote control (RC) car tracks, a Pinewood derby car track, a space for indoor electric aircraft and helicopter flying, as well as a retail store with sales and in-store service.

Due to the I-35 corridor expansion, however, The State of Texas has begun proceedings to take half of the facility through the eminent domain process. The line that defines the portion of the property being sought by the state literally cuts through all 3 RC car tracks, rendering the entire facility useless in terms of its current operation.

By law, the State of Texas has the right to take a landowner's property.  Still, they must compensate the landowner fairly.  Despite fair, honest, good faith work by Mike's Hobby Shop owner Mike Darnell, the 
state is insisting only purchasing half of his building, and is using real estate comparables from other parts of the metroplex that come in at 30% of the actual value of the land.   

Faced with having to renovate and sell the remaining half of the building, and being offered a sub-market acquisition price by the state, Mike won't be able to afford to re-open the facility and will be permanently forced to close.
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Listen I'm fully aware I'm being pedantic here but the abbreviation for department is dept.
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Network installation by harpoon! How else could we bring you +Dropcam views from our new building?
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You asked and we made it happen for you!
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I stared at those frigging dropcams last night for like 20 minutes  until I was like "Oh wait.. they are not there.. :"
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Live through a sci-fi battlefield adventure while out for your daily run.
#fitness   #running  
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I'll stick with Zombies, Run! 
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Those robots +Cali Lewis likes so much are everywhere you turn in today's show!
#robots   #chargers   #batteries  
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Much lovely. Wow.
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John Pozadzides

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We never know when the wheels will come off, but we know it will be soon, because we're LIVE!
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Get movies from your +QNAP Turbo NAS anywhere via +Plex - we show you how:
#mediaserver   #Plex  
Have a huge movie collection and a QNAP NAS? That's a great combination, and here's all you need to get a video server up and running.
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The news just warned me about criminal types setting up server farms...
Just don't make me the real +John schloeder or his brother +mike schloeder I'm technically Rondello-Napoli-Schloeder-Rondello not, in anybody's eye.
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What are the components in a top-notch home theater? We're taking you on a tour to find out.
If you're looking for a professionally designed and built home theater, Starpower is the company to turn to. They make sure everything fits together perfectly to form a great experience.
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Starpower is not the only one,  a Lot of professional AV companies do this kind of work every single day.   I  myself have done theaters that range from a entry level $20K to over $1,000,000
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Chromebook deal on eBay! Get the Acer 11.6" C7 Chromebook for just $129.99 (42% off!) 1 Day only!
#chromebook   #deals  
Want to try a ChromeOS Machine, but don't want to spend a bunch of money?
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$139 now...
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Double header review! +HP Z1 G2 and KEF X300AW speakers make the ultimate desktop workstation!
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+David Huff Yes, they are not cheap.  But I wish you could hear them! Aspirational...
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Yes, I'm also one of the guys who worked on the HTML and CSS languages, and my site was inducted into the W3C's hall of fame.  You're welcome.

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Stopped in after seeing a listing online to take a look at a couple of vehicles. The selection was quite good, especially appreciated the fact that all of the vehicles were indoors (Texas heat), and enjoyed working with Joe. He was thoughtful, honest, and efficient. We ended up purchasing a used Land Rover, and we're really enjoying the vehicle. I'd recommend the dealership, and also working with Joe, to anyone.
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In addition to being a lousy, low class club where the music doesn't match the Paris theme, this outdoor venue BLASTS music with what must be thousands of watts. It's deafening nearby and so loud that one employee at Bally's told me it goes right up their hotel and disturbs customers even at the top floors! "I can't tell you how many complaints we've had! And Metro has been called so many times, but it's like it's falling on deaf ears," she said. If you're a lowlife douchebag whose goal is to live like a real life Jersy Shore member, this club is for you! Otherwise boycott it and spread the news about their ruinous reputation.
• • •
Atmosphere: Poor to fairDecor: Poor to fairService: Poor to fair
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reviewed a year ago
3 reviews
Mike and his team are extremely professional, timely, and did a fantastic job for us. We went through an exhaustive selection process before choosing him for our fence, landscaping AND driveway. We're very pleased with the quality of all the work.
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reviewed a year ago